“I’m free to do what I want”

From the Miss France title to the morning radio host, there is only one step for Diane Leyre, who has just crossed it with confidence.

She has not finished her reign yet she has started an ambitious new project: this Monday, August 29, Diane Leyre made her debut on Virgin Radio in “Morning without filter”. Surrounded by Fabien Delettres and Guillaume Genton (from the show “TPMP”), Miss France 2022 became the host of the morning, while continuing her activities as a beauty queen. Incredibly hyperactive, this Parisian wears a silver scarf and pumps at 5 in the morning, when he has just returned from an express trip to Reunion. He attended the coronation of the island’s new representative on Saturday. There was no sign of fatigue, in her voice or even in her face, with a dizzying energy Miss France flew into the air at six o’clock with her two new companions.

Diane Leyre confided in Paris Match, a few minutes before entering the studio, she lived “at 300 an hour”. Behind this overflowing enthusiasm, there is the same touch of tension: “This is the first, I’m facing two people who have done radio and have been in the media world for a long time, I’m really. the new kid. I have to for me to impose myself, that I was able to make my place, there should be a little more pressure for me, to give credibility to my role and that we don’t have the impression that I just got it thanks to my title, but also because I have a knack for it.” When asked how this opportunity came about, the beautiful 25-year-old brunette explained that it was through Cyril Hanouna, whom she met by chance in a game of football stands, that things began, before three months and two attempts later. “It was very obvious when I was offered. I have time to reflect, but as Miss France, I have the frustration of only doing one region a day, you can’t go everywhere in one times. Radio allowed me to be with everyone from 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and then go to regionals.”

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After a few short days of training, with confidence Diane Leyre arrived at the Virgin Radio studios, joking with most of the team members, starting with her colleagues Guillaume Genton and Fabien Delettres. “There is a good understanding, we all laugh, we send messages throughout the day. Of course, that makes things easier.” In this “Morning without filter”, Miss France and her co-hosts made it their mission to comment on the news with all honesty. For the premiere this Monday, the trio essentially talked about the casting – “very TF1” – in the new season of “Dancing with the stars” and the false practitioners who are angry with the application of Doctolib. From the beginning, a “TPMP” tone is heard and the launches of Guillaume Genton call for buzz , such as the bitter testimonies of former candidates and dancers of “DALS” who were contacted in the morning.

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“This is a radio like me”

Asked about this slightly sensationalist editorial line when leaving the studio, Diane Leyre adjusted: “It’s news, you have to react to the news and make people react. We tried something, we need to find something new to wake up in the morning of the Virgin. There is time to adapt for the public, but I think there is a real concept. I think there is a real dynamic. It’s really improvisation, I’m free to do what I want. If I do the buzz, it’s about something I think about so I always justify it, it doesn’t bother me. Then she added: “I always say what I think since I became Miss France, I always say frankly me, so it doesn’t change who I am. It’s a radio like me”, answered one who hopes to “bring the voice of the French” he knows to the region.

What comes next after this ad

What comes next after this ad

Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) with Guillaume Genton and Fabien Delettres during their first morning show on Virgin Radio, August 29, 2022.

© Marine Corviole/Paris Match

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What about his reign, four months from returning to his crown? Diane Leyre is already happy with the idea that she will not have any downtime between the end of her Miss France year and the start of her new life thanks to her morning radio: “It allows me not to say goodbye too soon, everyone . suddenly. And it also allows me to see whether or not I want to continue with the media. While waiting to find out if radio is really his new favorite activity, this entrepreneur at heart confides that he has “a bunch” of other ideas away from the media for the future.

Until then, Miss France 2022 will adapt as much as she can to the countdown that will bring her to the end of her reign and of which each new regional election reminds her: “Every week I go to meet new women and among them, there is Miss France. The more I do, the closer I am to the end. There is fear because the Miss France Society is my second family and we want to be the only child, the only child, but I can’t wait to find out the next, “he explained. “You have to accept that everyone has their time, selfishly wants to stay more than a year. I still have four months to enjoy and I will try to achieve as much as possible.

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