Many recalls in France: this chicken must be returned immediately, the shops are worried!

Since the scandals of Kinder chocolates and Buitoni pizza, consumers are more attentive to each product recall. A list on the government website Rappel Conso continues to mention dangerous products.

It is important to know the risks that customers can have when they consume a product that is the subject of a product recall. The brands specified them by providing additional explanations of the reasons for the recalls. According to Rappel Conso, listeria monocytogene is contaminated a series of chicken matches. Find out the affected lots.

The product recall is due to the presence of Listeria

Listeria monocytogenes is the microorganism that is responsible for listeriosis. A product recall alerts consumersact as soon as possible if the following symptoms occur:

  • nausea
  • Vomiting
  • disease
  • Fever is accompanied (or not) by headache

If a person has consumed contaminated food of Listeria, should consult a doctor immediately. Symptoms may not appear for up to eight weeks after ingesting the product. However, this disease can have severe complications to the patient.

The risks are more serious in people with weakened immune systems. Vulnerable people such as children and the elderly are most at risk. In addition to neurological complications, listeriosis can also cause the loss of a fetus in pregnant women.

Because of the danger represented by Listeria monocytogene, it is important not to eat products contaminated with the bacteria. So don’t eat these matchsticks of chicken that is the subject of a product recall.

Product recall: the batches concerned?

The product recall involves Arabi brand chicken matches. This is the 230g punnet sold between August 2 and August 9, 2022. The supermarket chain has removed all Arabi chicken matches from the batch L 2207005.

If you have made a purchase, please check if the pack you have has a GTIN reference code 3760238430433. Note that the product expires on August 17. SAS Laguillaumie advises consumers to go to the point of sale to return the product.

The customer can now get a refund. The product recall campaign for these chicken match trays ends on Thursday, September 1, 2021. If you have any questions, you can contact consumer service by calling the number 03 86 53 58 00.

The company already sounded the alarm on Arabi chicken matches a few days ago. The product recall of 230g trays with lot L 2202001 and L 2203001 ends on Saturday August 20. These packages that include the GTIN code 3760238430433 sold everywhere in France.

Customers can still return them, and even benefit from an exchange. The reason for the recall is also the presence of Listeria. The bacteria has contaminated other products that are on the product recall list.

The chicken wings series is no longer available

In addition to chicken matches, recent product recalls alerted to the presence of Listeria in batches of chicken wings. The August 13 product recall mentions Volailles champenoises brand chicken wings. These are the punnets of Paprika Chicken Wing, Mexican Chicken Wing, Paprika Chicken Wings and Mexican Chicken Wings.

Chicken Chick’wings and Mexican Chick’wings from the Volailles Champenoises brand are also included in the product recall. The products concerned are brought in batches 21625506. It contains GTIN reference codes 3284870690692, 3284870766984, 3284870777652 and 3284870769282. The sale of these products started on August 5 and ends on August 21.

Customers should also check Poultry Champenoise chicken wings for GTIN codes. 3284870759856, 3284870765024 and 3284870765031. Without forgetting the other trays that carry the GTIN code 3284870756077, 3284870766991 and 3435660626579. The use-by date of these products varies between August 15 and 21, 2022. Customers have until August 21, 2022 to return the product and get a refund.

Smart Price brand chicken wings also contain high amounts of Listeria monocytogenes. The products in question have reference codes 3284870770004 and 3284870714848. Those who have the product should report it when the recall campaign ends on August 15, 2022.

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