the UN called on the international community to act against possible “crimes against humanity” committed by China

It was finally published in extremis on Wednesday August 31. The long-awaited United Nations (UN) report on the Chinese province of Xinjiang did not utter the word genocide but raised the possibility “crimes against humanity” made by China against the Uighurs. Reporting to “credible evidence” of torture and sexual violence against this Muslim minority in this region of western China, he called on the international community to act.

“The extent of arbitrary and discriminatory detention of members of the Uighurs and other Muslim majority groups (…) may constitute international crimes, especially crimes against humanity.says the report in less than fifty pages of its conclusions.

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Former President of Chile Michelle Bachelet, for whom it was the last day of the head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights after a four-year mandate, thus fulfilled her promise by allowing the document to be published in it’s not yet midnight in Geneva.

The UN has sealed the charges against Beijing

If it does not seem to contain any revelations compared to what is already known about the situation in Xinjiang, this document bears the seal of the UN on the accusations that have been leveled for a long time against the Chinese authorities.

Its publication has been the subject of intense pressure from its supporters to implement it – especially from the United States and major human rights NGOs – and, conversely, from a restrained display on the part of Beijing, which -consider the report as a “prank call” orchestrated by the West, led by Washington.

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In this document, the UN called on the international community to act quickly in the face of accusations of torture and sexual violence in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, which the organization considers. “reliability”. “Allegations of repeated acts of torture or ill-treatment, including forced treatment and poor prison conditions, are credible, as are individual allegations of sexual and gender-based violence”wrote the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in the report.

Accused of being overly sympathetic to Beijing, Michelle Bachelet responded that dialogue with Chinese authorities, as she did during a controversial trip to China in May, “doesn’t mean your eyes are closed”.

“A politically motivated lie”, according to Beijing

This report “reveals China’s massive human rights violations”, said Sophie Richardson, director of the NGO Human Rights Watch for China. The UN human rights council “this report should be used to launch a comprehensive investigation into the Chinese government’s crimes against humanity”, he believed. Amnesty International also demanded that the Council “establish an international independent investigative mechanism” about these crimes in Xinjiang.

“This report paves the way for serious and tangible action by Member States, UN agencies and businesses”said Dolkun Isa, president of the World Uyghur Congress. “The time for accountability is now”he added.

Infuriated, China considered that based on the document “of disinformation and lies perpetrated by anti-China forces”. she “Needlessly slanders and slanders China and interferes in China’s internal affairs”wrote the Chinese Embassy to the UN in Geneva in a commentary attached to the report. “The so-called Xinjiang problem is a completely fabricated and politically motivated lie” which hinders the development of China, said Zhang Jun.

Beijing denies the accusations and presents the internment camps where the Uighurs are locked up as “vocational training centers” intended to distance the population from religious extremism. he also claims that these centers will be closed from now on because all those “students” would “Their training is complete”.

The UN does not utter the word “genocide”

A quick search of the UN text does not bring up the word genocide. A case on the other hand was filed against Beijing by the American government. In January, the French National Assembly, following the steps of representation in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and even Canada, was also described. “genocide” China’s treatment of the Uighurs.

Xinjiang and other Chinese provinces have been hit for decades, and especially from 2009 to 2014, by attacks attributed to Islamists or Uighur separatists. For many years now, the region has been the subject of intense surveillance: ubiquitous cameras, security gates in buildings, armed forces highly visible on the streets, restrictions on issuing passports, etc. .

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Western studies, based on interpretations of official documents, testimonies of alleged victims and statistical extrapolations, accuse Beijing of interning the “fields” at least 1 million people, mostly Uighurs, to do sterilization and abortion “strengths”or to impose “forced labor”.

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