Retirement: here’s the REAL cost of a place in a retirement home or nursing home!

Many people mistakenly confuse a retirement home (EHPA) and EHPAD. Actually, we say EHPA for accommodation establishment for the elderly and EHPAD for accommodation facility for the elderly dependent.

Reached a certain age, our elders placed in centers for retirees. There, the elderly are no longer alone and are better cared for. Suffice to say it’s not free. Here are the average prices for a place in an EHPAD and a retirement home.

Why put the elderly in a center?

In some countries, sending the elderly to a retirement home may be viewed with suspicion. This is considered abandonment. However, this practice widespread in other countries including France.

In fact, in big cities, everyone works. Early in the morning, children go to school while mom and dad go to work. Grandparents stay in front of the TV. Like that, reached a certain age, grandfather and grandmother obliged to live in a center for the elderly.

This is because there is no one to take care of them at home. Nowadays, there are two types of centers for retirees, namely EHPAs and EHPADs. What is the point of this difference? How to differentiate them?

Retirement home: EHPAD or EHPA?

Do you want your seniors to discover life in a center? You are in doubt between an EHPAD and an EHPA. Here are some explanations that are necessary help you choose.

EHPA or accommodation establishment for the elderly is a classic retirement home. This establishment generally welcomes the elderly which is still independent.

Usually, the elderly choose to go and live in this kind of place so as not to feel alone. In addition, in EHPADs, they can participate in activities and take advantage of certain events.

EHPAD, as indicated by the last letter of the acronym, is reserved for dependent people. In a word, it is a medical and more specific retirement home. This type of establishment welcomes the elderly who have lost their autonomy.

So, of course, the level of trust is not always the same. It is different for every person. To identify them, a useful accommodation is “GIR” (group iso-resources). This term is used in assess resident autonomy.

For your information, there are six levels. Individuals classified as GIR 1 are the most dependent. GIR 6 is the lightest confidence level. Now that you know everything, all you have to do is choose. However, be prepared, as prices may vary.

The average price of a retirement home

As you can imagine the classic retirement home pricingcheaper than EHPADs. However, in the market, prices vary greatly. For EHPAs, the fees for a resident range from 300 euros to 3,000 euros per month.

This huge price difference is due to several factors. Basically, it is the quality of the services that drives up the prices. Locality also plays an important role in value. Those in big cities and capitals are usually very expensive.

In short, if you want to choose this or that retirement home, there are many different factors that increase the price. Here are some:

  • Administrative costs related to admission
  • Liaison documents with relatives
  • accountability
  • Accommodation costs (single or double room)
  • Foods
  • Warming up
  • Animation costs for activities
  • Workshops
  • laundry costs

For nursing homes, all of the above are valid. But, more than that 24 hour support. The staff of the establishment consists of:

  • Hospital workers
  • Nurses
  • doctor
  • AMP or medico-psychological assistance

Knowing all this, it seems normal that the price will increase. In fact, a place in an EHPAD will cost you between 1,500 and 6,000 euros per month.

As mentioned above, the fees also vary according to the level of trust of the person. For people called GIR 5-6, it is 5.53 euros per day. For residents of GIR 1-2, ie the most dependent people, the excess is 20.51 euros per day for a resident.

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