Blizzard previews WoW HUD and UI overhaul in Dragonflight – World of Warcraft

In an article published today, Blizzard talked about the WoW HUD and UI overhaul coming with the expansion. Dragonflight. Find all the details below.

Get ready to experience a redesigned Heads-Up Display (HUD) and User Interface (UI), designed to be adjustable, efficient, attractive and easily accessible.

In the Dragonflight update, we made some important changes to the HUD and UI of the World of Warcraft. Our goal is to simplify the display and allow players to customize their HUD to better suit their individual needs.

A new style

Technologies have come a long way since we designed the first user interface in 2004. We now have more sophisticated tools for creating and developing game elements. We wanted to modernize the look of the interface while retaining the charm and personality of the original graphics through a clean aesthetic. What better time to make these changes than the launch of Dragonflight ?

Players will immediately notice the most obvious changes. For example, the minimap and health bar are more visible, and we removed some redundant elements for clarity. Likewise, we’ve simplified the look of the action bar, while maintaining its iconic style. We also added a new set of Gryphons and created Wyverns for our Horde Heroes and Heroines. Check out the new inventory style and loot display! It is now possible to use the Combo Backpack feature to find and organize inventory items faster.

It’s your turn

Welcome to Edit mode. Thanks to Edit mode, you can now change, customize and move (almost) anything you want wherever you want. The different elements of the ATH are movable and each element has different options that allow you to get the perfect fit.

Once you’ve made your adjustments, you can name, save, edit, copy, and share your settings with the community. Those who change their specialization often have the pleasure of seeing that the latter is memorized. When you change specs, the feature remembers the HUD layout you used for that spec and changes it accordingly.

Will the new feature completely replace the ability to use additional add-ons? No. We know that add-ons offer a lot of customization possibilities, but not all players use them. However, with the help of our User Research team, we strive to meet the needs of our community. We have integrated elements from several add-ons into the base UI. Those who want can continue using their favorite add-ons.

Improved accessibility to make your life easier

Improving accessibility features is central to the design of the new UI, giving players the tools to fully enjoy the game. Here are some of the changes made to improve accessibility:

  • New option “Casting spells: press and hold” – If possible, allow a spell to be continuously cast from the action bar by pressing and holding a key on the keyboard without having to press the same key multiple times.
  • New “Interaction Key” feature. – By pressing the Interaction key, you can interact with NPCs and objects without using the mouse click. NPCs and interactable objects have an icon above their head when you are close enough to interact.
  • New “Reactive Combat” targeting system – This feature complements the standard targeting system and automatically targets enemies when you are close to them. This will allow you to immediately start casting abilities and quickly switch targets depending on where you are looking.

And after that?

UI redesign is an ongoing project; we want to keep making changes and improvements. In addition to improving the feature set currently available, we intend to look at many other UI elements and eventually include other features, such as:

  • more options in Edit mode;
  • group management;
  • attack windows;
  • tracking search;
  • as well as other graphical improvements.

We’ll bring you more information and details about these features (and more) as we get closer to launch. Dragonflight. Check out all these changes and more. We look forward to your comments.

World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight™ will be available on December 31, 2022 at the latest. Go to the website of Dragonflightin pre-order. Check for the latest updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

See you soon in the Dragon Islands!

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