2022 European Championships – Munich (GER): Torchbearers sing in the rain

Torch bearers sing in the rain

Three of the four French teams that entered the series of 4x100m and 4x400m relays reached the final this Friday morning, on the wet track of the Olympic stadium in Munich. Rénelle Lamote in the 800m semi-finals, and Solène Gicquel in the qualifications for the length, also passed the cut.

The qualifications

Near-perfect relays

The runners of the men’s and women’s 4x100m, and the men’s 4x400m, left the Olympic stadium with a smile and a sense of accomplishment, with all of them confirming their tickets for the final. The men’s 4x100m led by example, taking second place in its heat in 38”17, despite waking up very early – ” 6am, a bit sick “, a wet track and the exhaustion of the 200m last night for the brothers Zeze. ”
This is a beautiful clock. We all want to avenge our individual results. “, whispered the latter. By ensuring, with the same settings as Eugene, the Blues achieved the second performance in the first round, behind the Germans (37″97), and ahead of the British (38″41), who might their two most violent. opponent in the final. ” We worked hard on our transmissions during a week in Saint-Raphaël, so as not to make any mistakes », promised Pablo Mateo and Jimmy Vicaut before resting.

Their female counterparts followed with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, winning their series by 43”24. The first transmission between Floriane Gnafoua and Gemima Josephmaking a ‘ric-rac’ sound from the top of the opposite stand, actually ” a great passage “said the two interested parties when they left the track.” I made a small mistake by looking for Gémima in my head rather than my legs, I forgot that I had to run to her.“, breathed the first named. ” From the front, I didn’t see anything, but he was on my marks, and it gave a pass to the end zone, which is what we were looking for in training. “Guyanese pose. Helene Parisoand Mallory Leconte secured the job on the second part of the course, and the Bleues with a renewed face will approach the final with the third fastest time of the series, behind the untouchable Great Britain and Spain.

The men’s 4×400 m did not waver for its debut. If not Thomas Jordierresting after three individual rounds, Gilles Biron, Loic Prevot, Simon Boypa and Teo Andant brought the witness back to safety in 3’02”09, a breath behind the Czech Republic (3’02”07). ” We did better in the playoffs than we did in Eugene, and everyone brought their rock to the buildingSimon Boypa lined up. We must not forget that there may be new blood coming in for the future. This is the game, we are lucky to have a big pool. We have been placed frequently in recent years, but we have not won any important medals. Thomas, with his end, begins the trick. ” Strangely placed in the program for the penultimate day of the competition, the Blues have only one idea in mind: ” win the gold medal », to mark the birth of a new generation. ” From now on we have to write our history. »

The winner of his half, Lamote turned the page

Metamorphosed. Fastest voice rate, Renelle Lamote closed as soon as possible yesterday, after a series that was easily dominated. This morning, on the heels of another first place, this time in the semi-finals, the Racing Multi Athlon semi-cross-country skier is still talking loudly, but this time he has a big smile. Well placed at the front of the peloton throughout the race, he crossed the finish line in 2’00”23, ahead of the British Jemma Reekie (2’00”30) and Alexandra Bell (2’00”53), in the fastest double lap of the day.

A result that allowed him to turn the page on his elimination in the semi-finals of the Worlds, which still made him a gamble since his arrival in Munich. ” I lacked a lot of confidence before the championshiphe confessed with his usual sincerity. I made a lot of comparisons with Eugene, where I also won my series. I had a hard time accepting that I was sick. So I transferred. But no, get rid of Covid, Renelle LamotHe arrived in Germany in good condition, with good legs sessions.

He will approach the end, tomorrow, with ambitions that he will not hide: ” I have to concentrate to win. I know Hodgkinson (the Briton, winner of the first half of 2’00”67 and Olympic and world vice-champion), it is very strong, and the rear is also very strong. But I have to be in that perspective. If I want to be in the game in Paris 2024, I have to learn to challenge myself with the best in the world.»

More than gold, silver and bronze he is also very happy, after these last tumultuous weeks. ” If I make a medal, it’s a big one, that’s the best for mehe thought. But I will be proud of my journey, no matter what happens. “The ideal scenario is” quick run “without having to take the train,” something where you can see who’s boss “. Renelle Lamote want to be the boss.

Gicquel as Micheau

Like the men, it has been ten years since a Frenchwoman participated in a European high jump final (Mélanie Skotnik in Helsinki). Like Sébastien Micheau 48 hours ago, Solene Gicquel took his chance this Friday in the Bavarian halfpipe. By passing his three bars (1.78 m, 1.83 m, 1.87 m) in the second attempt, Rennaise took twelfth place in all two competitions. ” quite stressed at the start of the competition, he woke up completely if necessary, while top names like Ukrainian Yuliya Levchenko fell through the cracks. ” When I got in, I felt like I had the legs I needed. It gives me a little confidence and it clearly shows me that I am on the level and that I don’t have to hide everything.appreciated the Breton woman, when the competition was over. The level experience, it’s crazy. It will give me more comfort, prepare me well for the next championships.Before that, he will aim for a new personal best in Saturday’s final. The location of 1.88 m is 1.88 meters above sea level.

The eliminated

The women’s 4×400 m caught the tails of other countries in four laps of the Bavarian track, but suffered the effects of traffic during the transmissions. Sokhna Lacoste, Marjorie Veyssiere, Diana Iscaye and Amandine Brossier Finally got the fifth place in their race in 3’29”64, while they needed a time of 3’27”92 to return to the final the next day. ” This is a big disappointment, although we should not feel safelined up the last torch bearer, individual semi-finalist. We are more careful not to be on the podium than not to be in the final. That will teach us to be more careful next time. »

Participated in the second javelin qualifying competition, Felise Vahai Sosaia, despite the pressure involved in the event, sent his machine to 74.70 m in his first attempt. Wallisian based in New Caledonia unfortunately failed to develop his brand after that, due to ” minor technical errors », and finished his competition in sixteenth place overall, while taking 77.20m to be in the top twelve.

Florian Gaudin-Winer and Etienne Nappey for athle.fr
Photos: JM Hervio – P. Millereau / KMSP / FFA

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