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Romain Auzouy: You are listening to RFI, 10 pm here in Paris, 8 pm universal time. Good evening everyone, welcome to your Easy French Journal presented tonight with Sylvie Berruet, good evening Sylvie.

Sylvie Berruet: Good evening Romain, good evening everyone.

RA: And on the front page tonight: deadly rain in Pakistan. The latest death toll now exceeds 1,100. The results are very important, our report to follow.

SB: The energy crisis. Illustration of Italy in this Easy French Journal where prices are rising, that is to say they are always higher. And then the response from France, which continues its goal of energy efficiency: today Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne asked companies to make plans from September to reduce consumption by 10%.

RA: And then Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang was robbed and beaten. Armed with weapons, several men entered the house of the Gabonese player. They forced the player to open his safe and stole many valuables before escaping.


SB: The toll has further increased in Pakistan.

RA: Yes, the country is facing deadly monsoon rains. At least 1,136 people died, a figure given by the country’s disaster management authority. In Pakistan, one in seven is affected by these floods, this represents 33 million people. The consequences are very important: landslides, destroyed roads, submerged villages, that is, under water. And then the health consequences, in terms of health: cases of cholera have been reported. Our special correspondent Sonia Ghezali went to many villages hit by the disaster, I suggest you listen to her report.

Many families have taken refuge in a building in central Sukkur in Sindh. Mansoor Ali, a municipal police officer, is there almost every day. “It’s a wedding, but the police reserved it to accommodate the flood victims. Shehzad Ehmad has been here for almost a week: “The authorities are distributing our food, some local organizations are also helping us. We are praying that the water will recede and that we can return to our homes.” A wish shared by his wife, traumatized: “One of our neighbors is dead. He was cooking when the roof of his house collapsed due to the rain. He fell on his gas stove and burned him alive. He has 4 little children. We are gone, everything is gone. We are all poor here. We can only pray to God. Even though the rain has stopped in Sukkur, the survivors are afraid of new episodes of violence rain, as the monsoon does not end until mid-September.Sonia Ghezali returns from Sukkur, Islamabad, RFI.

SB: Very worrying situation in Iraq tonight.

RA: Yes, Iraq has been rocked by a political crisis since the last legislative elections in October. But now, the situation has completely deteriorated, it has worsened, after Moqtada Sadr who is a Shiite leader, well, announced his withdrawal from political life. After this, his followers attacked the Palace of the Republic in Baghdad. At least 12 protesters were shot dead. Last information tonight: in the zone where these tensions are happening, which one calls the Green Zone, at least seven mortar shells fell, the mortar shells it is a very powerful armament.

SB: This is one of the main concerns of going back to school in many countries around the world: the energy crisis.

RA: This is one of the major consequences of the war in Ukraine, especially because of Russian gas, which has become more rare and on which many countries depend, especially in Europe. The European Union is trying to organize itself against this, on Monday the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that she is preparing a “structural reform” of the European electricity market. For now, the result of this crisis is the increase in prices. Illustration of Italy. Report on Rome by Anne Le Nir.

The word “bollette”, invoices, in Italian, is on the lips of all merchants and traders. Alfonso Sacchi, owner of the Roman restaurant-pizzeria, Taverna Le Coppelle, no longer knows how to spend. “I have seen a huge increase in electricity bills. I paid 1,700 euros per month on average, now I have to pay 3,400 euros per month. As for the wood for the pizza oven, its price jumped from 19 to 27 euros per 100 kilos. At this point, it is not appropriate for me to continue. Should I put the key under the door? According to Arnaud de Montalembert, manager of six supermarkets whose brand belongs to a well-known French group, in Italy there is no price shield. “In July, we had electricity bills ranging from 3,500 euros per month, which we paid last year at the same time, to between 13 and 14,000 for each store. What we are asking the authorities to do is to take their responsibility, that they will put a cap on the price of energy. But now, we are not sure about these points. In the middle of the election campaign, all parties are calling for extraordinary measures to help. But the outgoing head of government, Mario Draghi, has no intention of expanding the budget deficit.Anne Le Nir, Rome, RFI.

SB: And faced with this price increase, facing a strong risk of becoming scarce, France calls for benevolence.

RA: So sobriety is the back-to-school word for executives. Prudence means consuming less. Last week, President Emmanuel Macron called for an end to affluence. And in the same vein, today, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne delivered her first major back-to-school speech today. He was in front of French business leaders and he asked them to make efforts to avoid energy shortages in the coming months. We will listen to Elisabeth Borne.

Every company needs to act and act. So I call on everyone to build their own peace plan in September. If we act collectively, we can overcome this risk of shortage, but if everyone does not do their part or if all the bad assumptions come together, we will have to impose a reduction in consumption. If we ration, businesses will be the first to be affected and unfortunately we have to prepare for it. The time is no longer to wait, the time is no longer for half measures, the time is no longer for everyone for themselves, the time is for collective responsibility. The state, companies, communities, citizens, all must play their part.

RA: This is the head of the French government, Elisabeth Borne, at the Medef summer school at the Longchamp racecourse in Paris. Interview with Julien Chavanne.

SB: There is no rising moon today.

RA: Yes, this is NASA’s new rocket that will fly, for the return from an American mission to the Moon, fifty years after the last Apollo flight. But this takeoff had to be canceled due to a technical problem in a particular part of one of the engines. Disappointment for thousands of people who traveled to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in hopes of attending the show. But the Artemis 1 mission, that’s what it’s called, this mission could be launched on Friday, the people in charge said.

SB: And finally one of the most famous football players in Africa who is the victim of a violent robbery.

RA: This is Gabonese Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang who plays for FC Barcelona. So the facts were revealed last night, several men entered his house in the suburbs of Barcelona. What exactly happened? Details from our reporter Elise Gazengel.

It was one in the morning when four hooded men entered the home of Gabonese international Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang in Castelldefells, a suburb of Barcelona,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ According to the revelations of El País and Rac1 radio, the thieves, armed with weapons and iron bars, threatened the player and his wife, bound them and put them on the ground for an hour until they opened a safe that contained things before. fleeing The Barça footballer was hit in the chin by an iron bar, his wife also suffered a small head injury, but the couple refused to go to the hospital in order not to traumatize their children, who are in time to steal. Two months later, thieves ransacked their house, but the family was gone. This time, it seems that the criminals are no longer afraid to cross their victims. A method that worries here when in mid-August, another Barça player, Robert Lewandoski, stole his watch in broad daylight, in front of the training center, while he was signing autographs for his fans. Elise Gazengel, Barcelona, ​​​​RFI.

RA: And then the first news from Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang after this robbery. “He’s good. He’s scared but he’s fine,” an internal FC Barcelona source told Agence France Presse.
That’s how this Journal in quick French ends. Thank you Sylvia.

SB: In happiness.

RA: See you tomorrow, good night everyone, 10:10 pm here in Paris.

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