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Short hair and color green, two goals in three games and a return to the celebration of phones… We couldn’t have found the great Antoine Griezmann by chance? The answer is definitely easier to release if he is not confined to a place supersub at Atlético de Madrid, the error of a mandatory purchase clause of 40 million euros is lost to Barça if he plays more than 30 minutes per game.

Three days in La Liga, and the same observation: Antoine Griezmann is locked in a place as a substitute in Diego Simeone’s team. Against Getafe, Villarreal and Valencia on Monday, the French striker was entitled to less than thirty minutes of play despite his love for him. El Cholohis trainer. “Antoine Griezmann has a complete game. He is a player who knows what we want. He is very adaptable because he has a vision of the game, because he gets the job done, because he allows he us to play with a more attacking midfield player.explained the technician in a press conference ten days ago. It is obvious that he also intends to pay for other positions when he is the incumbent. Everyone knows how much I appreciate him, how much I love him, how important he is to the club and the team. » A surprising statement given the playing time he gave to someone he coached for the seventh season of his career, showing once again that the field is not necessarily the stage where actors truly judged.

In this case, it is a matter of contract that blocks the native of Mâcon. According to Mundo Deportivo, it is a forced purchase clause imposed on Griezmann’s loan by Barça to Atlético that could be the source of Grizou’s forced expulsion. The Frenchman’s free loan will include a mandatory purchase option of 40 million euros if he plays more than 40 minutes (or 30 according to other media) in 50% of the games of Colchoneros this time. A sum that the people of Madrid are not willing to pay, seeking to reduce their wages.

No matter the bottle, as long as there are 30 minutes of Griezmann

In comparison, the 2018 world champion played more than three quarters of an hour in 80% of the matches last season. A stark contrast to the half-hour delight the 31-year-old player provided. This one seems to be handling it well though. Author of a goal during the first day against Getafe thirteen minutes after his entry, he did it again this Monday night in Valencia by opening the meeting after just two minutes running on the pasture, which gave victory to his people. Two goals in three days, just one less than all of last season (29 games, 3 goals, 5 assists).

That’s why Diego Simeone seems to accept giving this role to supersub in Grizou and did not hide his satisfaction with the decisive entry of the French at the end of the meeting. “It’s true that the substitutes bring something to the outfit on the ball and to making the gamenoticed El Cholo. As long as Griezmann was able to respond the way he did, putting him on the pitch was very important, and I understand putting him on when it suits the team best. » But especially if it suits his contract best because, if tactically it is more ambiguous, the main thing is that the French n ° 8 plays: he replaces Lemar, Llorente and Kondogbia in the first three days . And if he continues to shine at the beginning of the season, it will be in the 11th that he will soon appear, especially in the sequence of matches: the Colchoneros will play five times in two weeks before the international break.

“I know him. He has a big mind. He needs to change and do everything to get back to his best level. […] This represents a plus for the French team. » Places called Deschamps in Paris

A chicken in Mondial dough

This stoppage should allow Antoine Griezmann to regain a starting position for the Blues to face Austria and Denmark, a place that could compete for him with Nkunku’s sporting, especially due to a season of scarcity which is almost a year crossed by the Madrid player in the selection, his last goal since November 13, 2021 against Kazakhstan (8-0). A stage that Karim Benzema also went through, who did not fail to support him in the last rally: “For me, it’s not a specific thing to look at, you have to look at other things he did. He made many defensive substitutions, he always helped the team. »

Supported by his teammates, but especially by Didier Deschamps, just three months from the World Cup. “I know him. He has a big mind. He needs to change and do everything to get back to his best level. […] He represents a plus for the France team. assured the coach of Parisian, early August. So he has no fear of his place in Qatar, which seems certain, except for a last-minute marabout, and he may even be the latest in the attacking trio of Qatar with Benzema and Mbappé who chain matches in the Champions League. Is it not a benefit for the French team to find one of the pillars of the coronation in 2018?

By Alexandre Le Bris

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