“I never get tired of being with him”

Hugo Manos no longer wants to hide his relationship with Laurent Ruquier. (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Saturday August 27, 2022, it’s Hugo Manos’ turn to face Father Fouras at “Fort Boyard”. The partner of Laurent Ruquier and more on the small screen, but he confirmed it: it has nothing to do with his relationship with the famous TV host.

Less than a year ago, Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos formalized their relationship after many years of living their love in secret. In TikTok, the subscribers of the influencer Hugo Manos were surprised to discover the host of the show “We are not lying” in a video that generated many questions. At that time, the public knew that Laurent Ruquier had a relationship, because he mentioned it in an interview with Femme Actuelle, with his usual discretion: “I can say it, I have changed (with) , he was three years ago.”

He also explained that the hardships of imprisonment brought them closer, even if his lover encountered difficulties: “It was a good test to prove that we can do well together. Moreover, we have almost the same opinion on the situation is crazy. As we say at home in Normandy: ‘We’re in a mess’. The prison affected him more than me because he had a gym.”

Video. Laurent Ruquier’s minute

The meeting between Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos

Precisely, it was because of sport that the two men met, four years ago today. The young man, who is now a columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste”, told Jordan De Luxe in their meeting: “In fact, he sent me a message on Instagram to ask me for more information on the practice of electrostimulation, because I There are sports centers. We talked about that. He offered me a rather funny dinner the next day. I took a taxi, I went to an address without really knowing where I was go, and I came to Line Renaud!”

A funny night that sealed their conspiracy, and since then, the two men have not left each other. And this, despite the criticism of their age difference, or even the accusations that Hugo Manos is only interested in the fame of his famous partner. Very angry, it is in the columns of Liberation that the man made an update: “I am not tired of being with him, of exchanging, of debating, of sharing our points of view, I am not completely invisible. young I’m next to him.” And to explain: “I always work, I am an owner of 23. I always travel, but I no longer go to the same hotels. (…) If there’s one person who doesn’t improve, it’s Laurent.”

A quest for sanity for Laurent Ruquier

For his part, Laurent Ruquier awakened their relationship with half a word, he who always maintains discretion in his love life. “He answered because he was asked,” he said in the columns of Le Parisien about the statements of Hugo Manos. “Me, I continue to be discreet and I don’t have to impose my rule on him. In a couple, everyone has to steer their boat as they see fit. But we’ve been together for over four years , so I don’t know why we have to hide it.” Happy and in love, the two men don’t need to tune their violins.

The question that arises now is the following: after four years of relationship, do both men want to put a ring on their finger? At first glance, the answer is no. In “Les Grosses Têtes”, Laurent Ruquier says to himself: “I will never marry.” On the other hand, the couple may consider having a child. At least, Hugo Manos admitted thinking about it: “I don’t think it’s a visceral wish for him (Laurent Ruquier). Me, it’s something I can consider. I told myself that, in passing at the time and approaching the quarantine, maybe I have this desire to offer a lot of value in a little.” Case to follow.

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