Beijing released the “white paper” when London saw red

Are you missing the latest happenings regarding the renewed tension around Taiwan? Don’t hesitate, 20 minutes stocks every day, since the visit of Nancy Pelosi, American number three and president of the House of Representatives, which cooled the relationship between China and the United States. Who is doing what? Who said what? where are we? The answer below:

The truth of the day

The Taiwan Affairs Bureau, a Chinese government agency, released a “white paper” on Wednesday detailing how Beijing plans to seize the island, the first on the subject since 2000. (in cooperation) to achieve -ot peaceful reunification,” the document states. China thus proposes to strengthen cultural ties, in terms of social security, health or even encourage better economic “integration ” through “preferential policies” in particular.

“But we leave no room for maneuver for separatist actions aimed at a pseudo-independence of Taiwan, and that, in any form whatsoever”, Beijing also promised. “We do not promise to reject the use of force”, added China, before qualifying its statement: “Force will be used as a last resort, if there are compelling circumstances. »

“With a strong motherland to rely on, Taiwan’s compatriots will be stronger, more confident, safer and more respected in the international scene”, still assures the text. It should be noted that China considers the Taiwanese president’s party “separatist”, but any person who is publicly militant for independence or for the dilution of Chinese identity among Taiwanese people.

The number of days

100,000. This is the number of people living in Kinmen, which is located only 3.2 km from China. This island controlled by Taipei, on the front line against China, has attracted particular attention since August 4 and the renewed tension between China, the United States and Taiwan. In fact, if Chinese forces cross the Taiwan Strait, this buffer island will be their first target.

sentence of the day

The UK urges China to resolve any disputes by peaceful means, without the threat or use of force or coercion. »

These are the words of British Foreign Minister Liz Truss who summoned Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese ambassador to the UK, to the Foreign Office because of Beijing’s “aggressive and far-reaching progress” against Taiwan. “I have asked officials to summon the Chinese ambassador to explain his country’s actions,” added Liz Truss.

The trend of the day

Faced with increasingly offensive Xi Jinping on the international scene, fears that Beijing will decide to launch a military offensive against Taiwan continue to grow. China considers this autonomous island as an integral part of its territory and intends since Wednesday to take it back by force if necessary.

But an all-out invasion is not the only option China is considering to force Taiwan into submission. It can use various methods to achieve the purpose of integration, including the imposition of a “customs quarantine”. Beijing can effectively control Taiwan’s air and sea borders by screening incoming ships and aircraft, allowing “harmless” traffic to go around and diverting “suspicious” vessels to those port of China.

“The Chinese government has allowed the people of Taiwan to run their own affairs on the island, at least for a while, showing China that it controls who comes (and perhaps who leaves),” according to a report of the Council on Foreign Relations. from 2021. Under such a scenario, food and energy imports would still be allowed, as would passenger traffic. “The purpose is to force Taiwan to accept the loss of control, cutting it off, at least, from the transfer of military equipment and associated foreign experts,” the report said.

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