“I’ve seen it grow,” Tudor said of Payet

This is the end of this press conference

Not much news this week, and not so talkative Igor Tudor, we don’t know much about the rather thorny cases, Payet, Dieng… See you on Sunday for the game in Nice.

Does he hope to get Bamba Dieng back in a week?

“It’s a backwards question, I can’t give a good answer. Me, all I can say is that there is still one week left in the transfer window.” Understandably, the subject Bamba Dieng has always been sensitive to OM.

In the 98 World Cup where he was in the Croatia group

“You have to remember that in Croatia, around 98, there was a war. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. It’s very important. We brought joy to our countrymen. These are great memories.”

A first review after 3 games?

“I see good things. There are things that I don’t like so much. Sometimes I expect more from the players. Leaving a mark on the coach, it’s done over time. And we don’t have You can’t do the same everything. It’s not always necessary for the coach to adapt to the team, or the other way around. You need to find the right basis.

Is there a lot of turnover?

“It’s hard to say at the moment. We have to see game after game, and playing every 3 or 4 days will make the difference, but for sure everyone will play.”

In the game in Nice it will be very hot

“I hope everything will be for the best.”

In the case of Payet, it is still not established

“Usually I see him improving, we will see in the next matches what the composition of the team is.”

Does Tudor trust Caleta-Car?

“He has one year left on his contract, it’s a special situation. But he’s an important player.”

Sanchez, the number 1 striker?

“Sanchez can play all three attacking roles. We will definitely see game after game.”

With the departure of Milik and his potential replacement

“It was a fair decision on the part of the club or the player to leave. The weeks I was able to coach Arek, I liked him, even if it was his choice to leave. At the attacking level, We have a lot of players.”

In the rumor of Ronaldo in OM

“Honestly, I never talked about Ronaldo at Marseille. Even my parents didn’t tell me.”

Tudor in the Champions League draw

“It’s a good group, we can still find worse.”

Igor Tudor’s turn

This is a very clear and established path from Pau Lopez, in excellent French after a year in Marseille.

In internal tension

“It’s normal when you change a lot. But on the pitch it stops.”

At the end of the transfer window

“In the transfer window, we changed a lot of things that we had to change. Pablo is a very intelligent person, he does things because they have to be done. I am 100% with him.”

Always in the Champions League

“It’s the same if I like one group or the other: the reality is that we have to play against the teams we beat. There’s no reason to think about other teams.”

In his wound

“This is the match against Betis. I felt something strange in my thigh. The doctor told me that there is something not very important but I need two or three weeks of rest. Now it’s good what I feel.”

“Pablo Longoria decided to change the goalkeeper coach”

“He made the decision and we have to respect it. I know Jon Pascua from Betis. He asked me a lot and that’s what suits me.”

In the Nice-OM “derby”, one year after the incidents

“This is a very difficult game. We have to forget last season. They are very good so we know if we are on the right line. I think the team has a good dynamic and a good mentality to play the game. “

In the Champions League draw

“It is always difficult. There are no easy teams in the Champions League. Every match will be very difficult and if we want to do something in this competition, we need this mentality.”

Before Igor Tudor, there was goalkeeper Pau Lopez in the conf

Start in a few minutes

Hello and welcome to this press conference.

It’s time for a remake: OM traveled to Nice on Sunday (without their supporters) a year after the game was marred by violence between Nice supporters and Marseille players. We will also talk about the Champions League in this press conference because Marseille has regained a possible accessible draw group, which is not an easy task when you are in the hat 4. Start the press conference at 4 :15 p.m

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