the goddess Aurora won the hearts of festival goers with her celestial voice

5:35 pm Barefoot, Aurora arrives on the boards of the largest installation in Rock en Seine. it “fairy in the woods”, because he likes to call Pilar, one of his fans since the beginning, prefers to sing in the air. “Sometimes I feel that my voice comes from the ground, through my feet, then from my mouth,” he explained in an interview with The B-side in February 2022. The singer says she gets her power from “Mother Nature” who she feels especially connected to…without her shoes! And how, this Sunday, August 28, the slender Norwegian released all the elements on stage. Fire, perhaps more than others.

Signing the horns of the stone with her hands, Aurora came leaping, wearing a long flowing dress adorned with a delicate white corset. Maybe a wedding dress taken by the singer. “Aurora has between five and ten stylish dresses, which she wears in her concerts”, her sister and stylist Viktoria Asknes told us. Long womb-like filaments hang from its arms. The bass rumbled and his angelic tone soared to heaven on his first hit. Pagansapparently in honor of nature.

Singer Aurora signs the rock horn at the start of her Rock en Seine concert on August 28. (ANNA KURTH / AFP)

Clap, hands move and attention is drawn to the happy eyes of the singer. In his childish, laughing voice, he addresses the crowd from which soap bubbles come out. “You look like a little poison”, he sings full of evil. General tenderness. Before adding, he is also like a fish in water: “I played here a few years ago. I was very young, I couldn’t see anything, I was scared. I couldn’t even drink beer! But now I feel good, and I’m very happy to be back.”

And he was not alone. This time, the French singer Pomme joined him – to everyone’s surprise – in their duet Everything Matters. “I never expected. Seeing both of them at the same time was beautiful, magical”, said Pilar who was still angry. The two singers who recorded their hit so far are performing together for the very first time. On stage, behind the tinted lenses of his orange glasses, Apple continued to meet the gaze of his Norwegian counterpart. The meeting ended with a tender embrace. “A symbiosis!”, added the young fan.

Pomme and Aurora, during their duet of Everything Matters, at Rock en Seine, August 28. (ANNA KURTH / AFP)

It’s one of the few quiet moments in the show, before Aurora starts to get restless. “I’m very expressive on stage, I don’t care what people think, even if sometimes I scare them…”, he told in an interview for the media NME, given in February 2022. on he is the only one who can occupy the entire space of the huge stage. He runs, jumps and dances from right to left, non-stop. With boundless energy, he shakes his icy blond square in all directions, so that one wonders how not to get out of there with a stiff neck.

The fans were also shaking. “I think Aurora chooses songs very well. She chooses catchy songs that appeal to those who don’t know her very well”, note Niçoises Aline and Tatiana, four red lines drawn on the face like the singer in the clip The seed. Aurora’s singing of it on stage pleased them, as well as the WARRIORS. “All the audience put their fists in the air, and we sang along.”

Singer Aurora, in a dance move, at Rock en Seine, August 28. (DAVID WOLFF - PATRICK / REDFERNS)

The singer’s fanbase also calls themselves “warriors” (warriors), but sometimes “weirdos” (the weirdos). For the artist, the two nicknames are the same: “Weirdos have to fight in this life. If you’re a weirdo, you’re also a warrior.” Because Aurora wants to talk to those who don’t necessarily fit into society’s norms, the outsiders. It was also listening to his music that Billie Eilish found her vocation as a singer. In the first notes of Surrender to Love, Aurora ended her concert with one sentence: “Be yourself, whoever you are”, and fly a light arrow. True to himself.

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