Dembl saves dj Lyon – Players’ Dbrief and NOTES (Reims 1-1 OL)

Unknown, Olympique Lyonnais relied on its numerical superiority and Moussa Dembl, author of his first minutes of the season, to get a point from the late Reims (1-1) this Sunday in Ligue 1.

Malmens, Dembl and OL are good at Reims.

Long-time leaders, Olympique Lyonnais, who were very disappointing, limited the damage by grabbing a draw on the lawn of Reims (1-1) this Sunday on the occasion of the 4th day of Ligue 1.

OL dropped their first points of the season but temporarily moved up to fourth place in the standings despite the low game. Champenois 19th.

OL was punished

For their first drive of the season, the Gones quickly fell into sterile possession and were unable to set the pace to break the opposing block. Worse, in the minutes, Peter Bosz’s men were more brutal and bound to lose the ball. Ready to attack, Rmois showed a lot of explosiveness to take advantage of it and, after two alerts in the Rhone area, Busi crossed for Ito who opened the scoring with a good header (1-0, 24th).

Lyon was not happy with the arbitration

Far from reacting, Lyonnais was not far from cracking again, but Riou came out to counter Balogun, then the goalkeeper was not happy to escape the penalty when he unbalanced the striker in the box .. Still dominating with envy, Gones benefited in the second period from two new referee decisions in their favor by Caqueret, launched at the break, who escaped it by escaping the red card, while Rmois Lopy was seriously absent after a man tackle on Lacazette.

Dembl grabbed the equaliser

In this context of numerical superiority, we witness more attacking-defensive entries of Dembl and especially of Cherki, which mobilizes. OL pushed but never threatened despite the presence of 5 forwards on the pitch. In the face of these Gones lacking speed, Oscar Garcia’s men suffered but seemed to hold on. Except that one chance was enough for Dembl to send a cross from Cherki into the back of the net with a header and equalize (1-1, 85th). OL is so hot…

Game score: 4.5/10

Despite the suspenseful scenario, the performance on the pitch never matched the atmosphere in the stands. Unrecognizable, OL shows a lot of garbage and lacks creativity to break out of their sterile possession. Reims, on the other hand, enjoyed its projections in the first period. After all, the opportunities are rare and above all we have the right to questionable arbitration decisions that are not favorable to the people of Reims.

The goals:

– Faes threw himself into the opposite camp and moved Busi to the right. Unattacked, center back for Ito. Free at the near post, the striker takes over an uncrossed header that lobbed Riou (1-0, 24′).

– Right side, Cherki crosses the box. In the middle of the box, Dembl won in front of Gravillon and took a powerful header (1-1, 85′).

NOTE to players

Maxifoot assigns a score (out of 10) to each player’s comments.

Man of the match: Junya Ito (7.5/10)

The most expensive recruit in the history of Reims (€10m), the striker showed the full extent of his panoply and delighted the public. Both hard-hitting with his ball shots, accurate and inspired with his passes (he offered two caviars in the Balogun area), the Japanese opened the scoring with a header. His first L1 goal and certainly not the last. Came off to a standing ovation and was substituted in the 67th minute of theEmmanuel Agbadou (no).


Patrick Pentz (5): The Reims goalkeeper had a disappointing night as he didn’t make a great save and missed the only real opportunity.

Andreaw Gravillon (4): the central defender had a solid game but his losing battle against Dembl, who completely swallowed him in the equalizing goal, inevitably tarnished his record.

Wout Faes (6.5): the central defender again seems to be completely in charge of Reims. Full of desire, the Belgian imposed himself on duels and offered himself several shots, including the one that led to the opener.

Yunis Abdelhamid (6): the central defender completely extinguishes Tet and he, as always, represents a sacred client in duels. The Moroccan also allowed himself some harsh words.

Maxime Busi (6): decisive passer for Ito, the right piston showed good presence in his lane and he did not stop his pressing efforts.

Marshall Nyasha Munetsi (6): the midfielder showed a high volume of play and symbolized the generosity of the Rmois in the battle for the midfield. Not very inspired at times with his choices with the ball at his feet.

Dion Lopy (4.5): the midfielder also completed a solid game but his muscular tackle on Lacazette changed the course of the game by forcing him to leave his team ten on the half hour mark. In his defense, the Senegalese was the first to touch the ball and he was sent off badly.

Bradley Locko (5.5): good and not so good for the young lefty piston. Full of activity on his way, the Rmois give the impression of being in the oven and the mill. He has done well in this register but still needs to gain defensive strength: Cherki easily erases him with his cross for Dembl.

