Lens – Stade Rennes / Genesio: “You have to get used to taking on a different role”

Before the fourth day of Ligue 1, and a trip to Lens, Bruno Genesio went to a press conference on Thursday. Transcription.

band : Lovro is still in recovery, he is better. This is good news for him, even though he won’t be in the group on Saturday. The dark point is the injury of Kalimuendo who has a small muscle injury which unfortunately will not allow him to be part of the group on Saturday. Steve (Mandanda) is progressing well. Biggy (Meling) is ready to return to the squad this weekend. Romain (Salin) and Lesley (Ugochukwu) were suspended after their dismissal last Sunday.

Group instructions: Maybe, see you tomorrow.

mayor: He took the cast, took the measurements for the mask and it should be fitted tomorrow.

Kalimuendo: A height? No.

Guardian: If Mandanda is not available? Dogan will be the goalkeeper. In 2, we have Elias (Damergy). Roman Saline? He was suspended, there was no point in him going to travel. He can’t be on the bench or on the field. Reintegrate Gomis? I don’t think that’s the right solution for him or for us. You must be logical in the decisions made. It doesn’t matter what you think about it, but there must be a guide, otherwise you won’t get out of it. I have no information for Alfred or for the others about the possibilities of leaving.

Solomon: He did the first part of the training and then he went out as a precaution because yesterday we had a very big session. He had a little pain this morning.

Guirassy: He was never kicked out of the group. I mean it, it’s a player that’s also a bit between the two and if I have the possibility to integrate it, I’ll integrate it. When we have too many, especially the attackers, he is not there. For Saturday’s game, see you tomorrow.

Adding a Burrow: It’s a good signal for the club, him, and the team because we need more peace around the team, in the team, and I think that will help. This is not small, it also proves that the club has become attractive for the players who are already in the club, or for some who will be brought to join us, thanks to the results of the sport, but also thanks to the organizations of the club, the new status of the club.

4-4-2: Challenged? It’s not necessary. We will see depending on the opponent, what we want to do in this game, whether we can maintain the 4-4-2 or not.

lenses: We have always looked at this team, with the advantage of knowing each other well, with unchanging principles since last season or even the first. Even with the few changes made to the squad, they were made very early in the season. They do all their preparation with almost their typical team, and it shows in the automation. This is a very good team, in good form to start the season. But we have to go there with the ambition to play our game as well, to take into account their strength but also our strength, and go there with a lot of ambition. They definitely have more automation (than Rennes) because they prepare almost their entire squad, which is not ours. But that is not an excuse and comparing two matches (Monaco-Rennes, Monaco-Lens) is always difficult. What is important to us is knowing where we are. I think the win against Ajaccio is very important for many reasons. It will be good for us, I want my team to see a little light, freedom, confidence, and play forward. This is what we need to see more than what we saw in the first 3 games.

Ball outs: These are the terms we use and that means everything and nothing too. Everything is also linked to the context, the opponent, the evolution of the score. They have things that are very specific to them, we have ours. After all, it is a commitment to the balance of power, and in this I would like to see my team with more power than Monaco.

intensity: With all the statistics we have, we are still one of the teams that run the most, like last year, making the highest intensity efforts. I really think that we need to rediscover that drive that makes us strong, that indifference in our game and stop questioning ourselves, to consider the great expectations that are inside us. I think that’s what hurt us today. We must get used to that, it is also part of the development of a team, of a club, to know how to assume the role of favorite, more pressure, more expectation. You have to bring it and develop what we have been strong. Last year we ran as much, in a good way, together.

Full group: A little yes, there are many explanations that are not excuses but what I remember is that we won, and were put in difficulty sometimes, with the penalty, by returning the Ajaccio score, and it was not always that we managed . to win this type of game. This shows that my team has the resources and that we are on the right track. What is important now is that. Slowly rebuild the team, and keep this mentality that we had on Sunday. Ajaccio has two good games against Lyon and Lens, a team that is not very easy to beat. It shows that we are doing well.

The group marked by non-qualification in C1: No, I don’t think so, we have a young team. You have to get used to taking on a different role, which has been the surprise group in recent years. We are not necessarily a team that is expected to play leading roles. Little by little, there is a regular and normal expectation, on the part of journalists, supporters, clubs, everyone. And it is normal that this expectation is higher. We have to think about it, while maintaining innovation, enthusiasm, and what makes our game.

hinge: He needs time. Players in this position need time, be it Loic, Joe or Arthur. Jeanuel showed many good things in training, still young. We must continue to work peacefully, consider the delay we took in that regard, and it is not the responsibility of the players, it is ours. And then trust them. I am convinced that they are still players with great potential. If you have a hinge with two experienced matches, it is normal to have imperfections. The important thing is that they maintain their self-confidence, that they continue to try again, especially in ball outings. It’s not because we made a mistake in Monaco that we need to clean up as much as possible. It is up to us to teach them that.

More Ligue 1 cards: I have no feedback from the authorities, I think it is good for us to discuss. My speech is not to criticize the referees because the referee is very difficult. But it had second thoughts. I saw Manchester – Liverpool on Monday night, look at the attitude of the referee and you can see the attitude of the players. I think we should do that. To err is human, it exists. But nature is night and day. This is good in a very tense game. If he behaves differently, it’s game breaking. There, it went flawlessly. It’s also up to our coaches to be a bit calm, to step back, even if it’s not always easy. But I think there’s real work to be done, and it’s good when we get there, because otherwise the matches are like nothing. There were expulsions, that of the Angers player, it was funny. That of M’Baye (Niang, with Auxerre, editor’s note), you must explain to me how he stopped his race in the air. If you’re a gamer, you know that’s impossible. He took two games of that. There was great shock, but no intention to hurt. We all have an interest, they, we, to take a step towards each other. Unfortunately, I feel it is the opposite.

Regular time did not play at the end of Lille – PSG: These are debates that have no place. It’s 7-1, if you’re on the bench, we all know it’s good to stop the game at 90e. The season was played in 38 games, no more than 2 minutes of extra time. There at once, I found it very intelligent on Mr Turpin’s part. In the spirit of the game. He knows that Lille is fed up. I find that quite clever.

Full working week before a match: To work on tactics, there is video, and we have a lot of work related to that, our game, the opponent, what we need to improve, not much to do. The tactical work of the essence of these times (no matches every 3 days) of it.

Document: I saw that he was attentive to what I expected of him. He knows it. We know his strong qualities for high level, one on one, speed, hitting. He knows the areas he needs to improve in the position he plays. Little by little he noticed it. It wasn’t something that came naturally to him, but he forced himself to do it better and better. He is on the right path, he must continue in this direction.

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