War in Ukraine. Zelensky attacks Amnesty, disinformation on Olenivka… The point of the evening

The human rights organization, Amnesty International, accused on Thursday, August 4, 2022, Ukraine of endangering the lives of the civilian population by deploying troops in residential areas as part of its war against Russia .

kyiv protested against a report that, according to him, was part of Moscow’s propaganda. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the NGO “try to shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim”.

Amnesty workers saw Ukrainian soldiers “to build bases and use weapons systems in populated areas, including schools and hospitals”during several visits to the front line in eastern and southern Ukraine between April and July, says the Amnesty International report.

“We have gathered information about many cases where Ukrainian forces endanger civilians and violate the laws of war by operating in populated areas? »said Agnès Callamard, the general secretary of Amnesty, as quoted in a press release.

“The government of Ukraine must immediately take the necessary steps to place its forces away from populated areas, and evacuate civilians from areas where the army is conducting operations”he added.

In a daily video message, Volodimir Zelensky said he was tried by Amnesty International “on amnesty”terrorist state – the way the Ukrainian leader often refers to Russia.

Earlier in this, the members of his government have already expressed the anger of kyiv. “If there is no analysis of the actions of the enemy in a text on the activities of the armed forces of Ukraine, it is like studying the actions of the victim without paying attention to the actions of a gun rapist”said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar.

Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak accused Amnesty “to participate in Russia’s disinformation and propaganda campaign”.

According to him, Ukraine respects the laws of war and international humanitarian law and “Do all the steps” to evacuate civilians from combat zones.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said “angry” by report, urges Amnesty to “Stop creating false truths”.

Washington says Moscow will fabricate evidence at Olenivka

The White House on Thursday, August 4, 2022 accused Russia of preparing to produce false evidence to accuse Ukraine of bombing a prison where many Ukrainian prisoners of war died and was in territory controlled by Russian army.

“We hope that the Russian officials will try to destroy the evidence to blame the strike in Olenivka prison on July 29 […] of the Ukrainian Armed Forces”said the White House spokesman for strategic issues, John Kirby.

“We believe that the Russians will try to frame the Ukrainian armed forces before journalists and potential investigators arrive at the site of the attack”he added, referring to information obtained by US intelligence services but not made public.

According to Mr. Kirby, Washington believes that the Russian authorities will blame a Himars missile, a high-precision artillery system provided by the United States and which will be important for the Ukrainian war effort, by throwing the fragment of the missile allegedly found in the ruins.

More than 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in the destruction of this prison located in the Donetsk region. Among them were fighters who surrendered after weeks of attacks on the Azovstal factory in Mariupol.

Moscow accused kyiv of bombing this prison camp, which the Ukrainian authorities denied, which on the contrary confirmed that these prisoners were massacred by Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the bombing a “deliberate war crime in Russia”.

Investigators from the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Wednesday that they had not yet received official permission to access the Olenivka prison.

Erdogan-Putin meeting

Three weeks after their meeting in Tehran, the Turkish head of state Vladimir Putin met his Russian counterpart in Sochi on the Black Sea, on the strength of his recent diplomatic success that favored the international agreement to continue the Ukrainian cereal exports through the Bosphorus.

The desire of Turkey, although a member of NATO, to remain neutral vis-à-vis Moscow on the subject of Ukraine is beginning to bear fruit.

Turkey now wants to try to get the opening of negotiations for a truce, between the president of Russia and the Ukrainian, Volodymyr Zelensky, if possible in Istanbul.

“We are discussing (to see) whether the grain agreement can be an occasion for a lasting ceasefire”Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said on Wednesday after meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Asia.

But these efforts are complicated by Ankara’s repeated threats of a military operation in Syria, where the interests of Russia and Turkey collide.

Moscow supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the face of groups supported in part by Turkey.

Now, Erdogan wants to cross the border again to establish a security zone in an area where Russian troops and their cronies already patrol, but from which he wants to expel Kurdish groups he considers “terrorists”.

For some Turkish media, what Vladimir Putin wants are drones. However, Ankara provided Ukraine with the famous Bayraktar-TB2 combat drones with proven effectiveness against Russian tanks.

Three grain ships are due to leave Ukraine

Three grain ships are scheduled to leave Ukrainian ports on Friday, August 5, 2022 under an agreement to resume exports intended to ease the global food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

An empty cargo ship is also expected to head to Ukraine after being inspected in Istanbul, Turkey’s defense minister said.

A spokesman for the Odessa regional administration said a group of Turkish carriers was expected in the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk on Friday, which should be the first arrival of ships in a Ukrainian port since the beginning of the Russian offensive. , February 24.

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