“Everything Everywhere All At Once” comes to us, we interpret the phenomenon



“Everything Everywhere All at Once” starring Stephanie Hsu, Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan hits theaters this Wednesday, August 31.

CINEMA – Hot kung fu fights, tears, but also lots of jokes and absolutely delirious scenes. This is not the gloubi-boulga recipe, but an (incomplete) summary of the film Everything Everywhere Everything At Oncethe film event of the year abroad, which can be seen on our French screens, this Wednesday, August 31.

Since it was released in the United States in March, the feature film of the well-known Daniels (the American directorial duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) has put the world at its feet. As of this writing, it has earned $68.9 million in Uncle Sam’s country and another $31.1 million worldwide, where the film has been released in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany or the Netherlands.

It was a nice surprise. First, because Everything Everywhere All at Once not made by a huge film industry behemoth, but by A24 (Minari, The farewell, Midsummer, female bird), an independent studio with a thriving reputation. For what budget? 25 million dollars, making him ” one of the few independent films to make money in theaters in the midst of a pandemic “, according to different.

Watch the trailer below:

Also, because its cast is not in a Marvel blockbuster. Michelle Yeoh (Tiger and Dragon, tomorrow will not die) plays the title role. She was assisted by Stephanie Hsu (The wonderful Mrs. Maisel), Ke Huy Quan (Tales from the Crypt), James Hong (If Fun Panda) and Jamie Lee Curtis (In the fight).

As for its title, it is long, very long and not necessarily obvious. For American media, its success is due to word of mouth. And above all thanks to a forbidden scenario surrounding a very popular topic: the concept of the multiverse.

A scenario that is impossible to sum up

Her story is that of Evelyn Wang, an American from China who owns a laundromat. First problem: a tax audit threatens the survival of his small business. Second problem: his father, who has practically disowned him since he left his country of origin, is over to celebrate his birthday. Third problem: his daughter Joy, in a relationship with a woman named Becky, is going through a period of doubt and low self-esteem. Evelyn had no idea how to talk to him.

Unfortunately, things went wrong (again). During a meeting at the tax offices, Evelyn’s husband, naturally shy, obedient and changeable, suddenly changed his behavior. Waymond became an elite commander. He brandishes his fanny pack like a weapon and kidnaps his wife, in a cubbyhole, to whisper a disturbing secret to her. Their time on earth (or perhaps in this universe) is numbered. An evil force named Jobu Tupaki seeks to kill them. Only he can save them.



But for that, he must learn to navigate between different dimensions, types of different versions of himself in which Evelyn also discovers himself as a movie star, a martial arts champion or endowed with unequally long fingers. Let’s just say, the scenario is complicated. Like the movie star, you will need a little time to understand the nature of the mission.

Unanimous reviews

But unlike a Christopher Nolan film (principle, dash), you go there. As proof, the comedy received accolades. ” The result is a big mess, but a carefully planned and executed mess where every shot, every sound effect, and every visual gag fits exactly as the Daniels intended. “, can we read the different.

In his column, the New York Times believe that” the plot of the film has as many twists and turns as the bowls of noodles in the first scene. Its revelation is impossible. Summing it up would literally take forever. »



It’s hard for a columnist to The Cutting to express how much he likes this movie, because he’s never had so many” giggling and crying in a movie theater “. ” It’s silly and poignant, disgusting and beautiful. It completely changed the way I look at a bagel “, he commented, with a wink at the end. On Rotten Tomatoes, a reference site dedicated to movie news, Everything Everywhere Everything At Once received a super score of 95% positive reviews.

While in France the zany feature film has just landed here, on the other side of the Atlantic, it is back in cinemas, but in a better version: a pre-recorded introduction by the directors must precede the screening and eight minutes more. quotes added. The event deserves to be extended.

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