“If we’re short physically, if we don’t keep up, we get angry”

The Parisian coach returned to the attitude of Kylian Mbappé after the card against Montpellier (5-2) on Saturday, at the Parc des Princes.

Penalties : “For this game, the planned things were respected on the ground, with Kylian (Mbappé) at 1 and “Ney”, at 2. Kylian shot first, the goalkeeper (Jonas Omlin) stopped him. So it makes sense that the second shooter, “Ney”, took second. The order is respected.»

Two goals for Montpellier : “Angry? It’s not the right term… I feel like it’s coming, I feel like the team has a shot which isn’t very good. We train while it is very hot and the players are not at 100% of their abilities. As long as we put a lot of pressure, a big reaction to losing the ball, Montpellier had no chance. When there is a little relaxation, not much effort, and it is linked to fatigue, the heat, it gives possibilities. It is not really pleasant but this type of integration also provides material that works and is correct. Overall, however I am satisfied with the performance of the team, which created many situations, which scored. Big win in my view. If not very compact, it always gives the enemy possibilities. But it is related to the state of each other’s form and the heat it has created now.”

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The character of Kylian Mbappé, appeared angry : “It has to do with the game. Kylian missed 30 minutes during the Japan tour three weeks ago. Automatically, he is not the physical form of his companions. This is a competitive player profile, who always wants to do things right. There is what we think we can do and the reality of things. He has to find his marks, his movements, find his technical precision. As the game progressed, it got better. This is very interesting. And then there’s fatigue, like the rest of the team. I decided at the beginning to replace him when the score was taken. I don’t want to risk pushing him too far, when he’s in such a small stage of preparation. He is a sprinter, a man of great strength. I made him play more than I expected because he wanted to be competitive. He played more than expected, but it was important. (…) We see him stop his races? A race! (…) Simply, they are very high level players, with personality and character. Everyone has their own way of expressing it and you all have your own way of commenting on each other’s behavior, it’s part of your job. I saw this run, at the end of the first period, he really stopped. He would have liked to receive the ball from Vitinha, who discovered Kylian and had a partner in a better position. He was late in the collective preparations for the game due to his suspension from the Champions Trophy. I need to save time to find other associations on an offensive level. He was restrained by a slight pain in the adductor. He was obviously short physically. And when that is the case, when we miss sequences, when we think we will receive the ball, we get angry. And the case is even faster if you are physically small. So I decided to take him as far as possible by making sure he didn’t go all the way to take risks..”

Hugo Ekitike, entered two minutes from the end : “It was his first appearance. Actually, I thought there was more time than that… It was his first time at the Parc des Princes. He is a rookie. The returnees are new. It is important that he accepts his works and that they participate in this excellent victory. It is clear that he is not satisfied with the two or three minutes he plays, he will ask for more. This is a wink for him, to combine it at home.”

I brought Neymar to get the crowd’s ovation

Christophe Galtier

Leo Paredes : “I can’t carry everything. Leandro’s situation is not the same as Mauro’s (Icardi). He’s in demand, I know (we’re talking about Juve’s advanced contacts, editor’s note). He is with us, he plays in preparation and in all the matches. I brought him because Vitinha just got a yellow and I don’t want to add more. He made a good comeback at Clermont. So I thought it was logical that he would come back. What will happen between now and the end of the transfer window, I don’t know. This is the case in all the clubs, and even more in the big clubs, there are a lot of speculations, we are talking about a lot of things… I know that Leandro wants to have more playing time. player. There is competition, but he always has a good spirit every time he comes in and is very effective for the team..”

Neymar Jr : “Why did you release him? To get the public ovation. If I want to continue this summer? There is what was said in the off-season, no doubt related to last season, and I refrain from commenting on that. Since 4, it is in any case irreproachable. He behaved well. He came prepared. He prepared well in advance. He performed very well in all the matches. He is happy in the game, he plays for his teammates, he is opportunistic in scoring goals and he works well for the team, which is needed in this system. I have nothing to complain about. Let him continue like this. As for what will happen between now and the end of the transfer window, no one knows. But when everything is said and written, above all I have seen every day since July 4. In the club, everyone is satisfied with their investment and their services. What did I tell him in the beginning? That he should work for the team and perform well. He is a talented, world-class player, certainly one of the top 10 in the world. If he is good physically and mentally, if he works in the team, he performs very well. There must be a balance in this system for both our communities. So far, he has responded. I just told him that there is a requirement at the defensive level, to react to losing the ball. After all, on a collective level, “Ney” always knows how to play with his teammates. He knows how to shine individually but also collectively.”

Statements obtained at a press conference

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