Car: the prices of repairs and tires have increased

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The 6th car repair price barometer, produced by the quote comparator “”, shows that prices have increased between 5 and 16% depending on the type of part. And tires are no exception. Mechanics continue, with the difficulties it requires for motorists. A very sensitive price increase in Occitania.

Very expensive car! The love of the French for your streamlined lines has lost ground since the infernal mechanics of inflation went into high gear at the beginning of 2022. The increase in prices is obligatory, the French are delaying their purchases project. In January, 109,245 cars over 15 years old were sold against 102,000 new cars, a first. So the average age of the car fleet will exceed 11 years, when it will be 9 years old in 2018.
Problem, it’s also difficult for motorists who have chosen the occasion if we look at the last barometer that analyzes every year the 30 million estimates drawn by its 4,300 partner garages. Shortage, increase in the price of raw materials affecting the price of parts, increase in workers… the factors that explain the increase in prices are many.
And the result is there. In the second quarter of 2022, braking shares increased by almost 9%, handles by 5% …

Despite an above-average increase, Occitanie is the least expensive region

A small consolation, the mechanics of Occitanie are among the cheapest in France despite the price increase higher than the national average. They pay 538 euros, or +6.53% for the distribution kit, 803 € or +7.93% for the clutch kit.


But in Occitania as elsewhere, time remains for questions for those who do not have the possibility of telecommuting or carpooling.

What is the best strategy in the current economic climate: buy a new vehicle or extend the useful life of the one you already have? “Continue what is there, if we maintain it well and if we take care of it. Not if we are slow to make changes,” replied Fabien Borsa, marketing director of online price comparison Hence the interest in requiring maintenance invoices when looking for a used car.

But all is not so bleak under the current circumstances. Pads offered for the purchase of a set of brake discs, use of private label parts, discounts on working hours … mechanics do more to keep customers.

“By comparing the prices of 40 different services, we observed a 5% additional discount this year. The sales statistics are so alarming that the professionals are trying, says Fabien Borsa. It’s really big risk that motorists leave garages with very high prices. They say to themselves, I will do the repair later, or never. It will be a dangerous choice for the safety of the car. »
Garage owners are aware of this, which explains the increase in total overhaul limited to 3.5% (2.94% in Occitania) despite high oil inflation (+16%).

To avoid discouraging customers, the mechanics limited the price increase of the general overhaul to less than 3%, when the oil increased by 16%.

To avoid discouraging customers, the mechanics limited the price increase of the general overhaul to less than 3%, when the oil increased by 16%.

But be careful on the other side of the coin for those who keep their car for a long time. “The particulate filter costs €1,500 to replace it, usually at 100,000 km, recalls Gérald Sgobbo, vice-president of the National Automobile Federation. If you keep a car for more than 200,000 km, you should change it twice. »
Elementary for Michel Houellebecq, perhaps. But not so necessary for small budgets. And a motorist without a filter can get lost, especially if he is angry. Not so good for the government politically.

Record tire revenue and service returns

Tires are 2 to 12% depending on the brand. Tired of the harsh words of dissatisfied customers, a mechanic from Toulouse was surprised. “I don’t mind that there is a problem with carbon black produced in Ukraine, but…” “The worst inflation is in the manufacturers. We didn’t add it,” defended another.

Will Michelin and co pass on more of the rising costs of raw materials that they themselves have experienced? Michelin made a turnover of 23.8 billion dollars last year, for a net profit of 1.8 billion and a margin of 12.5%, thus returning to the level before the health crisis. . Goodyear announced a turnover of 38.2% for a profit of 553 million. And 2022 promises to be equally different according to experts.

The State will increase its subsidy to 30 cents per liter of gasoline on September 1. With such a profit, can’t the manufacturers of tires also act?

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