Rugby – Supersevens: Cruel defeat for Paloise Section in the final!

Bad start to Palois. From the kick-off, Monaco recovered and Demai-Hamecher was moved to the wing where he only had to finish (5-0, 1st).

Reaction immediately like in the quarter-finals. Barrett stepped up, served Barka, who was in good spirits and gave Pinto a launch for an unstoppable try (7-5, 2nd)

Monaco is doing well. Barka made a mistake by sliding down the wing to defend. Sainz-Trapaga, who was overflowing, could put inside Mikalcius, who finished (7-10, 3rd)

What a waste of Attissogbé. The Monegasques have the ball, hold onto it. But the young back was able to read well and intercepted. It came back strongly around him. The hood is open, the former Montoi tries to insist on the line. But he was pushed to contact the arrival of support. shame !

Before the break, an image that we did not expect to see in 7. Competing in a mazette! A week before the continuation of the Top 14, Hameau is heating up.

Here we are again for the second episode. Go little ones!

Well, it restarts like the 1st period. Pilati made the difference by breaking the tackles then giving Pouplot, faster than Hamonou to finish (7-17, 9th).

The flight of Colombet! When love is needed, what other bird to summon? Colombet engaged in a full axis duel, moving his opponent away with his arm and giving Levron behind the defender. Nice! (14 – 17, 10th)

Cursed 11th minute for Section. The referee gives an advantage. In the next ruck, Palois makes a mistake but the man with the whistle does not go back to the previous mistake… Result, Monaco plays, dismisss and Waqaliva let go of the horses and drop everything (14 – 24, 11th ) .

Barrett rekindles hope. Barka overflows the left wing, pushes the leg and manages to recover. Slowly but he gave Eoghan Barrett who was behind the opposing line (21 – 24, 13th).

Last cartridge! The ball came to the wing, where Barka was dueling. The hooker was tackled, the tackler never came out and scratched… The referee didn’t say a word, Monaco was clear in touch and won. The people of Pau are angry, angry with anger! But the Principality team won.

The compositions

Section Paloise: Barka, Mondinat, Attissogbé, Tuimaba, Pinto, Barrett, Desperes

Substitutes: Hamonou, Levron, Colombet, Piperol, Dufourcq

Monaco: Naivaere, Del Mestre, Demai-Hamecher, Godsmark, Afrika, Mikelcius, Sainz-Trapaga, Pouplot, Leconte, Waqaliva, Lalli, Pilati, Karembiri, Munnier

Semi-final: Section Paloise – Baa Baas 12 – 9

Like a good fresh binouze, Section Paloise builds pressure at the right time. Having already beaten Baa Baas in the semi-final to the wire last week in La Rochelle, Béarnais looks to have the points to settle in the colored shirts. Very anxious from the start, the Yellow and Red one day scored from the 43rd second.

After two sweeps on the ground, Théo Attissogbé made his speed talk on the wing (5-0). Pau didn’t let his opponent catch his breath and Barrett, above this Saturday, let his talent speak for itself. An attempt to overflow quickly, a malicious kick that follows is recovered and he can offer a caviar to Attissogbé (12-0, 5th).

The Section dominated but there was no score. In the second period, Mathias Colombet entered the field. A surprise because Aturin, injured in a rib, was declared missing. He will go there violently. Despite Baa Baas’ attempt in the final moments, Pau handled the final dismissal well. And reached his third final in as many Supersevens rounds (victory in Perpignan, defeat in La Rochelle). Hamlet stands and applauds his men, even launching into the song “Auxarmes” with Béarnaise sauce. It’s huge!

The final will take place at 7:57 pm against Monaco, title rivals in the last two rounds.

Jean-Philippe Gionnet

Quarter-final: Section Paloise – Perpignan 35-12

We think we will return to the same scenario as in the round of 16. A yellow card for Levron (2nd), two penalties agreed. And in the second, a quick game from Perpignan for the first try (0-5). Except this time, the Paloise Section didn’t wait for the reaction. Clément Mondinat, still in good form, clears a tackle and escapes dismissal. Pinto and Attissogbé managed the crowd well so that Eoghan Barrett, who was also good, could make his legs do the talking (7-5, 4th).

Since then, Béarnais has not loosened the embrace, pushed by the hot atmosphere and noisy public. In the middle of the field, Pinto plays one-on-one. Tchic, tchac, bang (14-5, 5th). USAP struggles, Pau opens up. Offset on the wing, Barrett puts on the gas. And goodbye Bertha! (21-5, 6th). Before the break, the Catalans revolted. Action from their 22 meters leads to an acrobatic try in a corner (21-12, 7th). Continuing, Perpi pushes, Pau suffers. It required a return to the extremis of the in-goal to prevent the third success usapiste. Then a scraping of Mondinat is required (10th).

