from The Blaze to Tame Impala, recap our favorite concerts from day three of the festival

After a first day under the sign of shrill riffs and English rock, the second half that opens the doors of a long musical family, the third day of the Rock en Seine festival at Domaine de Saint-Cloud is a opportunity to invite a large. number of distant cousins ​​of rockers. Like dreamy pop, nostalgic electro, sweet rap, and psychedelic rock: this Saturday, August 27, we offer you the favorites that surprised, shocked, and delighted our ears at Rock en Seine.

The November Ultra bubble

5:45 pm More crowd noise. On the intimate Bosquet stage, all ears are drawn to an angelic voice, embellished by a fine piano melody. The lullaby nostalgia / ultra faintly heard. There is no resistance: the melodious embrace of November Ultra will captivate the hearts of festival-goers for the next 45 minutes. Hi Rock en Seine! If someone had told me that one day I would have said that.” The 33-year-old French singer was alone on stage, moved and attacked by the burning sun. However, Nova’s “bedroom pop” (her nickname) has irrevocably drawn the public to her musical haven.

The French singer November Ultra in concert at the Rock en Seine festival, August 27, 2022 in Saint-Cloud.  (DAVID WOLFF - PATRICK / REDFERNS)

Whether with Gretsch guitar or synth, November Ultra stretches its padded bubble around thousands of covered festival-goers. open arms, the end, the carousel (Where “Homework” as the Americans say)… Then his cane soft and gentle : all pop-folk on his first album Bedroom Walls (released in April) offers a suspended festival moment. In the front row, some let shivers (and even a few small tears) invade their bodies. Definitely touched by the precision and spontaneity of an often joking singer. Nova’s smile brightened: We’re friends, aren’t we?

The Blaze Communion

While some won’t let go of Jamie XX’s quasi-techno jolts on the big stage, others are slowly starting to drift away. Head to the Cascade stage and The Blaze. The party’s choice is the club’s. Rising to the heights of electro since their first album dance hall in 2018 (rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique), the two French cousins ​​faced each other. Solemn keyboards, warm light spots, male choirs, then effective bass and kick. In some moments, the pit vibrates to the rhythms of sometimes house, sometimes electro-pop, and always catchy notes of Guillaume and Jonathan Alric. she, ran away, Seats… Carried away by the musical communion, thousands of people left.

The French electro duo The Blaze on the Cascade stage of the Rock en Seine festival, on August 27, 2022 in Saint-Cloud.  (ANNA KURTH / AFP)

Some prefer to close their eyes,like Mael “relieved” through melodies “nostalgic” in duo. Others let themselves be carried away on a journey that makes the visual and the auditory inseparable. Behind the cousins, half a dozen screens rotate according to the images and dances of lights, which support each piece. Clip quotes, black and white drawings, incandescent color palettes… Their undeniable talent in the video (expressed for example in the clip of the hypnotic piece Manly) is moved to the scene. After the visual epic of Kraftwerk, and with the dazzling ring of Tame Impala to come, the electricity bill at Rock en Seine is starting to add up. But the show is worth the candle (or the bulbs).

Lala &ce or the plague of sirocco

Fifteen minutes of waiting, and still nothing. “Ah well, that’s what rappers are all about, don’t be in a hurry”, choked our ears with a photographer who was visibly tired of waiting for the arrival of rapper Lala &ce. It seems that the public has no complaints about this, it’s a great ambience with the DJ busy on top of his mixing desk. A silhouette came on stage with a confident walk. Platinum blonde mane, leather mini skirt and latex thigh-high boots on her feet, the dancer makes a statement in color. After the breath of fresh air brought by the November Ultra, Lala &ce threatens to cause an explosion of sirocco on the Bosquet stage.

Lala &ce, rapper with androgynous elegance on the Bosquet stage, during the Rock en Seine festival, on Saturday August 27. (NISRINE MANAI)

Like his last album SunSystemit opens on Good time, brought on by the singing of some fans in the front rows. “show me love”, he asked, in a voice composed of auto-tune, which we would have liked to have been more raw during his interactions with the public. Even in control hope wet, Lala &ce proves once again that her hot lyrics are cut to bring bodies together. It is also difficult for us to resist the call of the sensual Nectarbut Tame Impala’s psychedelic rock at the other end of the earth draws us in like a siren’s song.

The Wizards of Tame Impala

“Kevin, Kevin, Kevin”. Holding the ribcage against the obstacles will not stop the true fans with a breath of joy Kevin Parker, thinks the head of the Tame Impala formation. On stage, a large ring floats above the keyboards and strings. Its usefulness is unclear, but knowing the universe of the artist, one suspects that the machine that dominates the scene is a happy omen. The lights went out, the confused crowd screamed. Behind the stage, a video broadcasts the message of a young woman with a sanitized look, deliberately recalling a bad pharmaceutical ad. Screams covered speech, but from what little we heard, we knew we were about to experiment with a new treatment. Gradually, the host’s face became distorted, his speech slow. “What is this nonsense, it looks like a bad trip”we will hear in the assembly.

Tame Impala's guitars have never sounded in Rock en Seine park.  To open the festivities, a video message from a sanitized-looking young woman scrolled backstage to inform festival-goers that they were about to experience

Kevin Parker can be seen, jeans, T-shirt and floral shirt in the back. With folded hands, he greeted as usual an audience thirsty for his psychedelic verve. By his side are his musicians including French drummer Julien Barbagallo, “the best drummer in the world” according to Australian, can be seen easily in French. The type of ring-flying saucer glows and shines a crimson light on the faces of the festival goers. Kévin’s youthful voice emerges and overwhelms us from the first notes.

Kevin Parker can be seen on the main stage of the Rock en Seine festival, jeans, T-shirt and flowered shirt on his back.  Hands joined, he greeted as usual an audience thirsty for his psychedelic verve.  (NISRINE MANAI)

Take a Deep Breath, Elephant, Eventually, We’ll Just Feel Back, Old, House, City, Clouds, What I Don’t Know Any Better, Some Old Mistakes. For an hour and a half, these magicians play their greatest hits and return to the artistic creation of their albums, from the last The Slow Rush on Innerspeaker. Rain of confetti, lasers, smoke machines: we better understand why seven trucks were mobilized to transport the equipment for this extraordinary spectacle. This fun cocktail between sound and light managed to intoxicate the festival goers crowded near the main stage. The atmosphere is magnetic, cabalistic. We told you: Tame Impala took us on a dream-like journey, which actually gave them the place of the best concert of the day.

Rock en Seine in Paris from August 25 to 28, 2022 (see the complete program), with a selection of (re)broadcast concerts on the platform with Culturebox at this address.

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