At will, Auxerre sinks Strasbourg! – Players Dbrief and NOTES (AJA 1-0 RCSA) – Football

AJ Auxerre achieved a wonderful coup by offering the scalp of a Strasbourg in complete doubt (1-0) this Saturday. Promoted provisionally 5th in Ligue 1.

Perrin and AJA’s happiness.

After a performance full of envy, AJ Auxerre scored a second consecutive victory by sinking Strasbourg (1-0) this Saturday as part of the fourth day of Ligue 1.

Solid cost

After an early match with the advantage of the Burgundians, Julien Stphan’s men quickly spoke of their experience and increased the ammunition behind the icaunaise defense. Linard and Gameiro found themselves in a surprising position in the box but wasted two good shots by missing the target and the biggest opportunity at the end for Bellgarde, whose attempt was sheltered by the steady Costil’s hand.

Perrin punishes Career

Despite these admitted situations, Jean-Marc Furlan’s men did not have to lose and also tied the projections to the opposing camp. At full time with strong opposition, their combativeness was rewarded with a recovery from Birama Tour that allowed Perrin to adjust Sels to open the scoring (1-0, 29th)! Borrowing more and unable to change their game which is very axial, the Alsatians are not worried about the promoted who calmly defended his advantage.

Strasbourg still hurts

On the way home from the locker room, the break was even close but Sakhi missed his recovery twice in a row at the far post with two offerings from Sinayoko! While the changes are being made in Stphan, the pressure from Strasbourg is intensifying in the opposite area. Cornered, Auxerrois struggled to get the ball but didn’t break, they never conceded a big chance except for the recovery sent by Gameiro to Costil. Despite a crazy ending to the match, the score didn’t change! Here is AJA provisionally 5th in the standings, leading the Race, 16th and still without a win.

Game score: 6.5/10

The atmosphere was great on this sunny afternoon at the Stade de L’Abb Deschamps. It was not the most anticipated match of this fourth day, but we witnessed a spirited and rhythmic match between the two teams hitting a ball that flew from one camp to the other. Some goals, but also some downtime and suspense until the end.

The goal:

– After recovering from the Birama Tour, Sinayoko countered Prcic’s return and launched Perrin into the area beating Sels with a cross shot from the left bottom to the ground (1-0, 29′).

NOTE to players

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Man of the Match: Jubal (7/10)

The central defender gave a real boss game and symbolized AJA’s aggressiveness by rejecting opposing attacks in 90 minutes. Save the interventions to stop the balls in front of Gameiro and the strong duels won in front of Ajorque. Omnipresent.


Benot Costil (6): after 29 games in Ligue 1 with at least one goal scored, the goalkeeper finally managed to stop this terrible streak. If his defense helped him well, the former Bordeaux player also ensured that he had 4 saves to his credit, including a strong hand against Bellegarde in the first period, then a little success against Gameiro in the end .

Paul Joly (5): the game started badly for the right side, author of a very dangerous loss of the ball in a complicated start of the match. But Auxerrois was able to climb the slope: he released his own offensive as the game continued and made a saving intervention at the end of the game. His controversial hand, however, could result in a penalty in the second period.

Jubal (7): read the comment above.

Alexandre Coeff (6): the central defender forms a complementary and effective pair with Jubal. With a lot of composure, Auxerrois rejected many crosses and handled his aerial duels well.

Quentin Bernard (5): a satisfying game for the left side that made his experience speak to allow AJA to manage their advantage.

Birama Tour (7): a great game from the midfielder, author of 5 interceptions, one of which leads to the only goal of the game. The Malian literally crushed the opposing midfielder while playing cleanly and only having 2 loose balls.

Gauthier Hein (4.5): in a more defensive role than usual, the midfielder did not shine. His offensive contribution remains limited despite welcome defensive efforts. Replace the 77th minute with R. Raveloson (no no).

H. Sakhi (5.5): if his two unconverted opportunities after returning from the locker room could have been expensive, the midfielder nevertheless gave a successful performance with a formidable quality of pass and cross.

Mathias Autret (4.5): the image of Hein, the attacking midfielder seems a little behind his colleagues. Auxerrois often fights back but rarely finds himself in good shots. Replace the 70th minute with Rmy Dugimont (no no).

