Jacques Mourre is in a coma, Louis does not love Kira (Summary in advance of episode 971)

Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance with a complete and detailed summary of episode 971 on Monday September 5, 2022– As almost every day, News Actual gives you the remaining intrigues of your favorite soap opera. In this new episode, Marc and Louis learn good news, while Kira experiences her first heartbreak.


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episodes 971 on Monday September 5, 2022

Despite his health condition, Patrice continued his drug dealing. He was working in a delivery with his new supplier, Costa when he suffered severe pain in his kidney.

Charles, for his part, asked Christophe for the invoice for his emergency intervention the previous day so he could record it in the accounts. The vet actually asked his intern to cancel his appointments to perform an emergency intervention. In fact, he went to check on Patrice Angel. So Christophe made Charles believe that he didn’t charge his regular client anything. Then he gets a call from Franck who forces him to operate on Patrice. But Christophe is a veterinarian and getting the right medicine and equipment is no small feat. He advised Franck to give Patrice morphine while waiting for the operation. Akim and Elise are looking at the Angels store. But Eva found them and offered coffee to the two policemen.

Marc Mourre reluctantly chose to sell his father’s farm. He announced his decision to Louis. Marc is convinced that when he wakes up, his father will be able to start a new project using the money from the sale. He urges Louis to stay strong for his grandfather, but the teenager is convinced that he will remain in a coma.

Kira is scared to death at the thought of going back to a detention center. Claire wanted to tell the girl that she had almost no chance of that happening, but she and Florent agreed to mark the occasion. He tries to convince Florent that Kira understood the lesson, but without success.

Kira informs Louis that he is at risk of going back to a closed center because of his false testimony. Louis felt guilty as he asked Kira to cover for him. But if he had to do it over again, Kira would do the same thing, because in his eyes, she was more than a friend. Embarrassed, Louis confides in Kira that he considers her a sister. Kira barely recognizes the blow and finds comfort with Claire.


AL Cosmétiques, Laurent Berthier suggests working more, and this, to allow Elisabeth to breathe a little more. But he felt he didn’t need anyone to run his business for him.

Marc showed his father’s farm to a real estate professional who was very interested. He plans to build a luxurious residence. So Jacques’ greenhouses will be destroyed. Dejected, Marc said he was ready to sign a promise to sell.

It was Alain’s birthday and a small party was organized in his honor. Elisabeth shared with her partner her questions about the future of L Cosmétiques. He wondered if he wouldn’t do better to sell the company. Alain advises him to spend time in meditation.

Among the guests were Cécile and Christophe. Cécile introduced her partner to Superintendent Becker. They discussed the current case. Christophe discovers that Cécile is investigating the thieves he is supposed to help and it doesn’t take long. He took advantage of the night to go and find Alain’s office. He took a sheet from his prescription pad to create a false prescription. But he is stressed. Christophe started having heart pains.

At the hospital, Jacques shows signs of waking up. Marc soon learned that his father was in a coma. He broke the good news to Louis. Both father and son were relieved.

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