LIVE – Leicester-Manchester United: 3rd win in a row for United who join the top 5


King Power is done! Manchester United won 1-0 against Leicester thanks to a goal from Sancho and won his 3rd game in a row in the Premier League! With this win, the Red Devils moved back to 5th place in the standings. Manchester is slowly returning to form but remains feverish in managing meetings. Ronaldo and Casemiro entered the game.

United in management

Manchester United players want to keep this score and at the same time we feel they want Ronaldo to score! Be careful not to match!

4 minutes left to play

There were four minutes of added time in this match, United even came back at the end of the game! Iheanacho almost scores against his side with a cross from Fernandes!


He wanted his goal Cristiano Ronaldo who Fernandes launched deep! He tries a strike at a very closed angle and doesn’t worry Ward!


Another flawless ball outing from United with Fernandes firing past Dalot on the right! The center part of the far post for Ronaldo who tries a fantastic scissors kick! It’s next!

Ronaldo is on the move!

Great ball from Fernandes diagonal for Rashford who launches just the right tempo Ronaldo! CR7 crosses to Eriksen but good return from Evans!

10 more minutes to play

Excluding extra time, there are 10 minutes left to play in this match! Leicester finished this game very well…

United regained possession

Erik Ten Hag’s players finally managed to recover the ball but it was complicated! They do not appear in the second half.

Iheanacho took turns

Brendan Rodgers makes a first offensive change entering the game with Iheanacho in place of Tielemans!

Casemiro is not fast yet

Many times since his entry, Casemiro has shown that he is not up to the high rhythm of the Premier League! A loose ball then a late press made it difficult for his team.


Jadon Sancho gave Cristiano Ronaldo the last 25 minutes! United supporters praise him!

Leicester took the confidence

United are in poor form and commit dangerous fouls in front of their own area! Varane then Mctominay cuts down Maddison, free kick for the Foxes!

Vardy fell in the box

The Foxes put more intensity and hurt Erik Ten Hag’s players! Vardy collapsed in the area after contact with Martinez, the referee did not shake!

Varane has always been impeccable

Harvey Barnes always puts on a lot of speed and returns to the axis with his power! He is stopped by Varane who is back to his best level!

Casemiro is playing

Second game in Manchester United jersey for Casemiro who replaces Elanga!

Sticks together under pressure

Free kick for Leicester and Dewsberry-Hall put it in the box! Bruno Fernandes has moved to a corner!


Free kick at the top for Leicester and James Maddison goes over the wall and sends the ball into the skylight… this is without counting a fantastic flight from De Gea!

Yellow card for Martinez

Third yellow card for Manchester United defenders after Lisandro Martinez’s foul on the counter at Dewsberry Hall! Only Varane did not receive a caution.

Ndidi will not be missed

Partly at fault for Sancho’s goal, Ndidi intervened well this time with a deep pass for Rashford!


It’s break time in King Power! Manchester United lead 1-0 against Leicester and continue to regain form in the league. Little worry for the Foxes, United found fault with a good move that Sancho finished off. Note that Ronaldo and Casemiro left for warm-up before the half-time whistle.

Malacia took her yellow

Justin speeds up Malacia and the Manchester full-back hits a bit of a pass! Yellow card for him!


At the top entrance, Harvey Barnes curls a shot and tries to find De Gea’s skylight! It’s close to the Manchester post!

Sancho blocked narrowly

Launched into the area, Rashford centers Sancho who takes control and goes on a slightly curled low! It’s been hijacked!

The King’s Power roared

The Foxes were harmless from the start of the game, which began to trouble the crowd at the King Power Stadium.

Good exit from Ward

Another problem with Ndidi coming out at the wrong time for Fernandes! The Portuguese take the chance to launch Rashford deep but it’s too high!

Dalot took out his yellow

The first warning of the meeting was called Diogo Dalot after a shirt pulling on Harvey Barnes!

Eriksen took his chance

Unattacked at the entrance to the top, Christian Eriksen took a shot with his left foot but it was too much for Ward to calmly take!

Sancho continued well

After his goal against Liverpool, Jadon Sancho continued his good start to the season with a new achievement!


Here is the opener for Manchester United! Fernandes found Rashford between the lines and the Englishman provided a tricky ball for Sancho who dribbled past Ward and the job was done!

Nice intervention by Martinez

Dewsberry Hall manages to break down the left and cross to Vardy! Lisandro Martinez completely intervened from the head and cleaned his camp!

It played well for United

Exciting three-way game with Fernandes getting back to Rashford and the Englishman sending Elanga over! The Swede crosses but is sent off!

There is a rhythm

Whether in races or in the game of a touch of the ball, both teams try to put a lot of rhythm! Technically, it’s not perfect yet!


Spotted at the top entrance, Christian Eriksen saves his shot and tries to find the near post! It’s next!

Fernandes gets a corner

First corner of the game followed for United was well taken by Fernandes who tried to hit the goal from a tight angle!

Leicester want to move against

With every ball that United lost, Leicester tried to put more speed in transition! By now, Manchester’s defenders were in place.

Sancho was very uneasy

United winger Jadon Sancho showed off his legs tonight with two accelerations in a row!

Two teams were formed

There is no risk of getting the first balloons, we rotate and try to hit all the players!


And here we are for this final match of the 5th day of the Premier League between Leicester and Manchester United! In fine form the Red Devils want to confirm tonight at the King Power Stadium!

The boss was there too and he made strong choices

We remind you, CR7, Casemiro and Maguire are also on the bench for this meeting. Sancho, Elanga and Rashford will lead the attack of the Red Devils!

United’s XI with Ronaldo, Maguire and Casemiro on the bench

De Gea, Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Malacia, McTominay, Eriksen, Sancho, Fernandes, Elanga, Rashford

Leicester composition with stainless Jamie Vardy!

Ward, Justin, Evans (C), Ndidi, Thomas, Dewsbury-Hall, Tielemans, Soumare, Maddison, Barnes, Vardy

Good night everyone!

And welcome to our site to follow the live commentary of the match between Leicester (20th, 1 point) and Manchester United (12th, 6 points), counting the 5th day of the Premier League. Kick-off is scheduled for 9 p.m.

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