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(Galadriel in the series “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”)

SERIES – Talk to friends and enter. Almost five years ago, in November 2017, Jeff Bezos, from the top of his Amazon Prime tower, announced to the people that a series of The Lord of the rings develop. This, thanks to the rights that he has acquired a lot (250 million dollars) from the Tolkien Estate. A news that leaves fans between joy and fear, because who dares to attack a monument like the work of JRR Tolkien risks disappointing an entire community. That’s not in the Ring, but in the fans that I’m a part of. And we are legion all over the world.

The latest essay, the triptych of Hobbit, still fresh in the memories. It’s not bad looking at all, but it’s far from the most epic of the trilogies, The Lord of the rings. So what can be expected from a series that, moreover, can only be watched on the small screen? “How many deaths. Low chance of success. But what are we waiting for? »Gimli reportedly replied.

Fear slowly gave way to hope in 2019, when it was announced that Amazon would spend $1 billion on the series, spread over five seasons. Stop the attack Silmarillion, you can also do it with the right weapon. One last question remains: will the directors know how to manage them skillfully to win?

In this question, The HuffPost can give the beginning of the answer today. As we get closer to the series’ launch this Friday, September 2 on Amazon Prime Video, we’ve previewed the first two episodes of Rings of Power. Granted it’s only the fourth season with eight episodes, but it’s still enough to get a taste of it. A very good taste.

“At the first light of the fifth day, at dawn, look to the east”

This experience begins with fear. Facing the black screen, before the projection begins, the fear of disappointment arises. Because we know, deep down, that it remains difficult to find in a work the feelings that another gives us. for me, The Lord of the rings by Peter Jackson is the wonder, the courage, the brotherhood, the heart that swells with the absolute majesty of Howard Shore’s music, the epic scenes and the great battles. But it is also the poetry of softer scenes, to the sound of enchanting elven ballads. There are so many expectations.

The canvas lit up, the first pictures scrolled, the first notes sounded and the hairs stood on end. Sitting in the shadow of the projection room, I felt like I was at the dawn of the fifth day, looking at the East.

As a reminder, The Rings of Power takes place 4000 years before the Engagement with the Ringin a Second Period », an episode about which Tolkien gives relatively few details. An Age that sees young Galadriel growing up in Valinor, the Eternal Land where Frodo, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf go at the end of the trilogy.

These lands full of promise, which until then remained mysterious, did not disappoint when revealed by John D. Payne and Patrick McKay. And this is definitely the great strength of this series: it is unique. What can I say, amazing. The special effects are amazing, the images are polished, the sets are majestic, the costumes are sublime. That’s all.

“The money is really on the screen”

And the merit of the creators is even greater if we know that most of the places where the series takes place are only described in Tolkien’s works, without any real representation. One can imagine the great work that could be done to create as faithfully as possible the elven capital of Lindon with its strange forests, the great dwarf city of Khazad-dûm in the middle of the golden age or even the elven town of Eregion.

Faced with a lot of surprise, I remember the words of producer Lindsey Weber. He estimated that the billion-dollar budget “a very engaging topic that people want to talk about”, while promising that viewers will see “that the money is really on the screen”.

And that’s true. At $200 million per season, just one episode costs $25 million. Every shot reminds us of this. ” A large chunk of the show’s budget was spent on creating out-of-the-ordinary sets and costumes. said Patrick McKay, the co-creator. ” An entire city with a dock and several city blocks specially built. So, far be it from me to praise the global e-commerce giant, but it promised us a lot, and the promise was kept.

All this without counting the brilliant soundtrack offered by Bear McCreary… and Howard Shore, whose paw is very recognizable. The latter also returned for a centerpiece: the credits. Promises of extraordinary journeys and dark designs, this composition has even managed to breathe some familiar and dear notes into our hearts, referring to Rivendell and The engagement ring.

Can I live with the Elves please?

Aside from the purely visual aspect, the fan that I am is happy to finally discover the famous golden age of elves and dwarfs mentioned in the trilogy of Lord of the Rings. To see Moria teeming with life, bright and welcoming, far from the dark fate reserved for it a few millennia later, was heartbreaking. As much as a dream of immersion in the intimacy of dangerous elven cities.

In these luxurious decorations evolve in parallel four characters, which we know by some familiar names. We follow the brave and vengeful Galadriel who offers us some addictive fight scenes. We also find the diplomat and kind Elrond, long before he became Lord of Rivendell (Fondcombe in French). We also discover the young hobbit Nori whose bold curiosity is reminiscent of Bilbo Baggins. And finally, the Wood Elf Arrondir on a mission in a village of Men.

An image from the trailer for the series
Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video An image from the trailer for the series “The Rings of Power”.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video

An image from the trailer for the series “The Rings of Power”.

Immersed in their world, we rediscover the size of Tolkien’s universe, its richness (where the Amazon still allows itself a certain amount of liberties, but that’s another topic). We invited ourselves there, surprised to dream of living there despite the dangers and threats lurking in the East. The two hours pass in a flash, between dazzling, tension, fascination, trembling with joy and sometimes with fear. The chemistry is there.

In Boromir’s words: “It is not so easy to enter Mordor”…neither in the hearts of the fans. Once not habit, it is necessary to believe that if. At least mine stayed wide open for two hours of projection.

However, it remains impossible to say now if Rings of Power be up to Lord of the Rings. Two episodes can’t show the whole series, for one thing. On the other hand, nothing can match the fact of the growth of a work, of its inspiration, of making it an element of a person’s culture, a moral model sometimes. Not even a billion dollars.

That being said, nothing is immutable. The proof: when the last note was played and the screen went black again, two words came out of my mind: “Wow, again”.


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