Feist Quits Arcade Fire Tour After Frontman’s Sexual Assault Allegations

David Wolff – Patrick / Redferns PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 05: Feist performs at L’Olympia on September 5, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns)

David Wolff – Patrick / Redferns

Feist in concert at Olympia, in Paris, in 2019 (illustration)

MUSIC – Famous in the world because of his hit 1 2 3 4Canadian singer Leslie Feist, aka Feist, has decided to quit Arcade Fire’s tour after learning of sexual assault charges against frontman Win Butler.

Feist has been hired by the Canadian band to open the European leg of their tour, which kicks off Tuesday (August 30) in Dublin, Ireland. In a long post published on his social networks (read the full below), the 46-year-old singer explained why, upon reflection, he felt uncomfortable continuing this tour.

“In a pub in Dublin, after my band’s rehearsal, I read the same headline in the press as you”, explained Feist, who opened the first two dates in Ireland. “ It was very hard for me and I can imagine how much harder it must be for people who are coming out of silence. Most of all, I wish those involved well. »

“Staying on this tour would mean I’m defending or ignoring the damage Win Butler has caused, and leaving would mean I’m the judge and the jury”he continued his message.

“I wasn’t hired to represent Arcade Fire, but to stand on stage, a place where I grew up and where I felt I got my place. I played with my band […] and the people who pay with their hard-earned money to share the space in the collective synergy that is a performance”continued Feist, who decided to donate the profits from the sale of its products during the first concert on Tuesday to Women’s Aid Dublin, an organization that fights violence against women and children.

However, Fesit chose‘far from this tour “. And to add: “We all have, in our history, a spectrum from basic toxic masculinity to rampant misogyny to physical, psychological, emotional or sexual assault. […]. I can’t solve it by quitting, and I can’t solve it by staying. But I can’t go on. »

Win Butler denied the allegations

On Tuesday, Win Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire, denied allegations of sexual assault and behavior. “inappropriate” which should take place between 2015 and 2020, according to four anonymous testimonies relayed by the music site pitchfork.

He confirmed that he had sex with the four people who made the allegations, but claimed that they agreed. “I have never touched a woman against her will”defended Win Butler, in a press release sent on Saturday to pitchfork

“While these relationships were consensual, I am truly sorry for anyone I may have offended by my behavior.”added the artist who spoke of going through depression and alcohol problems.

One of the alleged victims, a non-binary person, who was 21 years old in 2015, claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the singer, who was 34 years old, reports the American media reference of the independent music scene.

Win Butler is said to have put his hand down his pants during the car ride. “I opened my door and he slammed me against the wall and aggressively grabbed my body and put his tongue in my mouth”says “Lily”, who uses a pseudonym, like other testimonies.

“Lily” explained that the singer once again put his hand in his pants without permission inside the alleged victim’s apartment.

Three women, aged 18 to 23 between 2016 and 2020, described having interactions as well “inappropriate” because of “age difference, power dynamics and context”. At that time, their star fans were between 36 and 39 years old.

One of them, “Stella”, who is 18 in 2016, says that he was contacted by the singer, who allegedly sent him messages and photos of a sexual nature, which the alleged victim did not request, explains in the media.

The group’s co-founder and Win Butler’s wife, Montrealer Régine Chassagne, assures that“He never touches a woman without her permission, and I’m sure he never did”in a separate statement of pitchfork.

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