The latest revelations of Meghan Markle are a few days from returning to England

It has been more than two years since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK. After the historic interview given to Oprah Winfrey, which shook the royal family in 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle always drive home the point, at the turn of one or the other interview. The interview with the river of the duchess, published in The Cut on Monday, August 29, is more than all the revelations that have been made since the show of Oprah Winfrey. How will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be received when they return to England in a few days?

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An interview with the river reacting in the United Kingdom

At the beginning of September, Prince Harry and his wife will return to the UK, where they have a busy schedule ahead of them. They will also take a day trip to Germany. While we think about the relatively relaxed relations between Harry and his family, Duchess Meghan, 41, gave an interview on the river to The Cut, an online supplement from New York Magazine, where she also delivered her unrestricted version.

The interview was held at his home, in his villa in Montecito, where he invited the journalist Allison P. Davis. This article is illustrated with very beautiful photos taken by Campbell Addy, which allow you to discover some corners of his house. In these photos, we can see the Duchess posing in a Chanel tweet dress on a large wooden bench or with a Mikimoto pearl necklace on a chair in the middle of her garden.

The words of Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law are clearly not going down well with British readers. Within hours of the article’s publication, other English media outlets and tabloids published articles in retaliation. In the Daily Mail, which has waged war against the Sussexes, we have counted no less than thirty articles that have slandered the subject.

Meghan Markle talks about injuries “still healing”. He also talked about his desire to return to Instagram, he was deprived of his official account, managed by the Palace, after leaving his royal duties. Many media points to a conflict, she and her husband are fierce against social networks.

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Meghan Markle has opened up about her relationship with the royal family and her decision to leave

When asked if she feared retaliation, Meghan replied “I have not signed anything that would not allow me to say anything. I could have explained my whole experience, but I chose not to”. Regarding her life as a princess, she explained that she prefers to explain to little girls that having the ambition to marry a prince is not a goal in life: “You have the power within you to create a life greater than any fairy tale you’ve ever read. “, she wants to give advice to young women.

As he answered questions from reporters, Meghan gave him a tour of her Californian villa that was purchased for $14.65 million. “ We did everything to get this house”he said, presenting the two palm trees in the middle of his lawn. “One of the first things my husband saw when we walked home were these two palm trees. See how they are connected to each other underneath? He said to me: “My love, it is us.” “.

The Duchess of Sussex held an interview on the river for the American media The Cut, where she explained in detail about her life within the royal family (Photo: Mischa Schoemaker/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Meghan also agreed to discuss an extremely sensitive topic: her relationship with the royal family. Last June, on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee, the couple returned to their home at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor. The opportunity for Meghan to make the funds in the drawer and recover the business that they have not seen in two years, the couple left (first to Canada) in a hurry.

About his adjustment problems within the family, this “comes from the fact that he is an American, not necessarily a black American”he explained. “His desire to ask a lot of questions and never get involved in anything he can’t fully control seems to violate an unspoken social norm”the reporter explained.

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The Cut published the interview with the Duchess of Sussex days before she returned to England

Leaving their duties seems inevitable, if the former actress is to be believed. “Just by existing, we’re disrupting the hierarchy dynamic. So we’re like, ‘Okay, okay, let’s get out of here.said Meghan, who added that “happy to do so”. The Duchess also spoke about an injustice and a difference in the treatment of other members of the royal family who got satisfaction for their requests. “Meghan has said that what they are asking is not to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and has listed a few princes, princesses and dukes with the exact arrangement they want.” He explained: “For some reason, it’s not something we’re allowed to do, even though many other family members do that. »

Finally, regarding her troubled relationship with her own paternal family and her in-laws, Prince Harry’s wife addressed the issue of forgiveness. “I think forgiveness is very important. It takes a lot of strength not to forgive”. He concluded with an anecdote that caused a lot of reaction from the British media. During his visit to Africa, a South African reportedly approached him and said: “When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets like we did when Mandela was released from prison.”

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