Aliens: Dark Descent – A presentation of the game that got us excited! | Xbox One

Unveiled during the Summer Game Fest in June 2022, Aliens: Dark Descent shared a brief overview of its gameplay with us at the end of the trailer. On the wand, we find the studio Tindalos Interactive supported by the publisher Focus Entertainment, a 100% French title. After a successful Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, the young studio left the Warhammer 40,000 universe to face Alien. So we are impatient to discover what he has prepared for us by attacking this monument of science fiction.

In a box reserved only for the press for Gamescom we attended a detailed presentation of a mission of the title. The events of Aliens: Dark Descent took place 20 years after the film Aliens 3, directed by David Fincher and released in 1992, but due to the number of aliens that fell to the level of our presentation, the inspiration for the title was found -an instead. of Aliens, the return.

No stress, no stress… Hiiiiiii

Focused on survival, Aliens: Dark Descent is therefore a real-time strategy game, in the long view, can only be played solo. We are the primary commander of the ship and lead our teams in the field through a micro management system. So it must be understood that we do not direct the characters of the group in particular but they will adapt their behavior according to the orders that we impose on them.

For the mission presented in the demonstration, the objective is to exfiltrate an engineer. Between the latter and our squad of 4 marines, there are many rooms and corridors to cross that are haunted by many xenomorphs. The choice of real time instead of turn-based is related to the arrival of the change of fear and stress that the presence of xenomorphs imposes on us. Our micro managements only slow down time, but there is no stopping it. Enough to keep the adrenaline going while leaving us a minimum of time to adapt our tactical options to the situation. Our strength will be tested!

Our stress is contagious because this is a state that will closely monitor our marines. If a soldier’s stress bar gets too high, they will panic and lose control, risking ruining our strategy. Among the causes of stress generation, the presence of unlocated aliens near our squad is terrifying. Thanks to our motion detectors placed on the ground, we can follow enemy movements through the map in real time. However, the xenos do not hesitate to destroy these devices and make us lose track of them. Creating a safe space by sealing the doors, on the contrary, will calm the spirits of our marines and reset this notorious bar.

The progress of the level is slow, it is better to be careful. Above all, the world visited will continue: the doors are open or closed, tactical equipment is installed, security zones are created… So we must not hesitate to return to the ship if we have injuries to land or for any other reason. A later return to the places visited, when there are other missions for example, will also be possible to benefit from the work done previously.

Avoid death at the end of the hall, no Ripley is possible

In the level presented (start of the game), we witness attacks by isolated xenomorphs or in small groups. It seems to be easily managed if we are vigilant and reactive. However, we also experience the squad arriving in a large room with multiple entry doors. Needless to say, it was like an ambush. The player in the video has the same feeling, because he carefully prepares his defense by placing attack turrets in the direction of some entrances.

Moments later, waves of xenos appeared everywhere and a fierce fight ensued, injuring one of the 4 marines in the process. Fortunately, the engineer who exfiltrated was in the next room, allowing the mission to be completed in extremis. Yes, Aliens: Dark Descent should provide a tough and tough challenge.

We will conclude this hands-off preview with a brief tour of our ship, which serves as the central hub. Here we can recruit our marines, heal the wounded, improve everyone’s skills and weapons or customize everything. We can use 6 types of marines, including the classic Healers, Tanks and Scouts.

The game will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC next year. The gameplay presentation reassures us about the title’s potential. We are even told of the presence of new aliens in the franchise. Let’s hope that a good script, a good success, a wide variety of missions and surprises will come in the end. While waiting to find out more, Aliens: Dark Descent is already a great game to follow!

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