Social media illustrates historic heat waves and droughts

Europe is not the only place in the world to experience heat waves and drought this summer. China is experiencing the strongest heat wave on record in its history, while drought conditions have been declared in half of its territory.

Heat waves are not unusual in China, but this summer the country of nearly 10 million km2 is facing abnormally extreme weather events. Many rivers are dry and, as in France, the lack of water endangers crops: 20% have already been destroyed. China’s development is threatened, as some provinces such as Sichuan have to take measures to conserve electricity, mainly from hydraulic dams.

Franceinfo is back with images of the climate disaster that has hit the country.

An unimaginable heat wave

“Baby [ville de la municipalité de Chongquing] reached 45°C for two consecutive days and some places did not drop below 34°C at night”related to mBritish meteorologist Scott Duncan on August 20 on Twitter. A few days later, Wednesday August 24, in the province of Sichuan, a few hundred kilometers further east, the temperature showed. 44°C. The next day, the mercury rose again to nearly 42°C in Chongqing (Southwest)..

The heat wave that hit China has forced some factories to close. Sichuan ordered all factories closed for six days, from August 15 to 20. Electricity was also rationed in the province. THERE Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, billboards and lights have been turned off since August 16.

The longest dry river in Asia

the Yangtze, the largest river in Asia, with a length of 6,300 km and an average flow of 30,000 m3, is dry. It’s a disaster for cities that rely on this source of water to function. THERE Chongqing, also called “mountain city”, the Yangtze is part of the watershed of the Jialing River This year, the two rivers are at the lowest level on record.

In Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in central China, the The Yangtze receded so much that the curious ventured to walk on the dry river bed. It is also a chance to escape the oppressive heat by bathing in the remaining water.

The country’s largest freshwater reserve has been halved

“Drought reveals intricate, tree-like patterns hidden beneath Poyang Lake”a Chinese government official tweeted on Monday, August 22. Behind this nature art hides a disaster for Jiangxi province, in the southeast of the country.

Poyang Lake, which is the largest freshwater reserve in the country, has been halved due to the drought. she whenlaunched of 183 km2, Thursday August 24, for an average area of ​​344 km2 average.

Similar situation for clearness Dongtingalso dried up in the province of Hunan. Its area is severely reduced compared to the measurements made in 2020 at the same time.

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