family discord, extortion and marabout… What you should know

Mathias, 32, is the eldest of Paul (29) and Florentin’s twin. Like his brothers, the native of Conakry (Guinea) began a very strong professional career, with 13 clubs in 13 years, landing in 2021 in Belfort (N2, 4th division) where he did not leave a memory. incorruptible, only playing twelve matches. “We can talk about a casting error”, acknowledged Jean-Paul Simon, the president of the club, in April in the columns of Est Républicain.

In recent months, Mathias Pogba has also been one of the regular columnists for the television program “L’Équipe du soir”, on the L’Équipe channel. The Pogba clan at the moment seems to be extremely united, often seen together on social networks. Mathias and Florentin and their mother, Yeo Moriba, often attend the team’s matches in France. Paul Pogba is also one of the main donors to Mathias’ association, “48 H POUR”.

2 What did Mathias Pogba say?

The case began on Saturday night with the publication on social networks of an enigmatic video of Mathias Pogba, recorded in four languages ​​(French, English, Italian, Spanish). He announced that he wanted to make “big revelations” about his brother Paul and his representative Rafaela Pimenta, who recently took over the football agent company of Mino Raiola, recently died.

Reading a text in front of the camera, he confirmed that “the whole world”, the “sponsors” and Juventus Turin “deserve to know some things in order to decide in full knowledge of the facts if he (Pablo) deserves the praise, the respect, his place in the French team, if he is a reliable person”. “All this risks becoming explosive”, he concluded, without further details on the nature of his “revelations”.

3 What does the Paul Pogba clan say?

Paul Pogba’s advisers reacted on Sunday by publishing a press release, denouncing “extortion attempts by an organized gang” against the player. “The recent statements of Mathias Pogba on social networks are unfortunately not surprising”, they indicated, specifying that “the competent authorities of Italy and France were seized a month ago”. According to Info in France, Paul Pogba admitted that he was asked for 13 million euros, and one of his relatives withdrew 200,000 euros using his credit card.

4 Where are the investigators?

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that it had opened a preliminary investigation on August 3 into alleged extortion practices by an organized gang and attempted murder. The investigations were handed over to the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (Oclco) in PJ. According to information from France Info confirmed by a source familiar with the matter, Paul Pogba told investigators that he was “mainly detained by childhood friends and two hooded men armed with assault rifles”, accusing him of not helping them financially. Paul Pogba also assured the investigators that he was scared many times in Manchester, his former club, and even in the training center of Juventus. Among the suspects, he is said to know his brother Mathias.

5 What is Mbappé doing in this galley?

The name of the French football star Kylian Mbappé appears in the case against his will. Paul Pogba explained to investigators that “his blackmailers wanted to humiliate him by broadcasting messages in which he would ask a marabout from his family to cast a spell” on the PSG striker, which he denied .

In tweets published on Sunday night after the revelations about Paul’s hearing, Mathias Pogba brought Mbappé to testify: “Kylian, now you understand? I have nothing negative against you, my words are for your good, everything is true and proven, the marabout knows! Sorry for this brother, a so-called Muslim who is deep in witchcraft. »

6 What are the consequences for the French team?

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