Yoann Riou justified himself after his hysterical passage in “Mask Singer”

Yoann Riou has been removed from the fourth season of TF1’s “Mask Singer”. TF1

interviews – The Team sports commentator has been eliminated from the fourth season of the popular show, this Tuesday August 30 on TF1.

Since the launch of “Mask Singer” on French television, dozens of celebrities hidden under huge costumes have pushed the song in front of the host Camille Combal of TF1. Each disguise is different, each other’s vocal performance is not the same. But all pursue the same goal: to trick the four investigators into hiding their identity as long as possible, even if it means disguising their voices and distorting their movements. This Tuesday, August 30, an earthly character broke the concept of the game: the genie of the lamp.

When this chubby, blue-colored man stepped on the set, his exuberant enthusiasm brought him to the audience to perform. Unable to stay in place for more than five seconds, he constantly taunts the conductor of the show, indicating that a clown is hiding under the disguise. The over-excited genius even began to strike up a conversation with the host, thus giving valuable clues to his speech. Very quickly, the investigators agreed on a name: Yoann Riou. Not surprisingly, during the denouement in the cave, the bald head of the “Big Head” columnist is well hidden under the mask.

TV MAGAZINE. – You are eliminated after your first bounty. Are you disappointed?
Yoann RIOU. – Not really, because I lived this three billion percent adventure. The audience saw only one night but this experience actually lasted for four months. Training started in March and we shot in June. It was a great epic because I found an amazing production team. Every week, for several months, I went to a secret apartment hidden in Paris where I met Marie Christelle Oglaend, the artistic producer of the show, and Alexandra Chabane, the vocal coach. We met about fifteen times and we built a little family.

“I experienced a kind of state of grace! »

Yoann Riou, participant of “Mask Singer” on TF1.

During the prime, you took over Gangnam Style, from Psy. How did you approach this song in the Korean language?
This is a title that I had the opportunity to choose myself. Alexandra took the time to write me the song phonetically, cutting out each syllable, so I could learn it. When I got to the first day of rehearsal, I was singing badly and out of tune. And with the patience of an angel, he helped me improve my voice.

You speak in an anarchic way on set. Why did you take this liberty?
I am a happy man. I was next to Camille Combal with whom I shot amazing movies. And on the set, I have a mask, we are in paradise, it’s hot, it’s beautiful, it’s kind and I don’t know what I’m doing there. I can’t report the words I used because I said what was on my mind at the time! I have no regrets. I could have been erased, and avoided the questions of the investigators so as not to be clear. But because I’m a journalist, and I like people to answer, I want to be nice and bring some elements. I sometimes even answer questions that are not asked of me (Laughter).

Don’t you feel like you broke the rules of the game?
I don’t go against the rules. I paint nature! Camille, I like her so much that when I meet her, I tell her that we are going to have fun. It was one of the best laughs of my TV career. If I had decided to keep quiet, I would not have been myself. There, I am real, as people know me in life. It is for this reason that I experienced a kind of state of grace in this prime. The moment Camille called me on the set by my first name and I turned around, I was boozing in my costume. This is not a football World Cup… We are here to have fun. Besides, the headset said nothing to me. During the filming, I felt so happy… I was flying, and I didn’t know where I was anymore! And it’s beautiful that these moments we let go.

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