“I discovered he was an aristocrat by accident”

Lady Diana, nanny for 5 dollars an hour: “I discovered that she was an aristocrat by accident” (Photo by Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

Today August 31, 2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Lady Diana, the princess of English hearts. On this occasion, France 3 broadcasts this Monday August 19, 2022 an issue of “Secrets d’histoire” dedicated to Diana Spencer. Because the ex-wife of Prince Charles remains, 15 years after her death, an aura of mystery that attracts the general public, eager for the smallest details of the life of this wise woman. It is very wise that he prefers to hide his fame in order to work quietly.

Diana Spencer has made an impression by becoming one of the most popular princesses in the United Kingdom. Wife of Prince Charles, she is famous for her kindness and kindness, and it is not for nothing that she got the nickname “Princess of Hearts” from the English. Unfortunately, his last years of life were terrible. The mother of princes William and Harry saw her marriage falling apart and herself revealed that her husband, the future king of England and son of Elizabeth II, was an unfaithful man. And, a few years later, he died in a terrible car accident that happened in Paris, while he was trying to escape the paparazzi who were following him.

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Lady Di, a girl who just wants to be normal

This tragic end sadly symbolizes the relationship that Lady Diana maintained with the tabloid press throughout her life, because from an early age she was followed and observed, even before she began dating the man who would become her husband. It must be said that it comes from a famous line of British aristocracy, whose origins date back to the 15th century. A family closely associated with the monarchy, since, through her father, Diana was a distant descendant of Charles II of England (by illegitimate descent) and, through him, of Henry IV, King of France, of Saint Louis and Hugues Capet.

Far from seeking fame, young Diana Spencer loved sports and arts, dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer. A bad student, she was “found” by the royal family thanks to her blue blood, her kindness, her gentleness and her modesty: perfect qualities for the wife of the future king. The marriage is arranged, everything is done to push Lady Di into the arms of her future husband, and the young woman finds herself thrust into a celebrity she never sought. The proof: before all that, he even hid his identity in order to work in peace.

She is an anonymous nanny

At the age of 18, Diana already carried the title of Lady Diana Spencer, thanks to her family, but she refused to use it. Rich, she no longer needs to work, but she decides to hide her roots to become a nanny for an American family. In an interview with the Inside site, Mary Robertson, her former employer, said that she contacted a local nanny agency, which recommended the young Diana’s profile to her. “I loved it,” he recalls. “He was very nice to my son, Patrick.” The role of the future Princess of Wales? Played with the little boy, washed the dishes and cleaned, all for $5 an hour. An activity that may not seem worthy of its rank for the purists, but is very pleasing to the main interested parties.

Mary Robertson says this: she had no idea of ​​her nurse’s identity, until the day she found a bank slip belonging to her employee under her sofa. “The slip says ‘Lady Diana Spencer’, and is for Coutts and Company bank. As I work in finance, I know this is the bank of the aristocracy and the royal family.” Confronted by the mother of the family, Lady Di simply explained that it was not important, and continued her work as if nothing had happened.

The paparazzi follow him to work

Unfortunately, Diana Spencer quickly gave up on this job that was so close to her heart. At the same time, she started dating Prince Charles, and became the target of the paparazzi. “One day, he warned me that reporters and photographers were at the end of our street, and they were there because of him,” recalls Mary Robertson, who was surprised to discover that her nanny was dating the son of man to the Queen of England, and that he was about to marry her.

But despite quitting, Diana remained in contact with her former boss: “We wrote to each other regularly for 16 years, he visited. At that time, I did not realize that this might be a call for help “, he regretted. today, before saying that Lady Di’s funeral was the “saddest and most painful moment” of her life.

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