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Saturday, August 27, 2022

updated on Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Voice 10 winner Marghe recently released her debut album. He took the opportunity to talk about his coach Florent Pagny.

The Voice Season 10 winner Marghe recently released her first album, Alpha. An opportunity for the young artist to talk about his new life on stage. with Entertainment TVhe returned to his victory, to his projects and above all, to his coach Florent Pagnywho is still battling cancer.

The word “Alefa” comes from the Italian and Malagasy origin of Marghe. It means “courage and strength”. An ideal name to start a career in a harsh environment. The singer in the making has shown great determination, despite her young age, throughout season 10 of The Voice. For this first opus, Marghe called his former competitor for its production: Jim Bauer.

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Marghe, impressed by the strength of Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny always believed in Marghe, his protégé. At first, he was hers primary support and source of inspiration. After his victory, the jury of The Voice sent him a message to express his love and pride in coaching him. Since then, they have kept in touch.

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