Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

Game News Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

After a new trailer, Hogwarts Legacy has revealed its Collector’s Edition. And as usual in the Harry Potter universe, the latter has sparked many theories. One question is on the lips of many players: who is the character on the cover of this impressive grimoire?


  • A very mysterious Collector’s Edition
  • Discover Ancient Magic in the Hogwarts Legacy
  • Merlin or Morgana?

A very mysterious Collector’s Edition

During Opening Night Live at Gamescom, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy gave us a new trailer. Focused on Unforgivable Curses and dark magic, this short trailer allows us to explore a darker side of Avalanche and Warner’s title. If your heart tells you, you will find our article detailing what to remember, from hard facts to wildest theories. But this trailer only marks the start of a busy week for the game in the Harry Potter universe.

Before pre-orders opened on August 25, CM Chandler Wood introduced us to the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition (detailed content below). The latter raises serious questions. Between this, the Digital Deluxe Edition and the pre-order bonuses, there is a lot that will be lost in the effect. So Chandler Wood spent a lot of time explaining the matter. So we can only advise you look at his Twitter account if you have any questions.

Collector’s Edition

  • A collector’s box
  • The game
  • 72 hour early access
  • The Black Magic pack contains:
    • Black Mage Cosmetic Set
    • A Thestral Mount
  • Access to the Dark Mage battle arena
  • The contents of the Deluxe Edition
  • The Black Mage’s Cap
  • A life-size magic wand floating above the book
  • A steel book
  • Kelpy’s coat in the game

Because today’s topic is not to detail the various bonuses you may be entitled to. Not even talking about the price, my faith is very high, in this famous Collector’s edition. What interests us today is this wonderful book that is its center, and especially its cover. It actually represents a man in a long cape, clearly a wizard, which Chandler is content to qualify as “Mysterious character”.‘ And that’s good, because Harry Potter fans love uncovering mysteries. Their sights naturally fall on this fascinating object, which may hold the key to the entire intrigue of the Hogwarts Legacy.

Discover Ancient Magic in the Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

We know this, in Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic plays an important role. For a reason that is probably related to his family heritage, our character can really use it to fulfill his quest, so that it does not fall into the hands of the enemy. But for that, of course it is necessary to learn to master it and therefore to know it better. Unearthing the secrets of this Ancient Magic therefore promises to be one of the central elements of the Hogwarts Legacy experience. But what is Ancient Magic?

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies, you know this very special form of magic. The sacrifice that allowed Lilly to protect her son from Voldemort when he was young was Ancient Magic. The spells that protected Harry when he was near his only family were Ancient Magic. The unbreakable bond between a wizard and the one who saved his life is Ancient Magic. While there are many examples, little is known about this very powerful form of magic that has been lost over time. But due to the various images we have seen in Hogwarts Legacy, the latter may be related to one of the most famous wizards: Merlin.

Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?
Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

A student at Hogwarts (Slytherin) before joining the court of King Arthur is often presented to us as one of the pillars of the history of the magical world of Harry Potter, without telling his story in detail. Hogwarts Legacy may right that wrong. At least that’s what the lengthy gameplay presentation from last March suggested, referring to the old wizard on several occasions. At this stage, some may have seen where we are coming from…

Undeniably, this Collector’s Edition book deals with Ancient Magic and proves to us again the importance that it holds in playing. On its edge can be seen the symbol of Ancient Magic. Furthermore, the atypical wand floating above clearly qualifies as “Ancient Magic Wand”. Now that we leave room for theories that scare players. Assuming this book has significant game value, there’s a good chance it will the ancient grimoire of a master of Ancient Magic is supposed to guide us in our learning or be part of the final revelation about our past. Because of the above, one immediately thinks of this beloved Merlin. But he won’t be the only one to claim the title…

Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

Merlin or Morgana?

If you know a little about Merlin’s history (or the lore of Harry Potter), you know that the wizard has a powerful opponent: Morgan le Fay, also known as Morgana. Remember to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it’s his Chocolate Frog card that Ron digs up on the train, complaining later that he already has six of them. You can imagine, if there is a Chocolate Frog card with her effigy, it means that Morgana is not just anyone. The Queen of the Isle of Avalon has distinguished herself in many magical events and is remembered as a fearsome master of the Dark Arts. Forces of Evil which seems to have a huge importance in the Hogwarts Legacy (as does Morgana for that matter)…

Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

It takes no more for players to find a new theory: and if Morgana is our young wizard’s ancestor? Still on paper, it looks great. If you are the heir of a powerful evil witch, the whole intrigue around whether or not to use dark magic makes sense. Indeed, this principle of inheritance may also remain in Merlin, who then turns out to be less Manichean in nature than expected. A twist not unusual in the wizarding world as Dumbledore suffered the same treatment.

In any case, if we look at the chocolate frogs of the two wizards, the silhouette may appear to correspond to one or the other. A strange possibility, supporting another small theory that has been going on for months now. La theory that our character must choose between following in the footsteps of Merlin or Morgana been browsing the web for a long time. This is especially due to the duality settled between the two wizards in the various images revealed. Especially since the elements that have been put forward so far (the selection system, black magic, ancient magic, the idea of ​​inheritance, etc.) are compatible with this potential narrative framework.

Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?Hogwarts Legacy: will we play the heir of a powerful wizard that everyone knows?

Of course, as with all theories, don’t be too hasty. As some players have said, this mysterious character is also similar to ours, as depicted on the cover of the game. Thus, this great book that raises many questions can only have an aesthetic function, breaking the theories about Merlin and Morgana… The answer, we will have it on February 10 (or maybe before if Chandler, Avalanche and Warner decide to lead us a little).

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