Pogba case: extortion, assault rifle and marabout … understand everything about the battle between Paul and his brother

Since Saturday August 27, the Pogba clan has been disbanded. One of the brothers of the French world champion promised “explosive” revelations, while an investigation was opened since the beginning of the month for “extortion attempts by an organized gang”. Let us summarize the case in five points.

A wonderful event. Accusations of extortion in which his brother Mathias is allegedly involved, maraboutage against the backdrop of a family vendetta, ongoing police investigation: the star of the France team Paul Pogba has made many speeches about him, several months before the World Cup in Qatar .

1. A video and enigmatic threats

The Pogba affair will begin on Saturday August 27 on the TikTok social network. Mathias Pogba, one of the brothers of the French international player, published a disturbing video. He announced that he had “explosive” information about his brother, saying that “the whole world deserves to know some things to decide with full knowledge of the facts whether he really deserves to be praised , respect, his place in the French team. . ..”. In a few hours, and without knowing the content of these revelations, the video went viral.

Hi everyone, I joined twitter because I suddenly express myself and soon I think I’ll let go! So follow me and get ready!
\ud83d\udc47\ud83c\udfff The whole video is on insta
@mathiaspogbaofficial pic.twitter.com/femvMRN7PQ

— Mathias Pogba (@LeMathiasPogba) August 27, 2022

2. Who is Mathias Pogba?

Like his two brothers, Mahtias Pogba has put football at the center of his life. In, of course, a little less success on earth. Born in Conakry in Guinea – he also has French nationality – Mathias Pogba has worn the jersey of the national team many times. At the club, he flourished as a junior at Celta Vigo alongside his brother Florentin. His last known club was Belfort, in National 2. Since 2022, he has been a columnist for La Chaîne L’Équipe and has also opened a retraining consulting company for professional players.

3. Balaclavas, assault rifles and extortion attempts

This Sunday, August 28, FranceInfo revealed that the case actually began in March and that police are investigating threats and organized gang extortion attempts against Paul Pogba. On that date, the footballer was allegedly detained by old acquaintances from Seine-et-Marne, taken to an apartment and threatened by two hooded men armed with assault rifles. These threats would have been repeated upon his return to Manchester United, his club at the time, and since his arrival at Juventus from Turin.

In the report of the player’s hearing before the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, it was revealed FranceInfo, Paul Pogba revealed that his attackers demanded 13 million euros from him for “protecting” him since the beginning of his career. But the French international believes above all that he knows his brother Mathias Pogba, with whom relations have been strained since Euro 2021, among his attackers.

According to the latest information from RMC this Monday night, Paul Pogba paid money to the former dating in the amount of nearly 100,000 euros.

4. Kylian Mbappé and the marabout

The day after publishing his first video, Mathias Pogba is back on social networks. In a new message, he called his brother Pablo a “coward”, a “traitor” and a “hypocrite”. He also suggested that the latter should have paid a marabout to spell another player of the French team, Kylian Mbappé.

Kylian, now you understand? I have nothing negative against you, my words are for your benefit, everything is true and proven, know the marabou! Sorry for this brother, a so called muslim deep in witchcraft, it’s not good to have a hypocrite and traitor near you!

— Mathias Pogba (@LeMathiasPogba) August 28, 2022

In his hearings, Paul Pogba confirmed that he used this marabout to seek protection against injury. He also explained that the messages, which he presented as fake and used to blackmail him, referred to requests for spells against his opponents and even his colleagues.

5. Where is the investigation?

always according to FranceInfo, Paul Pogba quickly informed his agent who directed him to the lawyers of Juventus in Turin after his transfer to the Italian city. Quietly, the file was sent to the French police, who opened a judicial inquiry at the beginning of August for “extortion attempts by an organized gang”.

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