one million tons of grain was exported, announced Zelensky

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Ukraine has announced that it is connecting the large nuclear power plant in Zaporijjia (south), which was occupied by the Russians and was cut off the previous day, to its electricity network, against a backdrop of growing concerns about safety on the site. The Ukrainian president also said that one million tons of grain had been exported since July 22. Here is the thread for August 26.

  • 10:32 pm: Ukraine exports 1 million tons of grain, says Zelensky

Ukraine has exported a million tons of grain by sea since the agreement reached under the auspices of Turkey and the United Nations to end the blockade of Russia, said Volodymyr Zelensky.

Since the agreement was signed in Istanbul on July 22, 44 ships have left the port of Odessa, on the Black Sea, to deliver their cargo to 15 countries, said the Ukrainian president.

Ukraine has received loading requests for another 70 boats, he added, reiterating his target of three million tons exported per month.

  • 3:43 pm: TotalEnergies announced the sale of its stake in a Russian gas field to its partner Novatek

The French giant TotalEnergies announced in a press release that it has reached an agreement with its Russian partner Novatek to sell a 49% stake in the company Terneftegaz, which operates the Termokarstovoye gas field in Russia.

According to the newspaper Le Monde, which is based on many documents and investigations by the NGO Global Witness, this Russian gas field supplies gas condensate to a Russian refinery, which turns it into kerosene, which is supposed to be sent for the supply of airplanes in Russia. involved in the conflict in Ukraine, which TotalEnergies strongly denied, which determined on Friday that the steps for the transition began at the beginning of August.

  • 2:03 pm .: The Zaporijjia power plant is back on line

Ukraine has announced it has connected the giant Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, which was occupied by the Russians and was cut off the previous day, to its electricity network, amid growing concerns about the safety of the site.

Kyiv announced on Thursday that the power station, the largest in Europe, was “completely disconnected” from the network “for the first time in its history”, due to damage to the power lines caused by the “actions” of “Russian ‘invader’.


  • 12:34 pm: “Civilian nuclear power should not be an instrument of war”, Macron requests

Emmanuel Macron called “civilian nuclear” not “an instrument of war”, after the bombings that damaged the giant nuclear power plant in Zaporijjia, in southern Ukraine.

  • 9:04 am: The Zaporizhia power plant is still not connected to the Ukrainian power grid

The six reactors of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant are still not connected from the Ukrainian electricity network, which they cannot supply, said the state company Energoatom.

The power supply to the site, which is controlled by the Russian army, is however provided by a power cable connected to the Ukrainian network, he added.

  • 8:38 am: TotalEnergies denies resupplying kerosene to Russian army

TotalEnergies said in a statement that Novatek, its partner in the exploitation of the Termokarstovoye gas field in Russia – in northern Siberia – informed it that the kerosene obtained from gas condensates from this field “is exclusively exported from Russia”.

The newspaper Le Monde reported on Wednesday that TotalEnergies has joined the production of kerosene that supplies Russian aircraft in Ukraine.

  • 1:04 am: Disaster almost averted in Zaporizhia, Zelensky said

The Ukrainian president said on Thursday night that the world narrowly avoided a radiological disaster with the interruption of several hours of electricity supply at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, this disruption was caused by Russian bombings that burned down the vicinity of a coal-fired power station located near the Zaporijjia nuclear power station and supplying it with electricity. Emergency diesel generators ensure the power supply of the nuclear power plant and preserve its safety, added the president of Ukraine.

“If our station staff does not react after the disruption, we will be forced to face the consequences of a nuclear disaster,” he said in a speech. “Russia puts Ukraine and all Europeans at the gates of a radiological catastrophe”.

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