In the last minutes, Section Paloise found strength and ideas. After a penalty 5 meters from the opponent’s in-goal, Mondinat returned to traffic to fix the defense. The ball came out quickly and sailed quickly towards the wing, where the irrepressible Barrett proved his hat trick (28-12). The other man of the match, Clément Mondinat closed the score with the siren, after a good defensive hunt (35-12).

Round of 16: Section Paloise – Clermont 26 – 12

The flattering mark never showed the face of the meeting. Tension, enough? However, Section Paloise struggled to bring a young Clermont team over the line. Trailing 0-12 after three minutes, after an uninspired after-contact pass from Tuimaba then a poor kick-off reception, Béarnais then regained their composure and control of the ball. The Fijian winger, world rugby sevens star, finally lives up to his flattering reputation (→ we tell you the best things about him here). Clément Mondinat lit the first wick, extinguished by a hand error (5th).

Tuimaba, author of a double against Clermont.

Tuimaba, author of a double against Clermont.

Jean-Philippe Gionnet

But the bigourdan opener insisted. A duo magic trick with Attissogbé and Tuimaba was open (7-12, 7th). As the second period begins again, Mondinat is still working wonders. Flushing the ruck, Barrett escaped (14-12, 8th) and put the locals in front. Finally more aggressive, greatly aided by the instructions of their luxury water carriers Mathias Colombet and Thomas Carol, they sent Tuimaba to a duel. The Tornado blew hard (21-12), before Mondinat completed the success of the Green and White wearing their yellow and red clothes (26-12).

Negative points though: Josselin Bouhier (shoulder) and Maxime Arrieus (concussion) came out injured and could not continue the race.

The Pyrénées Sevens won the first Ogeu Pyrénées Sevens

Pyrénées Sevens, an association that brings together young local players, won the first edition of the Ogeu Pyrénées Sevens, an amateur rugby 7s tournament sponsored by Supersevens. Pyrenees Sevens beat Tyrosse (14-12) in the final at Le Hameau.

A well-known face in Pau: Antoine Hastoy

The editorial staff advises you

Schedules and posters

9:40 am: semi-finals of the Ogeu Pyrénées Sevens

The Pau Supersevens is an amateur (here Rion Morcenx and Tyrosse) and pro tournament.

The Pau Supersevens is an amateur (here Rion Morcenx and Tyrosse) and pro tournament.

Nicolas Sabathier

  • Rugby Sevens – Biarnes Bears

  • Rion-Morcenx – US Tyrosse

10:30 am: start of the In Extenso Supersevens tournament (8th finals)

  • (1) Section Paloise – Clermont: 26 -12

  • (2) La Rochelle – Perpignan: 19 – 26

  • (3) Baabaas – Toulon: 40 -0

  • (4) Bayonne – Lyon: 14 – 31

  • (5) Monaco – Brive: 45 – 7

  • (6) UBB – Castres 19 – 5

  • (7) Stade Français – Toulouse 26 – 19

  • (8) Career 92 – Montpellier 33 – 5

1:30 pm: Ogeu Pyrénées Sevens 3rd place match

2:01 pm: continuation of the In Extenso Supersevens tournament (quarter-finals)

  • Quarter-finals

  • (1) Section Paloise – Perpignan 35 – 12

  • (2) Baa Baas – Lyon 40 -7

  • (3) Monaco – Bordeaux-Bègles 33 – 17,

  • (4) Stade Français – Career 92 21 – 31

5:17 pm: In the Extenso Supersevens semi-finals

  • Section Paloise – Baa Baas 12 – 7,

  • Monaco – Career 92 34 – 0

6:01 pm: Ogeu Pyrénées Sevens final and prize giving

6:36 pm: the classification matches 5 to 8 in the In Extenso Supersevens

7:57 pm: final 3rd stage Supersevens

9:00 pm: party after party on the side of the Hangar

10:15 pm: refreshment service ends

10:30 pm: stadium closes

The fees

From 5 to 10 € in free placement. Reservations on the LNR website.

The Pau group

  • Josselin Bouhier,

  • Rayne Barka,

  • Thibault Hamonou,

  • Alexis Levron,

  • Clement Mondinat,

  • Theo Attissogbe,

  • Aminiasi Tuimaba,

  • Vincent Pinto,

  • Eoghan Barrett,

  • Axel Desperes,

  • Mathias Colombet,

  • Matthew Piperol,

  • Maxime Arrieus,

  • Benjamin Dufourcq,

  • Adrian Mitu

Information to know everything

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

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