Kamory Doumbia (5): the attacking midfielder is sometimes too selfish but he shows an important execution in an almost box-to-box register. Replace the 46th minute with Jens-Lys Michel Cadjute (5) who also offered great activity despite the more complicated second period of his team.

Junya Ito (7.5): read the comment above.

Folarin Balogun (6): for the first time, the striker on loan from Arsenal remained silent. However, the balance remains positive for the Englishman, author of sharp calls and who could (and has?) got a penalty. Generous, he fought to scrape the balls off every counter. Replace the 60th minute with Mitchell Van Bergen (no).


Rmy Riou (5): recently held following the suspension of Lopes, the goalkeeper is not responsible for the goals conceded and he made a good outing in front of Balogun to avoid 2-0. Despite everything, the former Caennais could have been awarded a penalty for his foul on the striker before the break.

Malo Gusto (5): the right side again used his speed to solve some bad situations in the first period. We saw Gone a bit more offensive after the break, but his performance on Sunday remained below his standards.

Thiago Mendes (4.5): unconvincing, the central defender gives the impression, like Lukeba, of getting through some uncertain interventions. It’s hard to imagine OL not recruiting in his position by September 1. Replace the 79th minute of Bradley Barcola (no).

Castello Lukeba (3): a difficult part for the central defender who gives dangerous situations to the opponent by losing his rise. The Lyonnais managed to recover from the blow several times but his fever did not help his team. His position also leaves something to be desired in terms of Ito.

Nicols Tagliafico (4.5): the left-back did well down his lane, while being composed, but the Argentinian left Busi too much space to center the opener.

Jeff Reine-Adelaide (3): held in the absence of Paqueta, about to leave, the midfielder failed to seize his chance. Very messy (14 balls lost in 45 minutes), the former Niois made up for the bankruptcy of OL in the midfield battle in the first period. Replace the 46th minute with Maxence Caqueret (5). Le Gone first experienced a difficult first few minutes and he may have received a second yellow card similar to the dismissal. Then, the Lyonnais showed a lot of desire to try to lead the way. A grip on the game despite everything less than we expected.

Johann Lepenant (5): the rookie was the only OL midfielder to spend 90 minutes on the pitch, allowing him to post a slightly more positive record than his midfield colleagues. The former Caennais is quite interesting in his passing game.

Corentin Tolisso (4.5): made the chain in a second consecutive tenure, the midfielder did not expect to contribute to the construction. Inaccurately, like his teammates, the Habs are still far from their best. Replace the 65th minute with Rayan Cherki (no), who did exactly what Bosz expected of him by hitting hard. Rewarded for his help for Dembl.

Tet (3): scorer every time, the winger was excellent in the first two games. This time, the Brazilian put on an unrecognizable face. As borrowed, he systematically lost duels without making a difference. Frustrated and replaced in the 65th minute by Moussa Dembl (no no)who remembers his importance in this team and his calmness in that area by encouraging him for the first time.

Alexandre Lacazette (4): this time, the captain of OL remained silent and he spent a frankly disappointing Sunday alone at the top. The attacker is especially distinguished by his objections aimed at his colleagues and he waits for the end of the game to finally shoot, without hanging on the frame.

Karl Toko Ekambi (3): like Tete, the left winger is a distant cousin of the usual Sunday player. Never able to overflow, the Cameroonian through this meeting like a ghost…

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REIMS 1-1 LYON (half time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Stade Auguste Delaune, Reims – Referee: Jeremy Stinat, France

Goals : J. This (24th) for REIMS – Mr. Dembl (86th) for LYON
Warnings : W. Faes (64th), D. Lopy (63rd)for REIMS – mr. Caqueret (48th)for LYON

REIMS : P. PentzA. Gravillon, W. Faes, Y. AbdelhamidMr Munetsi, D. LopyMr Busi, B. LockK. Doumbia (J. Cadjus, 46th)J. Ito (E. Agbadou, 67th), F. Balogun (M. van Bergen, 60th)

LYONS : R. RiouThiago Mendes (B. Barcola, 79th), C. LukebaMr. Gusto, N. TagliaficoJ. Reine-Adlade (M. Caqueret, 46th), J. Lepenant, C. Tolisso (M. Cherki, 65th)Tet (M. Dembl, 65th), A. Lacazette, K. Toko Ekambi

Ito was happy and opened the scoring (1-0, 24th).

Tolisso and OL are suffering.

United, Rmois ended up cracking in the 85th minute.

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