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Find out the detailed summary of Here it all begins in advance season 3 with episode 477 aired on Wednesday August 31, 2022 on TF1. Solal did not handle the pressure of the competition, and yet Teyssier added a new test. David is not worried, he slept with Mia while taking the 3rd test. Mehdi is in a complicated situation.

Complete recap of the ITC soap opera episode of 08/31/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in the preview, everything you need to know.

Vic and Mehdi have a secret

Find the full summary atThis is where it all started episode 477 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday August 31, 2022 (see summaries ahead of This is where it all began ): the recap of the previous episode Here everything starts from 08/30/2022 is online.

Teyssier asks newcomers to do a marathon for a third test: candidates must make a starter / a main course and a dessert of the same ingredients. New students are super stressed.

Clotilde told the students that time management is important for this test.
Ethan and Axel took the celery, same ingredient. Axel thinks they should change the ingredients…to focus on originality. Ethan doesn’t want to rush his work, he doesn’t want to change ingredients.
So Ethan and Axel have the same central element. Who will be the best?

Mehdi tells Vic that the fried oysters are very ambitious as Clotilde told him. Mehdi decided to give him advice, he monitored the event.
Solal overcooked the lamb shanks, he told Axel that he was tired and dizzy. Axel thought he needed to rest because he was probably hypoglycemic. Solal was shaking…Clotilde forced him to rest before he fainted.
Solal tells Amber that she can’t handle the pressure. Constance offers him a bed in the infirmary but he says he’s fine. He wanted to go back to the kitchen.

sol this is where it all starts

The bad news is, the competition is not over for Axel and Solal

Mehdi tells Vic and Eliott that he really enjoyed managing the penetration test. Mehdi says Victorine seems to be doing well… Hortense thinks she won’t be long. Eliott thinks that Hortense should reconcile with Vic, this is the moment. Hortense explains that when Vic was little, he wanted to be a dictator.

Amber this is where it all started

Amber tries to reassure Solal

Clotilde says that David and Mia are over 3/4 hours away in the middle of the competition with a messy work schedule. Salomé decides to check if they are in the infirmary but in the end she finds them in the library having sex.

Teyssier tells Constance that he wants to test the students’ endurance. He admits that the 2nd years are wankers. Tom overhears the conversation and reports it to Amber, Kelly, Jasmine and Deva. Tom didn’t want Teyssier to do this: he didn’t want him to ruin their reputation.

Tom this is where it all started

Tom is ready for rebellion in the second year

The tasting jury was made up of Claire, Clotilde, Teyssier and Lisandro. David was surprised when the judges thought he would cause trouble because of his casual attitude.
Ethan and Axel will taste the dishes together because they chose celery. Teyssier invited each of the candidates to taste his competitor’s dish and say what he thought about it. They say it’s the same level. Teyssier asked them not to be a fair game for the future because they were tired.

This is where it all begins episode 477 of August 31, 2022: Double game for Victorine

Ethan this is where it all started

Ethan and Axel are both great

Vic thanks Mehdi for helping him with his entrance: he thinks he did well in front of the jury. He tells her that if he returns to the institute it will be thanks to her. Vic said that he will keep their secret, he will take it to the grave. Vic doesn’t want Hortense and Mehdi to separate…because it’s his sister.

clotilde this is where it all started

The institute’s competition jury

Teyssier could not decide between the candidates, he announced by SMS to the students that a test would be added to the competition the next day.

Our opinion

the +

  • Victorine the new villain of ITC?
  • Solal is heartbroken, not handling this competition well
  • Is Eth different from her mother Annabelle? a hope…


  • David and Mia don’t really like each other
  • Why does Mehdi help Vic? does he have a crush on her?

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Continue the summary This is where it all begins episode 478 from Thursday September 1, 2022 with a focus on soap opera star actors like the actor Benjamin Baroc who plays chef Emmanuel Teyssier, director of the Auguste Armand Institute, Aurelie Pons who plays Salomé, a young graduate and Elsa Lungini in the role of chef Clotilde Armand as well Nicholas Anselmo who played Eliott.

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