Louis Laforge confides in his cancer and the “long road traveled” to recovery

Foc Kan / WireImage Louis Laforge, here in 2014, revealed on Twitter that he is battling kidney cancer in 2021.

Foc Kan / WireImage

Louis Laforge, here in 2014, revealed on Twitter that he is battling kidney cancer in 2021.

CANCER – “Despite the difficulties, despite this painful path, in the end there is life. » Here is the message of hope that Louis Laforge wants to convey. The journalist from France Télévisions, host of the continuous news channel Franceinfo, revealed on Saturday August 27 on Twitter that he underwent surgery a year ago for kidney cancer.

The announcement surprised hundreds of Internet users, who expressed his message and showed him their support. “It was very spontaneous, not considered. I don’t have a community manager, I don’t expect and I don’t expect such a return »he assured this Monday, August 29 at HuffPost, to whom he agreed to speak about his journey to recovery.

The HuffPost: Can you tell us more about your illness?

Louis Laforge: I did very well, because the kidney cancer was detected very early. I felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning of last summer (2021, editor’s note). I consulted immediately before going on vacation, I’m not a hypochondriac but I don’t want to spend my summer break on it. I thought I had kidney stones.

I did a CT scan on July 16, 2021, and we discovered a tumor, some strange thing wandering in the ureter canal, in the colon. Then when it’s gone, it’s gone: I did four general anesthesia, colonoscopy, fibroscopie, ureteroscopy… I had a renal probe, with a pocket, until my surgery on August 27.

Even for me who sleeps, I find the intervention too long! When I woke up, I found my phone, took a selfie and sent it to my wife and kids. Then I completely forgot about the photo.

Why did you decide to publish the photo, where we see you in your hospital bed?

It came out on Saturday morning on my phone. I didn’t forget August 27, 2021, but when I saw this selfie again, I said to myself “Wow, what a long way to go in a year! ». I have never talked about my cancer in public because I was in such a difficult, complicated and long time, I didn’t have the head or the desire to talk about it. But a year later, I feel like I’m cured, even though doctors never say you’re cured. Not everything is perfect but everything is good.

I also think of the doubt, the stress of the exams, the expectations of the results that can take hours or days, the great machines in which we enter… And the pain, the suffering that the all who, like me, pass there. I thought I’d share a positive message with my little community: I’m fine, I’m alive, the caregivers, from the great teacher to the cleaning ladies to the caretakers, everything is fine .

Perhaps unconsciously I wrote thinking of a cousin who died this summer of lung cancer, when he did not smoke, of my sister who died of cancer 6 years ago. This is a reality for many families. So far cancer has not been a big success in my family. I was the first to fight and defeat it.

The reaction on Twitter was immediate, did you expect to reach so many people?

It’s so fast, it’s not thought. I don’t have a community manager, I don’t expect and I don’t expect this kind of return. I got 1,500 subscribers in 48 hours, my message was viewed over a million times, crazy. Apart from two or three odd messages, everything is nice… Most say “lucky you”, “You are a warrior, a warrior”but I am no more of a warrior than others.

Many people took advantage of my speech to talk about the disease, all families go through these periods of tension, doubt, suffering and it is good to talk about it. And I bring good news, we need it now. It is a message of hope: despite the difficulties, despite this painful road, in the end there is life. And life is beautiful.

How have you been in a year?

A long year. I think I live many years in a year. When you touch the piping, the intestines, it’s complicated. You can live with just one kidney, but you have to be careful. On the other hand, the consequences in the field of gastroenterology are more painful. It was long, complicated and twelve months later, it’s still not the same. I went through periods of real pain, crying like I have never cried in pain in my life… Now, things are better.

On the professional side, the management of France Télévisions is excellent. I’m back on the air for election night. I’m not in great shape yet, but I don’t want to miss the presidential/legislative sequence, because it’s an exercise I really appreciate. A little prematurely, I paid for it in the following weeks, but I am very happy to be back at work.

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