Xbox Series: Backwards compatibility continues thanks to Activision’s acquisition?

Game News Xbox Series: Backwards compatibility continues thanks to Activision’s acquisition?

We thought backward compatibility was over…we could have been wrong! In fact, Activision games released on the Xbox 360 can now be played on the Xbox Series.

on the XboxEra Podcastthe insider Nick Backer announced the return of the backward compatibility program on the Xbox Series, because Activision Games – Blizzard released on Xbox 360.

Backwards compatibility for some games?

Backward compatibility is a popular feature for gamers, as it allows them to continue playing old games in the best conditions on modern consoles. Unfortunately, due to licensing concerns, Xbox announced last year the end of its backward compatibility program for its consoles. Only, it seems that Microsoft reconsidered its decision thanks to the upcoming acquisition of the publisher Activision – Blizzard.

Forget Marvel games, Transformers…

In the podcast, Nick Backer explains as well as following Microsoft’s expected acquisition of Activision – Blizzardon The publisher’s Xbox 360 games may be available in backward compatibility on the Xbox Series. Chatting with @SoulBlazerz and @DigitalScientist, Nick says he is his sources announced the arrival of games published by Activision – Blizzard in the Xbox Series Backward Compatibility Catalog.

– It’s been a while, I think it was January last year, I posted a tweet saying “Hey guys, good news, backwards compatibility isn’t over! There’s going to be one last batch”, which actually happened, it was released late last year. Now, many of us are speculating, and thinking, “Surely, once ABK (Activision – Blizzard – King) passes, there will be an opportunity for more backward games. That’s for sure!” Because at that point, some of the games that might have had licensing issues should theoretically no longer have licensing issues. Because Microsoft owns ABK. It may be!

– Yes?

– That’s what I was told. I heard a rumor that we might have the last small group of backward games. Once the ABK takeover goes through. There are games that may be associated with licensing issues, which may no longer exist. I can’t get the details of the titles in question, at least not yet…

– Are you given titles?

– I have some. That’s why I’m a little excited.

– ABK titles…?

– Yes, there is a chance that we will have one last batch of … Maybe “a lot” is not the right word, because it makes it seem like there are a lot, “a lot” seems like there is a ton, I don’t think there is a ton! But there may still be some games we get as a result of getting ABK.

– It would be nice to have Cybertron games, for example.

– Well, I mean… Transformers games are a bit like licenses of licenses. It’s also a license to Hasbro’s Transformers!

– (laughs) Yes…

– Then listen. For those of you who are now spinning your own heads looking for different options, I would probably eliminate your Marvel Activision games. Because, trust me, no one wants X-Men Origins Wolverine more than me. But I can’t wait for Marvel games. (…) But there are some games, two or three games that should be clear and immediately come to mind. If you think about it. If you think about ABK and what Activision edited before.

Shortly after that, Nick Backer responded with a podcast chat comment about Wolfenstein game released in 2009.

“Infuse me with Wolfenstein 09 finally on sale in digital stores again! It’s the only Wolfenstein game I’ve ever played.”

– Is it Activision?

– Yes before. (Made by Raven Soft and published by Activision.) It’s great and more or less the basis of the new trilogy.

– I was told about two games. Obviously the list is longer than that, but I was told about two games, which I won’t talk about. But I will still say that Wolfenstein 2009 is not one of those games. But if it’s an ABK game, it could be one of them. This is the right train of thought, though.

Therefore from Wolfenstein 2009 to Quake 4, through Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, many Activision games from the 360 ​​era have left their mark on players, on different scales. or Call of Duty games are now backwards compatibleActivision’s flagship saga doesn’t sum up everything the publisher has to offer us this generation.

Source: The XboxEra Podcast

Therefore it is necessary to wait for the validation of the acquisition of Activision – Blizzard – King to ensure the titles concerned. And you, which titles from the publisher released on Xbox 360 will interest you on your Xbox Series?

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