“Dupond-Moretti and Darmanin are suppliers of jokes”, warns Roselyne Bachelot

“He is no longer a minister, but he is the only public building that is still lit. This is what Laurent Ruquier presented to Roselyne Bachelot this Monday at the opening of the first of Big head at the time. The politician had to stay away from the microphones of RTL for two years, during his transfer to the Ministry of Culture. “I feel like I left the show yesterday,” he said 20 minutes this afternoon, after registration.

When Roselyne Bachelot injured her leg falling at the train station, it didn’t affect her good mood. It is in a wheelchair – where he will travel for the next two weeks – that he joins Laurent Ruquier behind the scenes to answer our questions.

Roselyne, how does it feel to return to Les Grosses Têtes?

This morning, the taxi driver said to me: “I will take you to RTL? But then, this you take back Big head ! Oh, gosh, that’s great! (laughs). When I arrived here, I was greeted by the people at the reception, the show team… Everyone said to me: “We are happy to see you again! » I drink myself a cup of joy!

Laurent, is this the comeback you were hoping for?

Laurent Ruquier: Which I expect, no, because I hope Roselyne stays as long as possible…

Roselyn Bachelot: … He really likes me (laughs).

LR: … Rue de Valois! When I realized that he did not hide his wallet, I said to myself that he will return to his morocco from. Big head.

Do we laugh a lot in the Council of Ministers?

RB: No, we don’t laugh much. But we can laugh in front of the Council of Ministers because there are some happy men, especially Eric Dupond-Moretti and Gérald Darmanin, who are purveyors of jokes. Obviously I’ll tell some of them here, quoting their authors as very bored (laughs).

Laurent, what does Roselyne Bachelot bring to “Big Heads”?

His humor, his repartee. When I proposed to him at that time, not by chance, we know that among the political staff, he is one of the funniest, that he makes his colleagues laugh. With his kind words and his experience, we know he will be a good element.

Has your humor become a political weapon?

RB: Yes, it allows you to get the distance. Join a program that is just as popular The Big Head gives you enough sympathy with public opinion. When I was traveling in public ministry, people called me: “So, Roselyne, when are you coming back to Big head ? “That’s crazy! This is the talent of Laurent, of the team, and this is the configuration to create a show that is very popular and not vulgar.

If you had met Caroline Cayeux in government, what would you have said to her after her sentence to the homosexual people she called “those people”?

RB: There are real differences between us. We know them and I never doubt my struggles against discrimination, especially those related to sexual orientation. My son, who is also a father, told me that, when he was 7 or 8 years old, I told him in a walk: “One day, you will fall in love, it will be with someone or a woman and for me it was exactly the same. Years later, she told me, “Mom, that day you gave me the keys to freedom. It was a central, existential fight, in which I did not fail at all the cost to me. I will not change now.

LR: I would like to say that Caroline Cayeux is one of “those people” that Jacques Brel sings about.

RB: What is interesting about this statement is the failed act. He comes to apologize saying that he has changed. And he messed it up.

LR: For this [le député LR] Aurélien Pradié and his monkeypox story, when he dared to say it was not homophobic. This is not true. If there is no secret motive when he says “it is a shame for the monkeys” … There may not be any intention, moreover, it is mostly unconscious, and that is what is dramatic. In fact, the question is always where it came from, who made it and when.

Are you referring to the study of the Association of LGBT Journalists in “Les Grosses Têtes” which deplores comments, among other things, that are sexist and homophobic? Does it affect you?

LR: If I am asked, I will answer, if not, I will not refuse. I want to say: try to have better fights than those. If there was one program that changed the mindset of some listeners, it was this The Big Head. I am not an activist. than before. At the time of Bouvard, there were also homosexuals, but, apart from Jacques Chazot who played the service homo, they mostly hid it: Thierry Le Luron, Jean-Claude Brialy… Those who attack us chose the wrong enemies.

Roselyne, you often appear these days on BFMTV, especially on Sunday nights on “BFMTVSD” and on “22 heures Max”… Is it important to you to continue talking about politics and society?

RB: I don’t want to be locked in a box. I always make sure to be different. I really want to pursue a political editorial function because I think I have things to say in the field. My life is politics. I have battles that I have been fighting for a long time, I think there is a voice to be heard and I like to do it in a spirit of confrontation. I regret that the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) does not allow me to continue my program at France Musique, but I will continue to write editorials for Forum Opera. I will also write books and continue my charitable activities.

What are those?

RB: Ten years ago I created an association that organizes concerts for people with Alzheimer’s, I love to see the light come back to life in their eyes with music. This, like the Global Fund to fight AIDS, has built my charitable life and, what is very unusual, is that I cannot continue because you are asked to leave all your associations with the movement if you are in government. I find it incredibly stupid.

Laurent, how do you feel about not having a show on Saturday in the second half of the night that you have been used to for the past sixteen years?

LR: I’m so excited to get my weekend back! It’s not the release day that matters. What matters is what we do. I have, at the Paris Première, from mid-October, a program where I can continue talking about books, music and theater. I am preparing bonuses for France 2. There is one that I recorded in June and that will be broadcast in September. Then there is one every month. I took it too Children on TV Sunday Whether it’s the channel or the audience, what’s important to me is doing what I enjoy in life. I can keep doing it, so it’s all good.

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