The creators of Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts announce two spiritual successors – News

And because it’s better not to rely on Sony (randomly) to finance a Japanese RPG, without the help of any publisher Akifumi Kaneko and Matsuzo Machida founded the studios Wild Bunch Productions and Yukikaze with the ambition to give birth to RPGs. worthy successors to Wild Arms (whose license is still with Sony) and Shadow Hearts (whose rights are held hostage by a company that no longer makes video games).

Two rooms, two atmospheres, therefore, with one side the bright Armed Fantasia: Until the End of the Wilderness whose title is more than a continued reference to Wild Arms, and on the other Penny Blood whose evil cachet echoed in Shadow’s tone. Hearts, a trilogy whose high point remains the best second episode, Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

To get people talking about these projects, Kaneko and Machida work together to make it a joint announcement and, more rarely, build a joint Kickstarter campaign. The nostalgic fans of the two sagas will therefore be able to join forces to raise the pot and give these projects more chances to see the light of day. Kaneko and Machida admitted it, this Kickstarter call was strongly inspired by the successful passages of Bloodstained and especially Eiyuden Chronicle, successor to Suikoden that will see the light of day next year, not without the persuasion of the publisher 505 Games to throw.

The two teams are expecting at least $750,000 to start the development of a PC version of each of the games, but it is necessary to monitor the additional level to guarantee the ports of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series as well as the next which Nintendo console. In general, the additional Tiers will benefit both games simultaneously, gaining more content as the Combo Gauge increases. Backers also have the opportunity to get both games at an attractive price thanks to Early Bird Combo.

The Kickstarter campaign will be live soon, but the Gematsu site has the opportunity to prepare an interview with those responsible for these projects, which are still in the prototype stage, if you hope for any window to launch or even the game other than that. small clip.

Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness

With the atmosphere of its sauce western fantasy, Armed Fantasia do not deceive anyone about its intentions to arouse the interest of those nostalgic for Wild Arms, a saga whose first episode recently appeared in the catalog of PlayStation Plus Premium but no one knows any descendant since Wild Arms XF in 2007 on the PSP. These images suggest a trio of protagonists, the Pathfinders, who rely on their arsenal called ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) to clear the Anomalies that were ravaging the lands of Londenium. Expect a huge world map full of things to do, turn-based but fast-paced combat, puzzles, and all kinds of vehicles to explore on land, sea, and in the sky. Exploring dungeons will take advantage of gadgets specific to each team character to progress.

Back when I was developing Wild Arms 4, various circumstances forced us to remove the world map. The disappointment I felt at that time still lingers in my heart today. That’s why I wanted to include the best possible high-quality world map in this new titlecommented Akifumi Kaneko, who is not the only former Wild Arms executive on the Wild Bunch Productions team.

Bloody Penny

A true UFO in the JRPG scene even in its era of multi-genre, Shadow Hearts is a series with an imprint that is not easy ​​to update with a new license, but that’s fine bet set by Matsuzo Machida , director of the trilogy released on PS2. Written in the gothic horror genre against a backdrop of nightmarish imagery, Bloody Penny follows the story of Matthew Farrell, a 28-year-old New York City private eye who becomes involved in a dark international investigation through the turbulent 1920s. Unlike others, Matthew is given cursed powers inherited from of his father and used it to hunt all kinds of animals. There is no fictional world here and above all a pronounced taste of travel inherited from Shadow Hearts, because it is a question of passing through the continents of America, Europe and Asia.

On the way, he will meet those who fight for revenge, those who seek to use the horrors for their own profit, and those who only want to destroy. Penny Blood tells the story of a man who must become what he sets out to defeat“, can we read. Battles combine the traditional turn-based with a system that asks the player to act quickly”to maximize attack potential and keep players on their toes in every encounter“, which reminds of the Wheel of Judgment of Shadow Hearts as a happy coincidence. To avoid spoiling anything, the composer Hirota Yoshitaka has already confirmed the compositions that already promise to be oppressive, but where his partner Akari Kaida ( Breath of Fire 3) softens a good dose of jazz.Finally, illustrator Miyako Kato also ensures the artistic filiation of Shadow Hearts.

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