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Deauville direction on Saturday August 27, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix des chenettes have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 1900 meters, and is endowed with 55,000 €.

In this event, Moneyman (1) is a little restricted in the upper category, but he is consistent and has already defended himself well with a big handicap in Compiègne. As he has already done well with PSF in Chantilly, we can imagine that Deauville should not trouble him. For his return to handicaps, he has a kilo more than the scale of values, but usually his place is in the top five. The Licorne (10) has recently left two good impressions on its ends. Recently, in the fifth, it finished well, showing on this occasion that it can succeed at this level. PSF should not interfere. After a good race, he was in the top five. Gaylor Senora (12) recently behaved well for her debut at this level of competition, without a clear straight line. He found PSF, which shouldn’t be a problem for him. On the other hand, he had to face 16 of the stalls. It cannot be neglected for a place at the end of the combination.

Geny’s secrets

Alessandro Botti: Lorenzo de Medici (2) is good. It took him a while to come back, but he came back all right. He now has three races in his legs. It recovers the amount by which it imposed itself on the previous year’s handicap level. I saw him once.

Miroslav Rulec: Twilight (3) is a new boarder at the stable. He works well. We tried a big handicap. We’ll see how it goes, but it’s worth giving it a shot, because I think it’s competitive at 37.

MF Door: Duke (4) was not on the top last time and the distance was relatively short. We gave him time after this race, he is very good today. Furthermore, as he claims difficult terrain, this relatively deep and slow PSF will serve his interests. I think he has the quality to stand at this level. We expect a good performance.

Yann Lerner: Gemmyo (5) was neutered in the spring and should return to competition on the day of his return. Recently in Compiègne, there is something better, it proves his competitiveness at this level. The fact of finding PSF does not worry me, we hope to see him run very well. On the way up, it was no surprise to see him on the podium.

Stephane Wattel: Ultrasound (6) has a big heart and gives his best last chance to get out. It doesn’t have a lot of room, which is taken high for the price, but it’s still surprising in a good way. I hope he is still in the winning combination.

Ludovic Gadbin: Bevan (7) is a shopping donkey who is very good with the disabled. He remains in good condition and the PSF will not bother him. At the end of a good race, I think he can get into the right combination. Sooner or later, at this amount, he must win a handicap.

Francois Rohaut: Amboise (8) continues to improve as evidenced by its last outing, where it opened its prize list. With this value, I have to come to a great handicap, because in classes 2, there are many values. So, I tried here, even though it lacked experience and cruelty. This is a PSF discovery. However, he will appear in good condition and I hope to see him run well.

Christopher Lotoux: Vino Bello (9) has had a bad rope number lately and the Clairefontaine track is in a terrible state. So he didn’t give up. The penultimate time, the distance is very short. He returned to a more favorable context, on a slower and slower track, and above all, far enough to match him. I expect a very good performance.

Hedi Ghabri: Red Crazy (11) had to convince me of the competition, where he left me unsatisfied. I will try PSF. I hope for rehabilitation, because judging by what he did best, he can at least put himself through that much. Its shape is unmistakable.

Christopher Ferland: See This (13) well defended recently in Vichy. Since then, he has remained in good shape and should be able to run well on this track that he knows. Underweight, hopefully it will grab a spot.

Stephane Wattel: Lou Man (14) is very persistent. It took its weight and we made the most of it. He was not far from winning his race. Now, he is a wait-and-see, everything should go well in the final round. So we’ve always suffered a bit of confusion on the course, which is why he hasn’t won yet.

Jean-Pierre Gauvin: Agoureil (15) has already done well for PSF, in Lyon. Obviously I’d rather see him in the second round. That being said, he is a strong colt and he is a good stall number (note: he inherited stall 5). This is a test at this level. He recently behaved in Vichy. We will know more after the race.

Hans-Albert Blume: Narcissus (16) is better with PSF than weed, at least I hope so. Before he was ready but disappointed. He is in good form and will focus more on Australia’s blinders this season.

A summary: 14-1-6-12-2-10-7-3 The press summary: 1 – 14 – 2 – 12 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 13

Equidia: 14-5-13-2-1-16-15-10
Europe1: 1-14-5-12-2-8-16-9
The Parisian: 1-2-14-8-5-10-3-7
Alsace: 3-14-1-2-8-4-9-5
Paris Turf: 14-1-2-3-8-5-7-6

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