Tomorrow is here: what awaits you in episode 1264 on Thursday September 1, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV News Series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Elsa receives photos of her naked after her attack, a new Don Juan attends the high school. As for Mona, she has an unexpected new hobby.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow belong to us broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Thursday, September 1 Tomorrow is ours…


At the hospital, Elsa is still in shock after her attack at the high school the day before. Sara was at his side to collect his testimony and confirmed to him that he was not sexually assaulted. Elsa then explained to him that she woke up in a panic in the toilet without understanding what happened. The policewoman then showed the attachment to a bracelet found near the scene of her attack and Timothée’s girlfriend confirmed that it was indeed hers. In fact, he was wearing a limited edition gem worth a thousand euros at the time of the attack.

Sara then shows her a photo of Sacha Girard but Elsa doesn’t think she’s seen him before. However, he felt that he was being followed several times during the day. The young woman believed that her attacker had done something to her because she was sure to be clothed. When the policewoman thinks she can do it herself without realizing it, Elsa explains to her that her bra is adjusted differently. Besides, why would her attacker force her into the bathroom just to steal a bracelet?

At the police station, Sara continues to think that Elsa was attacked by Sacha. However, Martin thinks this is a red herring and Lisa agrees with him. According to him, he didn’t waste time humiliating a kid in the high school bathroom. The commander sarcastically thanked him for his intervention and in turn asked him to complete the file he was working on. The investigator then sent him a list of witnesses he needed to speak to and told him he also needed to see Nordine before the end of the day.

After a while, Martin and Sara observed the conversation between Lisa and Nordine from a distance. Martin is convinced that this IGPN investigation is a direct request from prosecutor Perraud. And when Sara finds Lisa sympathetic, the commander considers the investigator to be the “devil in Prada”.

Along with Elsa’s aggression, the thread tightens around Sacha Girard. Damien found out which printer was used to make the new fugitive papers. It is a unique model that allowed him to trace it to a famous forger in their service: Serge Plantin.

Aurore and Georges went to Serge Plantin’s last known address. The head of the scientific police found the material necessary for the creation of false papers that pushed the forger to confess everything. He drew up new birth papers for Sacha in the name of Grégory Lamiel.

Thanks to this information, Aurore has updated her search notice, which will help things move along. For her part, Sara questioned Plantin’s companion who was wearing one of the rings stolen from Christelle Moreno in her hotel room. Martin then realizes that the faker also bought the jewelry that Sacha stole, which is not good news for them. In fact, this means that he has enough money to not return to his house that they are already guarding.

Georges then brought his companions terrible information: a Grégory Lamiel boarded a Panamanian freighter that left Cyprus the day before at the end of the afternoon. Commander Constant asked Aurore to immediately contact the Cypriot authorities in hopes of arresting him upon his arrival. However, this information confirms that he did not attack Elsa, which means that another predator is still on the run.

While at the spa, Judith is seen in the distance by a mysterious individual dressed in black with binoculars.

At the end of the day, Timothée and Elsa are drinking at Spoon when the young woman receives on her phone photos of her naked taken during her attack. He first showed it to his girlfriend, then in a fit of rage, he threw his phone on the floor before hastily leaving the restaurant.


Back to school has arrived. For the occasion, Jack has a new look that, according to his mother, gives him an elegant side like an English dandy, but Jordan is not very convincing.

Meanwhile, at the high school, Chloe intends to increase the number of supervisors within the establishment after Elsa’s attack the previous day. He also informed François of the return of Emma Garnier who, despite her good results, had family problems that made her unstable. So Chloé asked the French teacher to support the teenager, which he promised to do. They were interrupted by the arrival of Alma, who also returned to the establishment. The principal was very happy to see him again and it was time to welcome the students to the teaching team.

After a while, Emma is attracted by the arrival of an attractive new student whom she wants to get to know better.

The teenager then learns more about him because he is in the same class as Maud: his name is Adam, from Nantes and repeats his first year. Emma was very interested but when she wanted to get closer, Charlie overtook her. Adam asks her if there is a photo club at school but there isn’t. François’s girlfriend then explains to him that he can talk about his CPE project or the headmistress. He’s also sure that he won’t have a hard time finding the members and points out that he won’t be noticed by the students, and especially by Emma.


Mona doesn’t know what to do with her days. For her part, Soraya is sorting through her clothes and thinking of selling some of them on an app to earn some pocket money. Georges’ mother was very interested in his activity and asked him to install the application on his phone.

Soon, Mona puts on a real fashion show in the apartment while Soraya takes her photo. However, he noticed that the young woman cropped out her face in the photos and found it less personal. According to him, it is important for buyers to see that he is blooming in his clothes so that they want to buy them. Soraya immediately agreed to have her picture taken.

At noon, Mona and Nathan had lunch together at Spoon. The young man tells her that he misses his girlfriend. He is also struggling because he will not be able to work at the stud if he continues his studies and has to find a new job. However, his friend wasn’t listening, too distracted by the notifications on his phone. She even ended up offering to sell her clothes on the internet and split the winnings in half. So the young man agreed to play. Audrey then goes to make sure everything is fine, but Mona tells her that she doesn’t like the food. The waitress at Spoon admitted to him that they were having a hard time finding a chef.

Later, Mona had sold more than half of her items on the app and was broke again. He wondered what he could do with his days because he had no goals. Soraya advises him to take care of the children again, but Georges’ mother absolutely refuses.

At the end of the day, Mona goes beyond the limits by trying to sell dishes belonging to Leïla on the app. Soraya, who is very involved in this, is angry and suggests that Mona find a real activity, before calling her to put everything away as soon as possible.

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