Everything Everywhere All at Once, La Page blanche, Flee… Films to watch or avoid this week

A mother who is projected into a parallel world to save the world, a young woman with amnesia who is as attractive as she is casual, the delicate portrait of a person plucked… What what will we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Everything Everywhere Everything at Once – There is

Action movie by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, 2h19

Everything Everywhere All In One tells the story of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh, fragile and warlike), a boss on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who tries to save a family laundromat from bankruptcy. Pursued by an uncontrollable tax investigator, abandoning her daughter Joy, a teenager in need of childbirth, and neglecting a touchy husband, Evelyn suddenly finds herself which is projected in a parallel universe where he is asked to save the world threatened by a mysterious entity. Happily mixing silly, funny humor, kung-fu or science fiction films, the feature film of “Daniels” overflows with imagination. O.D

The Blank Page – There is

Comedy by Murielle Magellan, 1h40

One fine morning, a young woman finds herself sitting alone on a bench in Paris. He didn’t remember anything. Or almost… This identity amnesia lands the hero with the softness of an invisibility cloak. Without allowing herself to be confused for too long by this terrible observation, the beautiful Héloïse quickly regained control. Like a Sherlock Holmes in a petticoat, he begins to investigate himself in order to reclaim his life, to try to reintegrate himself into the whirling pace of his everyday life. Too far adapted from the comics The Blank Page Signed by Pénélope Bagieu and Boulet, Murielle Magellan’s “existential romantic comedy” takes the viewer in search of a rhythmic identity, as captivating as a poetic phase, as disturbing as it is imaginary. Full of charm and gentle determination, actress Sara Giraudeau falls into the skin of this amnesiac who is as charming as she is casual. From the first to the last shot, his voice on the flute and his doe look on the war path, doing wonders. O.D

flee – There is

Animated documentary by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, 1:29

Autobiographical testimony, given at the Annecy Festival, flee tells the true story of Amid, a gay Afghan refugee who remembers the turbulent paths of exile, since the war in Afghanistan and the family’s flight to Russia before settling in Denmark. This delicate picture of a man being plucked up echoes all the exodus of today… O.D

rebel – There is

Drama by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, 2h15

rebel briefly painted a portrait of Kamal Wasaki, a young Arab thug from Molenbeek, a motorcycle and rap enthusiast. We are in 2013. Shocked by the images of the war in Syria, Kamal left Aleppo to save the victims of Bashar el-Assad. His humanitarian work did not last. He was enlisted by the Islamic State and discovered in Raqqa the brutality of what appears to be a mafia. Between a smoker whose hand was cut off and a hi-fi salesman, therefore purveyor of impure music, shot dead on the street, the barbarity of the bearded men scared him. Preferring to wield a camera rather than a Kalashnikov, he promoted the caliphate’s propaganda. Not without talent because they bought him a virgin Muslim girl in the slave market to reward him. Noor, that’s her name, will open Kamal’s eyes to the atrocities committed by Daesh in the name of Allah and freedom. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah record Kamal’s dream by allowing themselves some musical escapes. The singing and dancing scenes make Rebel a kind of musical tragedy. ES

fool – There is

Dramatic comedy by Jean-Marc Vallée, 2 h 09

Released in 2005, the moving picture of the Quebec family of the director of Dallas Buyers Club (tragically lost in December 2021) will reappear on screens and in a restored DVD/Blu-ray edition. A powerful act that will never be forgotten… O.D

The princess – You will see

This documentary retraces the thread of Lady Diana’s life until her death on August 31, 1997. Twenty-five years ago. on The princess, the archives follow each other in a well-organized way, without voiceover. The director plays with archives and places, for example, a hunting sequence that echoes the media stalking suffered by the princess. The music, signed by Martin Phipps (Peaky Blinders, The Crown), emphasizes a little more – too little? – the tragedy of these images. There is no content The princess, unpublished information on the responsibility of the royal family or Diana’s personality. The philanthropic spirit of the princess, moreover, was a little left. This procession of archives makes it possible above all to measure “obsession”term of a commentator of the time, who has for his person. BP

The tasting – You will see

Romantic comedy by Ivan Calbérac, 1 h 32

We happily await the reunion of Isabelle Carré and Bernard Campan, a couple that sparkled in S.remember the beautiful things, twenty years ago. Adapted from the eponymous play, The tasting got the public drunk in the first part of it, then disappointed. Campan is convincing as a ruthless wine merchant and Carré is touching as a clam frog with a weakness for fine wine. But the play, a bit flat, of this romance made the viewer think. O.D

The Five Devils – To avoid

Drama by Léa Mysius, 1h35

Vicky (Sally Dramé), a little black girl teased for washing her hair by her friends at school, consoles herself by recreating the olfactory essence of her loved ones thanks to a a nose that any perfumer would envy. By developing the scent of her beloved “mama” (Adèle Exarchopoulos), the girl finds herself traveling to her parents’ past and discovering the secrets that preceded her birth. The return of his father’s (black) sister made the family trauma more concrete. This amazing story by Léa Mysius borders on the funny.

With passion and determination – SA to avoid

Drama by Claire Denis, 1 h 56

The fans of Christine Angot, are deprived of a book by the author of incest in this time of literature, comfort themselves in this love triangle under the pandemic co-written by Claire Denis. Jean (Vincent Lindon) falls in love with Sarah (Juliette Binoche) who falls back into the arms of François, her former lover (Grégoire Colin). The actors do the job but it’s not all that exciting. ES

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