With Model Y Propulsion, is Tesla killing the competition?

The Model Y has become the cheapest Tesla. The American brand has actually lowered the prices for the Propulsion version. Until the competition is knocked out? We went to see what it had to offer.

In January 2021, Tesla was hit hard by lowering the price of the Model 3. After this drop, which allows the car to benefit from the maximum bonus, the “Standard Autonomy Plus” version, with 448 km of autonomy, displayed for only € 36,800. Better, in November, the autonomy increased to 491 km thanks to a new battery, without increasing the price.

Suffice it to say that the competition has the toughest competition! But in 2022, Model 3 prices have increased. After various evaluations, especially with the increase in raw materials, the basic Model 3 is now shown from € 51,490 including bonuses! So the opponents started to blow. Until the arrival of Model Y Propulsion.

Because the American company strikes again! Based on the price differences of other versions, we expect a price of 56,490 € for the “very short” Model Y. But it is finally €49,990, excluding the bonus of €2,000. So the Model Y is cheaper than the equivalent Model 3. An SUV cheaper than a sedan, it’s unheard of! Is the competition still knockout? We went to see what it has to offer at this price.

A Korean surprise

On the side of generalist companies, we see in Volkswagen the ID.4 Pro, invoiced at 50,850 €. Advantage of the model: better autonomy, with 531 km. Model Y promises 455 km for its part (with standard 19-inch rims). On the other hand, the VW is less muscular, with a 174 hp engine. According to our information, that of the Model Y is around 286 hp. When the Model Y goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, this ID.4 takes almost 9 seconds. Ford can be a serious competitor to the Mustang Mach-E, which announces 269 hp and 440 km of autonomy in the basic configuration. But it now costs €56,400, up from €48,990 at launch!

At Kia, the EV6, Car of the Year 2022, is shown at € 51,990 with a 229 hp engine and a 77.4 kWh battery (net capacity). With the same data sheet, the original Hyundai Ioniq 5 costs €49,700. For him, autonomy varies from 476 to 507 km depending on 19 or 20 inch rims. 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 7.3 seconds. In short, technically, we are close to the Model Y. However, this price corresponds to the basic Intuitive finish, in the equipment it is truly generous (19-inch rims, 12.3-inch dual screen, heated steering wheel), but less complete than the Model Y. Tesla actually offers Autopilot or the Premium Audio system as standard.

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The German premium is honest with its bad habits

In the premium segment, the Audi Q4 e-tron 40, with 204 hp and the 77 kWh battery (net capacity) starts at €50,990. The performance will mark the time (0 to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds), but the maximum autonomy on 19-inch rims is 529 km. The concern is that this price is on the basic version. And for a model with closer equipment, you have to go to the executive (adaptive cruise control, MMI Navigation Plus) charged at €57,200.

At Mercedes, we are clearly not in the game: an EQB 250 of 190 hp with 453 km of autonomy costs at least €58,200! However, the model has the advantage of having 7 seats. And what about BMW. The iX3, with a range of 461 km and performance similar to the Model Y, starts at €69,950! It tries to pass the pill with complete equipment and a neat appearance (the M Sport aesthetic package comes as standard).

BMW still has a gift in its pocket: a year of charging offered by Ionity. German and Korean companies rely on this network for fast charging. Tesla of course has Superchargers, whose mesh is an important asset. Facing the premium competition, the Model Y also has the advantage of fast recharging at the highest maximum power, even if it is deflated in the propulsion of 170 kW. The BMW is at 150 kW, the VW and Audi at 135 kW. Nevertheless, the Hyundai collected 232 kW!

Finally, the back-to-school affair?

Faced with historical premium references, this Model Y is very well placed, even if the Audi Q4 e-tron is not submerged. On the other hand, among generalist brands, Tesla has not folded the game. If some models are less efficient, they have better autonomy, and customers are very sensitive to this.

One car stands out here: the Ioniq 5, which offers more autonomy while being cheaper. The Korean drives home the point of its maximum charging power. This model also emphasizes another element: the possibility of negotiation. With the Tesla, it’s €49,990, period. Some brands, even German premium ones, can make the move. For example, Hyundai announced a move of 2,500 € on the Ioniq.

However, beyond the technical sheet, a good part of the car’s value lies in the brand image. And Tesla sure has a hell of a rating… which precisely allows you to limit the discount. In addition, for many, the purchase of a Model Y will be motivated by the opportunity to sell it later without nearly losing it.

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