Top 8 things that will happen when all the glaciers melt

We always talk about the rising tides, the melting glaciers, but in the end we have a little trouble imagining what all this can do. Based on some articles and videos that are planned in view of a TOTAL melting of all the glaciers, we are trying to see what will happen concretely.

Be careful, these are very far-fetched projections because it is estimated that it will take less than 5 millennia to dissolve the entire mess. So SURE (not), even if global warming has a strong impact on our life on earth, it is very unlikely that we will witness the total melting of the glaciers. Rather understandably, it’s better to hope that humanity is off the perimeter this time.

1. With the total melting of the continental ice, the sea level will rise by 65m

WOW, isn’t it beautiful? We can dive from the 5th floor to work! YAY.

Yes. Actually no. Not even. It will only wipe out most of the earth’s surface. But we will come back to this later on (I kid you not).

2. It will be hot, very hot

A little basic reminder. Currently, the global temperature of the planet is 15°C. This is an average of all the temperatures recorded on earth. If we talk about limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees in 2100 (according to the Paris Agreement) it is therefore related to this global temperature. Except we’re not just leaving for not respecting these agreements, but we’re headed for worse. Some IPCC experts even project a warming of +7°C by 2100, which would make a large part of the planet uninhabitable.

But back to our sheep in the sea. In view of the total melting of the ice, the global temperature will rise to 26°C. Or +11°C. Suffice it to say that we literally burn our skins when we are on the perimeter.

3. And fun fact: the more glaciers melt, the more water rises, the warmer it gets, the more glaciers melt, the more water rises, the more… YOU ARE GOOD.

In cute little global warming stories there is a character I love the most: the positive feedback loop. Remember that expression because we’ll be talking about it more and more. In summary, this means that global warming leads to global warming, a kind of vicious circle that, after a period, creates runaway effects. And if there is excitement, we will not respond to anything and the IPCC predictions will be worthless since, basically, everything will disappear.

To understand all this you need to know two or three things:

Albedo (a nice word that has nothing to do with smoking ouinj): it refers to the reflective power of a surface. But I don’t know if you have noticed but the ice floes and the glaciers are whiter and the white has super reflective power. So when the white stuff melts, there is less reflective surface. Because the surface of the sea is dark, it absorbs the sunlight without reflecting it. So less white face = darker face = less white face = darker face. Did you get the del?

Radiative forcing (excluding forces that attempt a physical harmony): closely related to albedo, it refers to the difference between the radiation power we receive and what we emit. If it’s positive, we’ll heat it, if it’s negative, we’ll skin them. Normally, radiative forcing should be balanced and the Earth should emit as much energy as it receives. So it should be that in a climate change situation, radiative forcing is wasted (these are the exact terms that IPCC experts express themselves).

4. Who says hot, says sick

Well yeah you don’t think you can get away with some third degree burns. The real thing about melting ice is releasing old, forgotten viruses. It is more precisely linked to the melting of permafrost (permafrost for French speaking fans): you know that permafrost is a permanently frozen part of the earth for at least two years (and up to several million years) which makes it very hard and impermeable, it covers 1/5 of the planet, 90% of Greenland, 80% of Alaska, 50% of Canada and Russia.

Well and good for melting ice, permafrost will also hit. However, this ancestral ice certainly has the advantage of containing clues to our climatic past (the opening of an ice core allows us to learn more about the composition of the atmosphere in the past), but there are also many greenhouse gases. gases (such as methane whose greenhouse effect is more powerful than CO2) that do not forget past viruses that may rise to the surface unprepared.

[?] Melting permafrost threatens to release microbes and carbon: The melting of permafrost, or permafrost, is accelerating with global warming. In the heart of these frozen spaces that…

Posted by Futura – Exploring the Planet on Saturday, March 19, 2022

5. A salt lake may be floating in the middle of the Australian desert

“Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre” is now available. From the height of its 9,300 km² area, it is now the largest salt lake in Australia and Oceania, but… for 5000 years. However, we told you that Australia is a door to hell. A country that has only destroyed itself since its colonization.

Photo credits (Public Domain): Goddard Space Flight Center’s Landsat Team and the Australian ground receiving station teams.

6. Farewell to the Netherlands, Marseille, London, Venice, New York, Denmark, Brittany, Senegal, Gambia, Shanghai, Mexico, Florida, Bangladesh… (more)

This simulator allows you to see how much the beaches will be affected depending on the level of the tide. With 60m very goodbye to all these beautiful cities, goodbye to all these beautiful countries. Oh yes and I forgot to say that the entire Atlantic coast should also mourn. Basically, there is more to Limoges and Charleroi to go on holiday. Well yes, but like that.

7. An average increase of 12°C on the African continent will make it almost uninhabitable

This continent is one of the first victims of global warming while its inhabitants are the least responsible for it (little silly joke, isn’t it?). So it must be understood that we are talking about an entire continent of climate refugees who are already facing unbearable heat, so it is not necessary to say that all exposed people will not wait 5000 years to disintegrate the fissa.

8. Bernard Arnault’s clone heir will continue to travel by private jet

And frankly, that’s the kind of hope I struggle to live.

We laugh, we laugh (meh) but the melting of the glaciers in the last 20 years will be 10 times faster than what we could have imagined before the industrial revolution, so cross your fingers, if it We happen to have time to attend the apocalypse hand in hand.

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