Arielle Dombasle appeared naked and set the Web on fire, Internet users are under a spell!

Apparently, Bernard-Henri Lévy’s partner has not lost any of his exquisite beauty. Even in her sixties, Arielle Dombasle still very beautiful. Believing that he drank from the Fountain of Youth. Gifted with a beautiful face and a body that would make some women jealous, it must be said that nature has done him a lot. And in social networks, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s muse often shares videos that reveal her beautiful figure.

His daily ritual…

This is particularly the case on August 25th. Where is TikTok? it federates more than 10 thousand subscribers, Arielle Dombasle posted a vlog of her vacation in Tangier, Morocco. Whispering in voiceover, the former “Dancing with the Stars” candidate shared her “daily rituals”.

After showing the beautiful sea view from his hotel, he decided to have a sauna session. And in this small break of health, sensual as usual, the sexagenarian began to be uncovered.
Refreshed, Arielle Dombasle then left, in the evening, to feed the stray cats. The little cats of Tangier, as he called them.

Of course, saw The video has more than 8000 views, his fans did not remain untouched. In the comments, many of them praised him. We read:

“You are so beautiful”, “Ariel Dombasle is so generous”, “You are amazing”, “Arielle is so beautiful, she classifies!”, “Sweet voice”, “Thank you for these unfortunate children” “The helping animals in need is a wonderful thing”

His love story in BHL

But, still in the comments, some subscribers also criticized him.

“Her body is not tired without working at all”, “She is completely disconnected from the fact that this woman and her husband are worse”, they wrote.

For information, since 1993, Arielle est the wife of the famous philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy. In love with her lover whom she describes as “a little bull” in intimacy, Arielle Dombasle lives her relationship in a fusion way. That is why he did not hesitate to refuse some professional offers in order not to spend time with his Jules.

So how did they meet? In 2017, during his participation in DALS, the member of “Many heads” mostly believed in it. Well, according to his story, their paths crossed for the first time in a bookstore. Clearly, we say, given the profession of BHL. In short, for Arielle Dombasle, this is it love at first sight. He recounted:

“The man of my life is him. And I decided to meet him and have my book signed. (…) There were many women and I, he looked at me and something happened because he wrote ‘To Arielle, while waiting’…”

Well on the way to living love with a capital A, the lovebirds later met in Milan. And there, second love at first sight. From then on, the couple knew they were inseparable.

Without children: a privileged love life for Arielle Dombasle

In more than 20 years of love, Arielle Dombasle and Bernard-Henri Lévy love each other like the first day. And this, despite the loss of a child in their life as a couple.

However, it should be noted that BHL father of Justine and Antonin Lévy before they meet.
In 2020, during an interview with JDD, the former leader of the magazine said:

“Without children, we live a privileged life as lovers and our conversations are endless. »

However, he agrees that in love, nothing is certain. Therefore, in his words, “You must always be dazzled, surprised and eager. »

note that not having children is a choice personally for Arielle.

“I am one of the women who choose it, like it. Kinds of eternal young women,” she said in the columns of Paris Match.

You should also know that the singer had a difficult childhood. In fact, very young, Arielle Dombasle lost her mother. After that, he lives with his father and stepmother, a woman whose story is terrifying.

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