Lady Diana continues to fascinate, even for millennia

Twenty-five years after her tragic death, the princess of hearts continues to fascinate, even millennials. The documentary The princess and season 5 of The Crown it is also celebrated.

On August 31, 1997, Lady Di died suddenly, at the age of 36, in a car accident under the Alma bridge in Paris. Twenty-five years later, Dianamania is still going strong. Exclusively released on August 31 and September 4 in theaters, The Princess, a documentary directed by Ed Perkins, will play its nostalgic music (reservations at In November, Netflix will premiere the long-awaited season 5 of The Crownwith Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki as Di.

In the video, The princessthe teaser

After the movie spencer, where Kristen Stewart plays the Princess of Wales on the eve of her divorce, pop culture will not stop celebrating the icon. Watching archival footage of many Australian flocks of The princesswe also have the impression of watching season 4 of The Crown : Truth has called for fiction. And it is a new generation of millennials who adore her, like the TikTok influencer Rose Nora Anna, who proudly wears her signature hairstyle, or Éloise Moran, creator of the Instagram account @ladydirevengelooks and the book . The Lady Di Look Bookreleased in June in English by Mitchell Beazley, a book that tries to understand the “messages” sent by the princess through her appearance.

Why such a thrill, twenty-five years ago? Indeed, we can evoke the romantic veneer, the wedding of a princess whose photos adorn mugs and plates, these “collections” very british that 30-somethings like to collect. But there is above all, in the light of a troubled and complicated history that a generation revisits under the prism of feminism, the dense defiance of an inspiring hero. “For other women, she is very iconic because she refused a situation of flouted wife that made her a sad and damaged woman, to follow her heart and print another dynamics of the royal system, comments of psychoanalyst Florence Lautrédou, author of The girl who no longer remembers her dreams (Ed. Odile Jacob). In this, it embodies true modernity.”

William and Harry attended the unveiling of Diana’s statue together

From 1981, when the young blushing, shy and crazy aristocrat united with Prince Charles during a fairy tale wedding, she suffered the full brunt of the misogyny of the time. We want to punch ourselves when we hear it The princess an English commentator calmly stated: “Her father, uncle and others testify to her virginity.” Or later, during an official trip to Australia that turned out to be a disadvantage for Charles because the crowds spontaneously loved him, when the prince made the assembly laugh with a sexist joke that hid his bitterness. if I have two women to cover both sides of the road,” he said. I will walk in the middle to supervise.”

The best “revenge looks” of Lady Diana as interpreted by Eloise Moran

Once divorced from a husband who shamelessly cheated on her with Camilla Parker Bowles, Lady Di will take revenge for these public humiliations by using explosive interviews and photos to her advantage. “This use of the media is also modern, continues the psychoanalyst. Since he does not have the support of Buckingham, he uses any weapon he has, and the weapons are the media. He needs them, first to exist, then to protect himself from the royal family. Without the media, the one in the palace called “the fool” would not have been able to tell his truth, as in 1995, during this famous BBC interview that moved fifteen million viewers – well in Britain.

For the first time, frankly, she talks about postnatal depression, bulimia nervosa, scarifications, suicide attempts, Charles’ betrayal. “He was one of the first personalities to break the taboo of mental health, says Dr Jean-Victor Blanc, psychiatrist, author of Pop and Psy (Éd. Plon), at a time when it was not discussed at all, and in prime time. It pioneered, even if he was not heard and treated, in a misogynistic and psychophobic context, as opportunistic and manipulative. However, according to Florence Lautrédou, at the time of this interview, he was “very real. This is what makes him hypermodern again: he admits his misery while admitting that he has a lot of ego, that he dreams of a lavish marriage and an extraordinary fortune. Paradoxically, it is his aggravated narcissism, his fragile identity, his visceral need for love that makes him a contemporary figure.

Beautiful video of Prince William as a child and Diana back on Instagram

He was one of the first personalities to break the taboo of mental health

dr. Jean-Victor Blanc, psychiatrist

Beyond her humanitarian commitment, which made her a woman of values ​​and, again, a taboo breaker (in the United States, as a young bride, she inaugurated the first care center for AIDS patients when no American president visited it. hospital, we learn the The princess), Lady Di is a true fashion icon. Instagrammable at will, his street style shots flourished on social networks. “She imposed casualness in an environment where it was not done, assures Dinah Sultan, stylist of the style office of Peclers Paris. The most extreme casual look of the royal family is wearing a hunting outfit. Lady Di , he broke the codes by imposing the cyclist, sneakers, caps, Harvard sweatshirts, a whole athletic and androgynous uniform that is very fashionable today.

Contributes “to the creation of ready-to-wear chic” according to Saveria Mendella, doctoral student at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), which specializes in fashion, thus it provokes social function through clothing. “Why do you still like him now?, Saveria Mendella continued. Because beyond the transformation of the pop culture series and the contemporary attraction for the aristocracy, especially Chanel with the Monegasque princely family, he has a punk attitude in an elitist environment.

Elizabeth II, François Mitterrand, Lady Diana, Barbara Bush… This video from the ancient world has recently resurfaced

Disturbing, Diana? “Yes, after her divorce, when the paparazzi were obsessed with shooting what we call her revenge look, Dinah Sultan was specified. Tight, low-cut, short dresses that are different from all the royal codes. A “dramatic” little black dress that revealed her legs on a red carpet, it made a clean break from her previous official clothes. A fashion icon, after her death she has evoked strong accolades from many fashion designers, especially Celine and Off-White. The Lady Dior bag made especially for the Princess of Wales in 1995 has become a cult accessory, often revisited by artists. As for the emblematic pieces of Lady Di’s wardrobe? They either appear in museums, or are reissued, or see their prices rise at auctions (the his Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt of a sold for 47,000 euros). Lady Di, iconic to the end.

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