Hortense settles Vic’s accounts in full difficulty (Summary of episode 476 ITC + Video)

This is where it all began” advance, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 476 on Tuesday August 30, 2022 on ITC + Video). As almost every day, News Actual reveals other intrigues. In this new episode , the novices find themselves under the orders of the 3ᵉ year. In the kitchen, Hortense and Vic make an explosive duo. Rose faced a new obstacle regarding the master’s degree.


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Detailed summary of episode 475 of Monday August 29, 2022 in This is where it all began is online. Good read.

This is where it all begins Summary of episode 476 on August 30, 2022

Rose faced a new obstacle regarding the master’s degree

For Rose, the problem of accommodation for chefs enrolled in masters and new students is still relevant. However, the first years will arrive next week. He confesses his concern to Antoine when Amber enters the office. The young woman wanted to speak to the principal. He has a problem at home. The new owner of the house in Gaissac wants the house back for rent next week. But Ambre and Solal do not fit his criteria. Antoine assured Amber. They don’t go on the road. As a student of the Institute, he is entitled to a room and it will be the same for Solal if he passes the competition.

Rose jumped at the chance and made a deal with the owner of the coffee shop in the swamp to convince him to rent the house to the Master’s students. But the owner wants to rent it to a family that agrees to take over the business. Rose assured him that their students were serious and enthusiastic. The Institute will act as guarantor and the house will be one of the annexes of the school. The owner finally gave in.

Back at the Institute, Rose shares her solution with Clotilde. But his sister thought that they could not leave the students without managing the swamps, especially since if something happened to them, the Institute would be responsible. Rose suggested that her sister hold them accountable and make them sign some kind of good behavior contract. But Clotilde believes that this does not guarantee anything and does not give him permission.


New students are under pressure

In the room, during breakfast, the entrance exam was the center of discussions. Axel arrived late to the group of chosen ones. Jasmine is positive despite everything, convinced that her boyfriend will succeed in the competition. Greg encouraged Axel not to lose heart and climb to the classification worthy of that name.

Annabelle Cardone makes sure her son knows her culinary basics by heart, but Ethan is hesitant. He forced his son. Annabelle believes she needs to outdo herself if she wants to enter the Institute with her head held high. True, he first arrived the day before the selections, but this is a skimming event and with Emmanuel, you have to expect anything. This is why he thinks that his son should succeed and do everything to achieve his goal. But Ethan doesn’t want the other candidates to end up hating him and turning their backs on him. Annabelle assures Ethan that he won’t regret it once he has restaurants all over the world. Annabelle asked her daughter to keep her attention. He doesn’t want her to be lucky, because luck has nothing to do with it, but the heart does.

Ethan meets Samia in front of the Institute gate. The young woman asked him if he was ready for the second attempt. Just when she wanted to feel sorry for herself, Ethan let her go. Samia wondered if Ethan wasn’t afraid of her since he finished in second place the day before. Ethan assured her that wasn’t the case. But Samia warns him, he’s not the only one who wants to be the best. Ethan didn’t disassemble and was a bit ironic.

Hortense tries to convince Eliott and Mehdi that behind his friendly air, Vic can do some sneaky tricks. He also believes that it was his sister who told their father that he was giving up medicine and studying at the Institute. True, she had no proof of what she said, but Hortense knew that Vic was always working. The young woman is convinced that her sister went to the Institute with an idea in mind, because if she really liked cooking, she would have chosen another school.

The candidates now take a test that will allow the jury to assess their ability to submit to the hierarchy, in this case to follow a 3rd year student. He will hold the office of the chef and the candidate for the competition, the clerk. Billie, on the other hand, finds herself submitting to Greg’s orders!


Candidates must create an Auguste Armand recipe. The dish must be successful, but the candidates must also obey their chef. Claire will observe them throughout the event. He continued to draw pairs:

  • Axel and Salomé take over a sick student

The time allowed to make the recipes is 4 hours. Axel wanted to make a mini-adaptation of the original recipe, which would allow him to stand out. Salomé hammers him that this is not the order and explains to him that by taking a perfect plate he will distinguish himself from the others. Axel is skeptical and stands up to Salomé because he doesn’t want to fail his test. Salome assures him that won’t happen if he stays focused and follows her instructions.

Vic wants to make peace with Hortense. His brother’s anger makes him sad. Hortense asked her brother to stop what he was doing. And the discussion turns to settling scores. Vic assured his brother that he had not told their parents about the fact that he had quit medicine to join the Institute. But Hortense knows that at the same time, Vic wants to finance an internship and she doesn’t believe in a coincidence.

The tempura prepared by Vic was too greasy and Hortense threw it away. Vic rebels because he doesn’t have time to start over. Alerted by the cries, Claire asked them for an explanation. Vic tells him that Hortense threw away what she just cooked out of pure revenge. Claire reminds him of the tutorial..

Solal’s sauce is very salty, but he has tasted it. Lionel points out to his partner that he has no palate. He then attacked Solal personally. Lionel thought he was only good at baking Scones. Solal called him to be quiet. Claire heard everything. He reframed Solal.

Greg, for his part, is not too far away either. He asked Ethan to drain his caponata au Chinois, but the chef’s son Cardone finished the tempura. Greg raised his voice. He points out that his fish is dry and asks Ethan if he is stupid.

Ethan wants to borrow Chinese, but Axel is so focused on his recipe that he doesn’t even think about cleaning it. He apologizes, but Ethan is upset that he is the assistant behind his back. Angry at the way Ethan talks to him, Axel shows cruelty and makes him believe that he still needs it. Ethan brings Greg a Chinese, but he is not in the sieve. Greg tells him about it and the value of hurrying if he doesn’t want to miss his competition. Ethan lost his footing and lost his temper. Regretfully, Axel leaves the Chinese to Greg. After the ordeal, Ethan goes to see Axel who confirms to him that he didn’t mean the kitchen utensils. Ethan knew that the day before, he didn’t sympathize with her either and he thought they were breaking up.

Samia and Billie try to cheer Vic up when he sees Mehdi stop a few meters away. The young woman makes her new friends believe that she adores her brother and that the fact that Hortense hates her makes her sad. Mehdi heard everything.

For his part, David, the new flirt of the Institute, did not waste a minute and tried a method on Salomé. He flattered her in hopes of influencing the teachers in her grade. But the young woman put him in his place. David, he has seen another young woman while talking to Salomé and approaches her.

On the other hand, Axel urged Solal not to criticize what happened during the hardship. He offers her a drink at the coffee shop to decompress. Solal allowed himself to be convinced. He just has something to do before and he will come along. When Axel got out of the locker room, Solal took a pill, which Ethan didn’t miss.

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