Gaetan Perrin (6.5): despite his small size, the attacking midfielder fights with great generosity with every ball, not hesitating to join a duel against more stronger than him. Rewarded with his technically perfectly executed goal. Replace the 70th minute with Youssouf M’Changama (no no).

Lassine Sinayoko (6): a tough game to note for the AJA striker. Starting to take the lead in the absence of Charbonnier, Niang and Da Costa, the Malian first crossed the first half hour like a ghost. But he woke up with his beautiful pass for Perrin in the goal. In confidence, Icaunais even made several overflows and sent two Sakhi caviar in the second stage. A sacred surprise!


Matz Sels (5): a disappointing game for the Alsatian goalkeeper, who lost one of the rare shots on target in AJA’s game. However, it was difficult to throw the stone at him, because Perrin had placed his strike perfectly.

Ismael Doukour (4): in his first stint in Ligue 1, the young central defender suffered in general. Guilty in the first place of the left increases, the former Valenciennes was also systematically overpowered in the course of the game. Replace the 64th minute with Habib Diarra (no no).

Maxime Le Marchand (5.5): repositioned in the center of the defensive three, the former Nioi makes a solid copy thanks to his sense of placement that makes it possible to stop many dangerous situations. Left in tears and with a large bandage on his skull after a shock and was substituted in the 64th minute of Ronael Pierre-Gabriel (no no).

Alexander Djiku (5): the central defender was unnecessary, as was his very important save in front of Sakhi on his return from the locker room. A more limited offensive contribution.

Thomas Delaine (4): a game to forget for the right piston, who left Perrin too much space in his goal and who proved to be more flexible in his side with Doukour. Offensively, the former Messin struck but his crosses did not find a buyer. Replace the 77th minute with Jean-Eudes Aholou (no no)author of a love passed on to Gameiro for the second great time.

Sanjin Prcic (5): With a lot of determination, the midfielder managed to slip in some bright passes, like for Ajorque, but he generally lacked juice.

Jeanricner Bellegarde (4): the midfielder was in the oven and the mill at the start of the game, as usual, as his shot was denied by Costil. But the Alsatian once seemed to be physically cooked and his performance decreased significantly. Replace the 72nd minute with Habib Diallo (no no).

Adrien Thomasson (4.5): long frustrating and too much to lose, the master game of Racing woke up at last thanks to his passes where he has a secret. The former Nantes player challenged a controversial hand from Joly, was disallowed, then tripped over Costil. Waking up too late.

Dimitri Linard (4): the Alsatian captain was far from his usual performance. When he came out, the left piston was systematically forgotten on his side when he had many boulevards at the start of the game. Less altruistic than usual, the Alsatian also sent a 1-0 ball into the side netting.

Ludovic Ajorque (6): very useful as a fulcrum, the striker is very good and he does not stop showing the way. Just like his inspired delivery for Gameiro before the break, the Strasbourg player found himself making all the right moves but he had no chance to score.

Kevin Gameiro (3): his perfectly executed calls hurt the back of the opposition defense at the start of the game and the striker combined well with his teammates. Problem: the former Parisian was very inefficient and wasted two balls on goal…

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AUXERRE 1-0 STRASBOURG (half time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Stade de l’Abbe-Deschamps, Auxerre – Referee: Johan Hamel, France

Goals : G. Perrin (29th) for AUXERRE
Warnings :- J.Bellegarde (25th)for STRASBOURG

AUXERRE : B. CostilJubal, A. CoeffP. Joly, Q. BernardB. TowerMr. Perrin (Y. M’Changama, 70th), H. Sahki, G. Hein (R. Raveloson, 77th), mr. Autret (R. Dugimont, 70th)L. Sinayoko

STRASBOURG : mr. SaltsI. Doukoure (Habib Diarra, 65th), Mr. Le Marchand (R. Pierre-Gabriel, 65th), A. DjikuT. Delaine (J. Aholou, 78th), D. LinardA. Thomasson, J. Bellegarde (H. Diallo, 72nd)S. PrcicK. Gameiro, L. Ajorque

Great atmosphere at the Stade de l’Abb-Deschamps.

Costil has finally finished with a clean sheet after a streak of 29 games with goals conceded.

Ajorque and Strasbourg continue to move slowly…

The joy of being promoted.

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