Pension, taxes, back-to-school bonus, restaurant tickets, gasoline, real estate… what will change in September

From Thursday, September 1, many changes should affect the lives of the French. And especially in their wallet.

Each new month has its own changes. And September is no exception. Several announced measures will be implemented starting this Thursday, September 1. Midi Libre has everything you need to know.

Cheaper fuel

While they were lower in early August, the prices of various fuels rose slightly during the week according to the specialized site While the price of the pump remains fluctuating, the government will strengthen its assistance to motorists.

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His delivery of the bomb will go through from 18 to 30 cents per liter from September 1. This is what the Parliament voted at the beginning of the month, as part of the purchasing power law package of measures. This discount will remain in place until October 30 before being reduced to 10 cents in the final two months of 2022.

Real estate: the Lemoine law is generalized to all borrowers

Enacted on June 1, 2022 for new borrowers, the Lemoine law, from September 1, will apply to all current home loans, as indicated by Moneyvox. As a reminder, this law allows borrowers to terminate their borrower insurance contract at any time to turn to another insurer with similar conditions. Until then, this termination can only be done on the anniversary date.

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In addition, since the entry into force of the law, borrowers are no longer required to complete a medical question for a loan of less than 200,000 euros, or 400,000 as a couple.

Income tax: an update on rates

Your withholding tax rate may change in September if your declared income changes. “The rate applicable in the month of September of the year N is the rate from your declaration made in the spring”, specifies the government site dedicated to taxes.

Medically assisted childbirth: the end of donor anonymity

This is one of the effects of the bioethics law on August 2, 2022. As shown in the public service, from September 1 the anonymity of gamete donors will be removed for most children born from assisted reproduction.

Those who wish to donate sperm or oocytes must agree to provide the following information: their last name, first name, date of birth, age and family status at the time of donation, family situation, physical characteristics and motivation to donate. Children born to these donations can be disclosed as adults if they so request.

Those who donated before September 1, 2022 can provide this information retroactively if they wish, but they will not be under any obligation.

Revaluations of 4% are effective

The increase in the retirement pension first announced the credit to the bank accounts of retirees for August 9, finally our seniors will know only in September 9, 2022, after the delay in the vote on the purchasing power law.

The revaluation of 4% of the pensions expected of retirees from the general scheme, to balance the effects of inflation, will in fact apply from retirement in July, and this, retroactively.

A few days earlier, some benefits had to be revalued by 4%. This is the case allowance for disabled adults (AAH), RSA, family allowances, housing assistance (APL, ALF, ALS), activity bonus and student grants. Beneficiaries will receive their first updated payment on September 5.

The ticket restaurant: the daily ceiling is raised

Good news for the 4.5 million employees who benefit from restaurant tickets. Their use can be relaxed. They can now be used to pay for the purchase of any food product. The daily ceiling for payment of food vouchers should be passed on to him from 19 to 25 euros. According to Bercy, who was contacted by Moneyvox, the move will be effective in September.

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Back-to-school bonus paid

10.8 million low-income households should receive the back-to-school bonus, voted as part of the purchasing power law package of measures. No action is required to benefit from it. Otherwise there should be no children with rights payment of 100 euros, this premium is increased by 50 euros per dependent child.

Beneficiaries of social minima and scholarship students will receive it from September 15. Those entitled to the activity bonus will receive it in the fall.

College scholarships: open applications

Cumulative of the back-to-school bonus, scholarships are also given to families of middle school students who are subject to testing. The purpose, according to the public service, is to reduce “canteen costs or costs related to the purchase of school supplies or books”.

They are paid three times a year, at the end of each term of the school year. Greater assistance may be provided to scholarship interns.

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