An ultimate target player! An official departure, Ronaldo finally proposed… The 3 transfer window news of the day

Here are 3 mercato infos that should not be missed this Friday, August 26, 2022.

Mercato OM: It’s official for Milik!

It is now official! As announced a few days ago, Arek Milik signed with Juventus on Friday in the form of a loan with an option to buy.

Arek Milik left Olympique de Marseille. As announced a few days ago, the Polish striker joined Juventus. The transfer was formalized this Friday morning at the Turin club. The former Napoli striker was loaned to the Marseille club for a season.

Milik to Juventus for less than €8m?

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The financial details of this “deal” were revealed by the sports daily l’Equipe in its edition of the day. Thus we know that it is a debt payment at a time. The cost of the latter is around 750,000 euros, 20% of which will be donated to Naples. The non-binding purchase option is worth 7 million euros. If Juventus decides to raise it, the Olympian striker will sign with the Turin club until 2026.

Mercato OM: Longoria wants an ultimate player!

Pablo LONGORIA (president Marseille OM) – Javier RIBALTA (Director of football Marseille OM)

This week, OM formalized the signing of its 11th recruit with Eric Bailly (28). Olympian President Pablo Longoria still has a few days left to complete his transfer window. According to information from the newspaper l’Equipe, he still hopes to recruit a player before Wednesday night. The leader of Marseille is still targeting the attacking midfielder of Atalanta, Ruslan Malinovskyi (29). In recent days Marseille hoped to involve Cengiz Ünder in the transaction, but the operation proved to be complicated as the Turkish international did not really want to leave OM.

Through the ex-filter Arkadiusz Milik, whose loan with an unnecessary purchase option should now be formalized, the Marseille club offloaded a large salary. The room for maneuver from a financial point of view is even narrow enough to bring Tudor a final reinforcement of his team.

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We have to play football with what we earn – Longoria

On the sidelines of the draw for the group stage of the Champions League, the President of the Olympians also spoke about the huge buzz around Ronaldo on social networks as well as the recruitment of Marseille.

“This is the world of social networks. This is the trend of trying to create a buzz. We are a team that makes do with the means we have. Asking Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, with all due respect, is like asking if Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland or Darwin Nunez can go to OM. Dreaming is a good thing for everyone. But it is true that we should be sincere in everything. We have to play football with our earnings. We have a serious game project that consists of improving every season and becoming competitive. But above all to bring an economic balance and for me, that is the future of football. Pablo Longoria – RMC Sport source (08/25/2022)

Mercato: According to an Italian journalist, Ronaldo would have been offered by OM…

Despite Pablo Longoria’s denial on the sidelines of the Champions League draw, Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has indeed been offered by Olympique de Marseille…

Last night, Pablo Longoria ended a soap opera that has been going on for weeks: Cristiano Ronaldo will not come to OM. The president of Marseille revealed after the draw for the Champions League groups that he had no intention of recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo and that the Portuguese’s arrival in Marseille was an invention of social networks. Despite this refusal, the five-time Golden Ball would have been offered to OM by his agent Jorge Mendes.

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Jorge Mendes should have contacted OM for Ronaldo

According to information from Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Ronaldo’s Portuguese agent offered his player to Olympique de Marseille. The Marseille club is not the only one offering the services of the Manchester United star. Chelsea and Sporting Portugal have also been in contact with Mendes. If the OM track seems to be closed, Ronaldo’s agent will do everything possible to place the player in Naples or Milan.

MacHardy was furious against #RonaldOM

In After Foot, Jonatan MacHardy also returned to the many rumors surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo. According to him, most of the Marseille “insiders” who claim to have information actually do not.

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This is getting awkward. This operation, set up in social networks by OM supporters, is not what bothers me. In the end, I think 90% of the tweeters who participated in this propaganda know very well that it is not possible and that it is just a way to have fun with other OM supporters. What bothers me are these so-called club insiders who claim to have information. They should have seen Ronaldo’s agent in Marseille, they should have seen the number 7 of Jonathan Clauss be withdrawn from the shop because Ronaldo is coming. The management of Olympique de Marseille is a bit embarrassed by this situation. Florent Germain confirmed this to us. This rumor foreshadows the end of the Marseille transfer window and risks creating disappointment among the most naive supporters who believe that this arrival of Ronaldo is possible. What’s also a bit embarrassing are those who actually believe it. When Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos signed for PSG last year, the arguments of some Marseille supporters were that these players would go to a retirement home in Paris. These same supporters want Cristiano Ronaldo to come to Marseille. A good story will get him back to Sporting Portugal to play in the Champions League. There is a real bond, there is something to say. I find it difficult to understand the logic of Marseille supporters who criticize the choice of Messi and Ramos to go to Paris but want Ronaldo to go to OM. I understand the younger ones. They grew up with the CR7-Messi rivalry and it made everyone dream. From the moment some people start inventing information, you have to face the truth. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in Marseille is impossible. There is a transfer window that is very real in OM. I hope there is no disappointment for the supporters of Marseille, I am very sad. » Jonathan McHardy – Source: After Foot (08/24/2022)

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